• Question #1:
    Which of the following is most like your exercise routine?

  • a. 1 hour of vigorous exercise every morning, first thing—regardless of my schedule

  • b. 30 minutes of exercise every morning, most days.

  • c. I walk/bike to the office. Does that count?

  • d. I stretch in the shower. To get the shampoo.

  • e. Look, I’m not up before noon, so why would I waste the rest of my day on exercise? That’s valuable pizza-eating time.

  • Question #2:
    How much time do you spend in the morning on meditation or self-reflection?

  • a. I have an established, 15-minute morning meditation ritual I practice daily. The Dalai Lama would be proud.

  • b. I stare at myself in the mirror after brushing my teeth and wonder about life.

  • c. Sometimes I think about what it would be like if I didn’t have to get up.

  • d. I avoid meditation. It makes me cranky.

  • Question #3:
    Which of the following describes your morning schedule?

  • a. Clearly blocked out, with ample time for myself and family before I start working.

  • b. I get my exercise in, then it’s straight to emails and to-do-listing before the clock hits 9.

  • c. I pretty much just schedule meetings, and let the rest of the morning happen. Which usually just turns into a series of meetings.

  • d. I don’t understand the principle of “scheduling” and I don’t own a calendar.

  • Question #4:
    How early to do you wake up?

  • a. 5am. No exceptions. (And often without the help of an alarm.)

  • b. 5:30-6am, depending on my level of exhaustion.

  • c. I get up with enough time to make it to work by 9am, which is usually around 8:50am.

  • d. Whenever I feel like it.

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