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My Personal Routine for World Domination

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/20/2017

Craig Ballantyne, Editor at Early to Rise and Creator of The Perfect Day Formula, shares his personal daily routine for dominating 2017. Plus, the recipe of his daily immune boosting morning drink.

best morning routine

Evolutionary Proof of the Best Morning Routine

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/17/2017

Evolution of the greatest achievers in history shows us the best morning routine for success includes getting up early and working right away.

leave the office

Always Leave the Office on Time

By Early To Rise | 03/10/2017

I recently shared an image and comment on why I genuinely believe that we all need to practice the art of leaving the office on time. Admittedly I did not expect the nearly 250k’s worth of likes and 1,000’s of comments however I wanted to share why I genuinely believe that to achieve the high’s of both professional and personal life you absolutely need to pay attention and ‘leave the office on time’.

successful people

Successful People Have Rituals, Not Alarm Clocks

By Jahla Seppanen | 03/9/2017

For decades people have wondered whether there was one, single time when the most successful people in the world woke up. We revisit the discussion, looking instead at ritual over time.


Self-Leadership Secrets of an Extreme Athlete

By Michael Hyatt | 02/22/2017

Leadership lessons from one of the most extreme ultrarunners on the planet.


What Really Matters

By Alex Green | 11/11/2016

Why do some folks look back on their lives and say they wouldn’t change much? Or anything? Is there a formula? Some mix of love, work, habits, or attitudes that offers the best chance of a well-lived life? Researchers at Harvard have been examining this question for 72 years by…


8 Reasons Your Clients Aren’t Paying You

By Early to Rise | 11/1/2016

You did the work. Actually, you did the work extremely well. In fact, not only did you do the work extremely well, you completed the entire project under budget and ahead of schedule. So why isn’t your client paying? All invoicing businesses, from freelancers to major firms, experience delinquent payers.…


#1 Factor in Building a Successful Family

By Dr. Joanne Stern | 10/14/2016

You may be surprised at how much time and attention successful wealthy families devote to family issues. Sure, you receive a lot of information on stock market analysis, strategic investment recommendations and the best ways to grow and protect your family wealth. But financial matters are only part of the…


Why You Need Shark Habits in Your Life

By Dan John | 08/10/2016

In 1977, at our first team meeting with the Utah State University track and field team, Coach Ralph Maughan outlined a few things that continue to shape my life.  At the time, he was addressing state and national champions and one Olympian. Three statements stood out: “Make yourself a slave to…

money vs happiness

The Money vs. Happiness Debate

By Valerie Young | 07/29/2016

Where do you sit in the money vs happiness debate? Which is more important? After reading this article, do you still feel the same way?


The Ten Commandments of Con Men

By James Altucher | 07/1/2016

I told her I would never write about her again. The first time I wrote about her was in 2009. I met her in a bookstore and she was drawing and I was attracted to her. I asked her what she was drawing. She told me her whole story. And…


The Value of a Vision Statement

By Early to Rise | 06/24/2016

Here’s a profound thought: Whatever your current situation, from your bank balance to the shoes on your feet, it is the direct result of decisions you made getting here. You set the trajectory and forged the causal chain link by link, and it has all led inexorably to this place.…