What You Need to Know Today: April 30

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New iPhone app wants to help you reach “inbox zero.” Zero is the new iPhone app released today promising to speed up email processing by 30%. Big claims, but the app looks like it can deliver. Zero turns your inbox into a scrolling feed, summarizing the email content for you, making it faster to sort.


How to write a book from a guy who published his first bestseller at 25. Ryan Holiday was 25 when he wrote and published his first bestselling book Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. At 27 years old Ryan has written two more books and is very open to sharing what he knows. Here’s Ryan on How to Write a Book (7-steps).

This is how you get fast email responses. 55% of email users admit they don’t read or respond to emails. If you’re in the online newsletter space or your co-workers seem to be taking long to respond to your emails, follow these 5 steps to make people want to respond to your emails.

Personal Development

The best travel hacks from travel experts on Twitter #TravelTalks. Mashable’s latest #TravelTalks happened yesterday. Travel experts, Zach Honig, Zim Ugochukwu, Jamie Larounis, and George Hobica were among the many who stopped by to share some awesome travel hacks. Check out the highlights.

The Future of future home buyers. Millennials are finally buying homes, says PandoDaily editor, David Holmes. Holmes just wrote an article about TripleMint a New York City real estate startup that just announced today a $1.65M seed round. TripleMint’s goal is to make the transition of buying a house online-to-offline easy and something millennial home buyers will like. Read more here.

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