Why Your First Time Matters So Much

Picture this. You’re 10 years old again, standing on the top of hill that is covered in snow, that perfect packing, snowball-rolling type of snow. Your goal: To create the biggest, baddest snowball your neighborhood has ever seen.

So you start. At first, it’s small. Ridiculously small. Perhaps the other kids around stop and stare. Maybe even point and laugh. But you do NOT care.

Because you know there is a secret.

The secret of momentum.

And when that momentum kicks in, and the snowball reaches it’s tipping point, all of your “back-breaking labor” (you are a kid after all, any bent-over labor probably qualifies as back-breaking) that you put into this project is going to bring you exponential rewards.

Bend, roll, push.

Bend, roll, push harder (because it’s heavier).

Bend, roll, umph-push.

Bend, roll, push – and now it’s moving on its own.

Momentum has taken over.

Look at it go. Look at it gather speed and momentum as the great white ball gobbles up more snow in its path. And more and more and more and more and more and more.

It’s now massive.

Everyone’s still pointing, but now the slack-jawed mouths are open in awe and wonder, not in disbelief and doubt.

They didn’t see what you could see.

Only you, standing alone on the top of the mountain with an idea in your head and the raw resources in front of you, were able to visualize the potential.

Only you could see the potential to turn your energy into something amazing, to go from an abstract idea into a concrete deliverable – the snowball of success.

And that’s why it’s so important to build a similar snowball of success in your business or career by getting your “first”.

Your first “what”?

Well, that actually doesn’t matter.

It’s not the “what” that matters. It’s the “first”.

It could be your first sale, your first cold call victory, your first Powerpoint presentation, your first website created, your first email to your list, your first Youtube video, your first copy peer review, your first product, your first joint venture, or any other first action step.

Without getting your first, we cannot build momentum. Without momentum, there’s no speed. Without speed, there’s no massive, universal attraction of opportunity, partners, and attention.
All of these rely on speed and momentum.

And all start with a first push.

Of course, the first sale is the most important of those firsts on that list. Just ask Virtual Mastermind member, Caleb Page. He recently wrote the following on our Virtual Mastermind forum.

“Finally – sale #1! I was just saying to Craig that I wasn’t achieving my desired results. The next day my first sale came in. This is a new industry for me. I’ve sold plenty of stuff before but never without an oral conversation. I’m fascinated with the challenge of doing all of this via writing. This is an infinite increase in sales for the month. After months of effort, I’m now motivated to learn why this customer bought and see how fast I can repeat. Next stop: positive cash flow. This is the tangible benefit that I was looking for from the Virtual Mastermind group. I look forward to working toward the whoosh. Thanks for putting the group together Craig.”

That’s the change we are looking for EVERYONE to achieve when they have their first.

That’s when you will KNOW it IS possible.

Like the ubiquitous Adidas athletic equipment ads, the word “impossible” has now shifted to “I’m Possible” in your mind.
It is a very, very, very big deal.

Your “first” matters. It really does.


That’s the theme for the remainder of 2012 – Get Your First. And this theme is just one component of our larger Operation 2X plan to help you double your mindset, results, and pace of success for the rest of the year (if not longer).

If Operation 2X is all about speed, then it needs momentum. And you can only build momentum by making your first PUSH.
Umph. Push. Momentum. Speed. 2X.

Look at where you are…and what you need to do next, that is to say, to do FIRST.

Let’s ring up a remarkable list of “FIRSTS” in everyone’s business and life over the next three months.

See how many “firsts” you can achieve.

See how much speed and momentum that brings you.

See how much your mindset changes.

See what shifts from impossible to possible.

It all starts with first things first.

Give your snowball of success that first push right now.

I believe in you and your vision.

[Ed. Note. Craig Ballantyne is the author of Financial Independence Monthly, a complete blueprint to helping you take control of your financial future with a web-based business that you can operate from anywhere in the world – including a coffee shop, your kitchen table, or anywhere around the world where there is Internet access. Join the Virtual Mastermind, where you’ll find accountability, inspiration and the hard hitting information you need to accomplish your goals.]