What You Need to Know Today: April 27

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“It’s not your job to figure out why an Apple watch might be useful” In a recent blog post, bestselling author Cal Newport explained how backwards our society has become with respect to new technology. “In any other market, a product without a clear use case [apple watch] would be impossible to sell.” says Cal. “But in the cultural distortion field of Silicon Valley, this is the new normal. They provide the hot new thing, and it’s up to you to figure out why you need it.” With Apple announcing its second quarter earnings later today and analysts already predicting double digit growth over last year, it’s frightening and fascinating to see how consumer behavior is still very much driven by want rather than need mentality.

Have to bail on a meeting, we got you covered. Bail Me Out is an iOS app that calls your phone when you need to dip out of an unproductive meeting or a really bad Tinder date. Simply turn on the app, select Bail Me Out in Five, and five minutes later your phone will start to ring with an urgent call you must take.


16 books about money and how you can read them all in 20-minutes. There’s no shortage of books to teach you about money. Elite Daily writer Dean Bokhari wrote a list of his favorite 16 books on the subject. Bokhari’s list is good, but what’s even more valuable is Bokhari’s tip he shares on how to read them all quickly. If you read a lot of business and self-help books, you will appreciate this tip at the end of the article.

If you like TED talks, you’ll love this new website. Most lessons we learn best, come from people we relate to. Ways We Work is an interview series about how real people stay inspired, get things done and the tools, methods, and process’s they use. Every Wednesday a new interview gets published, with interviewees ranging from CEOs to assistants of CEOs, offering a variety of ways to look at how you can get things done.

Personal Development

Abraham Lincoln and Colts QB Andrew Luck can teach you about mind games. Earlier this year The Wall Street Journal wrote a story about the perplexing trash talk of Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck. Several players have confirmed Luck’s odd trash talk habit. Apparently, Luck regularly compliments opposing players whenever a good play is made. Luck’s deflection tactics, genuine or not, seem to confuse/ annoy his opponents. A similar approach taken by president Lincoln, explained here.

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