What You Need to Know Today: January 25

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Why a lime in a bottle could predict iPhone 7 sales. A lime?!? Yes, that little green, sour fruit might predict the success of Apple’s next iPhone. “There is no reason for a lime to be in the top of a bottle of Corona,” says Jim Edwards. “But ever since Grupo Modelo figured out that you sell more Corona if bartenders put limes in the top, limes and Corona have gone together. It works because when a customer sees someone else getting a bottle with a lime in it for the first time, they say ‘What is that? And can I have one too?’ A Corona with a lime is distinctive. If you get any other pint of beer in a glass, there is no way for anyone to tell what brand you’re drinking.” This is product signaling 101 — a strategy Apple is all too familiar with (see: white-iPod earbuds; huge iPhone 6 vs. small iPhone 5). Product signaling works because if you’re not sporting the newest model, Siri will scream out “Look at me! I am old.” Apple experts are predicting we could see these 3 physical changes to the iPhone 7.

Spotify is making its video debut this week. What you need to know#WYNTK

Just in time for the Super Bowl… “The new feature, called The Facebook Sports Stadium, will let people follow a chronological stream of posts and comments from friends, alongside those from the teams, journalists, and other public figures. The move shows the fight for control of the second-screen experience is alive and well,” says The Wall Street Journal. Your GF will love this…


Simple formula for creating wealth. “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much,” says Jim Rohn. In Jim Rohn’s latest article he explains how you should allocate your money. This is a simple one-pager for your finances.

What if Google Ads were short stories? Got a knack for writing really short, compelling stories? Here’s your next side hustle.

Open letter to brain pickersHey! Great meeting you the other day. I was wondering if we could meet for coffee and I could pick your brain for 15 minutes? Are you THAT guy? Don’t feel bad, I was once that guy, too. “Picking someone’s brain sounds like an entirely one-sided appeal. Give me what’s in your head. That’s a hard sell ,” says Jason Fried. If you want to make picking someone’s brain an easy sell, follow these 3 tips.


In defense of selfie culture (no joke).
 The above image has been making the rounds on social doing exactly what you’d expect — ruffling feathers and stirring debate. At first glance, the photo seems like the work of yet another amateur-Photoshop vigilante. But, as some astute observers have pointed out, the joke is really on the joker who posted this.

People can’t even with Blizzard Twitter. #Blizzard #Jonas #Jealous

The art of home staging. “Ms. Chianale instructed the couple to empty the apartment, except for one small bench that she deemed attractive. Then, for about $26,000, she had the kitchen cabinets, shelving, doors and door frames painted white, and moved in an entire home’s worth of contemporary furniture, including shapely clear acrylic dining chairs and a white pedestal table, an Italian linen sofa and a chrome-and-glass coffee table placed atop a cowhide rug. When Ms. Kahn relisted the staged property last April for $1.495 million, ‘the place was mobbed,’ at the first open house, Ms. Sarro said. A bidding war ensued, and the apartment soon went into contract for $1.8 million, before closing in July.” The New York Timesuncovers the art of home staging. Not a bad business to get into.


Burt Reynolds Biggest Regret

“One of my regrets was doing the Cosmopolitan magazine centerfold in 1972.”

Don’t we all… Full story.

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