What You Need to Know Today: June 18

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Here’s what you need to know today


Fast Times at Senate Park. Don’t expect too many muslims at the Ice Cream party today. It’s the official start of Ramadan, where among many things, Muslims fast from June 17-18th to July 18-19th. Ramadan dates change each year because it corresponds to a lunar calendar. Some scholars disagree on exact dates. One thing the 200 million Muslims living away from home can count on this year is help from Google’s Ramadan companion.

Walking Chambers Bay. Fitbit went public today opening at $30.40 a share, up 52%. Related: The U.S. Open kicks off today at Chambers Bay and for the first time ever, fans will legally be allowed to bring marijuana – including hemp-derived delta 8 THC carts and edibles – into a professional sporting event. The Seattle Times, Adam Jude, walked 11,253 steps to write this Fitbit inspired, step-by-step guide to find the best angles Chambers Bay has to offer.


Art Club 2000 returning clothes over 20 years later. In 1993, seven students from Cooper Union formed an artists’s collective called Art Club 2000. Photographs taken of the Art Club in NYC, wearing only clothes bought from the Gap, started the Gap’s famous androgynous look of the 90s. Today, Gap “flounders”  as millennials won’t pay for overpriced basics. Unless of course they’re ‘Prattkeeping’ at a summer job in a pair of Gap khakis with matching vest.

“These kids are not playing video games out of their mothers’s basement,” says Col. James R. Cluff. “Every single day this base is at war.” The Pentagon’s increasing demand for real-time surveillance over hot spots, and the growing role of unmanned aircraft in the modern military, has created a problem: The Air Force has too few drone pilots, writes the LA Times. If you’re jobless, you might consider putting Call of Duty on pause for a minute to read this.

Personal Development

Dump the Pump with an Uber ‘employee.’ Today is national Dump the Pump day, where Americans are encouraged to take public transit, bike, or rideshare, in an effort to reduce emissions. If you’re in California, you might consider taking a ride from an Uber employee today. According to a ruling from the California labor commission, an Uber driver is now considered an employee, not a contractor. This could have serious implications for the sharing economy.

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