Get a Coach Because You’re Succeeding


That is, don’t get a coach because you feel you are insufficient.

It’s common to turn to coaching and mentorship when our businesses or personal lives need “fixing,” however the most successful entrepreneurs, CEOS, and productivity experts enlist guidance when they’re doing and feeling their best.

Groundbreaking progress occurs when we’re at the top of our game, being coached by an expert that understand the steps needed to reach our big goal. They’ve been where we are, persevered, and made it to the end.

How do I find the right coach?

The simple and cost-efficient answer: subscribe.

Read business and productivity blogs that deliver daily essays and videos.

These blogs should have established, well-oiled social media engines that allow you to engage, ask questions, and feel inspired.

Early to Rise, for instance, has become one of the leading coaching sites for disciplined entrepreneurs due to its work amassing productivity hacks, business tips, entrepreneur guides, and success routines since the early 2000s. Today, it has an archive of thousands, and a social media community of more than 40,000 on Facebook, 4,400+ on Twitter. I'm Craig Ballantyne, the lead Editor at Early to Rise, and I also started an Instagram to personally makes posts and engages with followers every day.

Craig Ballantyne, Editor - Early to Rise

I've been a personal mentor to hundreds of CEOs, authors, fitness gurus, and product creators, being uniquely chosen to help these already established and successful people continue to grow and reach new highs.

Isabel Price, Author of The Diet Solution Program“When I think about the things I’ve accomplished in my life, many of them have been achieved through coaching. On the surface it looks like I have a lot of motivation and discipline, but many of my accomplishments have been because of great direction and accountability.” - Isabel Price, Author of The Diet Solution Program

So when do I get a coach?


You just got a raise; get a coach. You completed your first marathon; get a coach. You and your partner are happy and planning a summer vacation; get a coach. The hardest part is starting...

The 1st Step: Subscribe to Early to Rise’s daily coaching content, and follow its social media platforms.

The 2nd Step: Consider who you look up to and enlist their help as a mentor. Meet in-person once a month or email every week.

The 3rd Step: Segment multiple coaches into different areas of your personal and business development. I.e. get a Fitness Coach, a Personal Coach, a Speaking Coach, Finance Coach,... the list goes on.