Go through the following circuit 5 times. The first time through the circuit, do 10 repetitions of each exercise. The next time through, do 8 reps of each exercise, then 6 reps, then 4 reps, and then finally 2 reps of each exercise. Do not rest between exercises or circuits (unless you need to). 

Post your time in the comments section.

1. Cross Body Mountain Climbers (10 reps, 8, 6 etc.)

2. DB Burpee with Push up (10 reps, 8, 6 etc.)

3. Bent-over Rear Delt Fly (10 reps, 8, 6 etc.)

4. Front Squat (10 reps, 8, 6 etc.)

5. One-leg Romanian Deadlift to Reverse Lunge (10 reps, 8, 6 etc.)

6. Opposite leg Romanian Deadlift to Reverse Lunge (10 reps, 8, 6 etc.)

Do NOT rest. Repeat the circuit following the next lowest repetition outlined.

Craig Ballantyne

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