What You Need to Know Today: May 11

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No more Windows versions after 10. Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft development executive, said in a conference speech this week that Windows 10 would be the “last version” of the dominant desktop software (BBC). Microsoft announced it would instead update Windows in an “ongoing manner.”

Ex-Skype employees are helping remote teams better visualize projects. Deek is a Romani word for looking. As in “deek and you shall see.” Deekit is a new startup, founded by ex-Skype employees, offering teams virtual whiteboards to collaborate on. Click here to learn more.


This is how to get 60 qualified leads in 24 hours. Dmitry Dragilev runs a growth hacking consultancy teaching small businesses how to generate leads on a shoestring budget. Using a basic landing page template and a LinkedIn profile, Dmitry was able to generate 60 leads in 24 hours for a budget-strapped startup. Here’s exactly how he did it.

Personal Development

The secret to explaining complex ideas without dumbing them down. You often hear people say, “explain it to me like I’m five,” in hopes of obtaining a more concise explanation of an idea. This approach is limited and will leave audience members, who want more, disappointed. A better way to explain complex ideas to larger groups is The Sandwich Approach.

Do you even yoga, Bro? A lot of guys don’t try yoga because of baseless arguments like: yoga doesn’t build muscle; yoga isn’t challenging enough; yoga has no other benefits than fitness; flexibility can be counter-productive… You’ll discover these are all myths and why men might benefit more from yoga than women here.


What season gets shorter every year by 30 seconds due to “astronomical quirks?”

Click here for answer.

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