Why I Invested In These 2 Young Men

It’s not easy to get money out of me. Growing up the son of a poor Scottish-Canadian farmer and my thrifty German-Canadian mother, I’m naturally quite frugal.

That’s why it’s surprising that I’ve invested a lot of money in two young men that I met in the woods of Eastern Europe (true story).

The reason why I’ve become one of their investors is because they have a BIG idea that is so good that they have raised over $205K on their crowd-funded Sprayable Sleep launch here.

They also sell physical goods online and in large retailers like Kroger, Bass Pro Shops, and other real stores, not just online. They’ve been featured on Fast Company, Business Week, and Yahoo.com.

Not only am I an investory, but I also mentor them, help write their sales copy, and introduce them to top affiliates.

Ben and Deven, the two young men behind Sprayable Energy and Sprayable Sleep, are not even 28 years old yet they run a start-up valued at over $3 million. They’ve gone to Harvard, worked with Peter Thiel and most importantly, they attended our free BlackSmith Camp in Lithuania.

Now I can’t get you access to Peter Thiel, BUT…

If you’re a young (under 30), ambitious entrepreneur, you can join 65 other high-energy world-changes just like YOU at our 5th annual free BlackSmith Camp. It’s held, of course, in the woods of Eastern Europe.


That’s where a wise Lithuanian man name Virgus first asked Simon Black to have the camp. There’s a big lesson in that alone (Take action and ASK – who knows what might happen!). Simon answered the call, organized the first event, and the rest is history.

In the first five years of the BlackSmith Camp we’ve had over 200 young men and women attend from over 39 countries. They’ve traveled from Tajikistan, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, India, America, the UK, Australia, many former Iron-Curtain Eastern European nations, and most of the up-and-coming South American economic powerhouses, too.
The students pay nothing to attend, except for their travel expenses. The event is free, all paid for by my friend Simon Black.

Holding this event in Europe, far from the safe shores of America, the UK, Australia, and Canada, weeds out the posers and restricts the event to true Go-Getters that we turn into Go-Givers.

For example, Ben brought the big idea of Sprayable Energy to the camp in 2013. He left with the guidance he needed to start selling and taking action. In 2014 Ben and Deven reached out to Simon and I to invest in their company. While it was the first time we’d invested in a BlackSmith student, both Simon and I have both hired past attendees to work in our businesses.

Simon has at least 5 former BlackSmith Camp students working for him in Santiago, Chile. Our copywriter at Early To Rise, Gary Y., attended the 2012 camp and heard Matt Smith speak about Direct Response Marketing. Gary went home, quit his job as a lawyer, and moved to Denver to work for us. He’s since written one video sales letter that has brought in millions.

That’s why it’s not hyperbole to say that the free BlackSmith Camp is life changing. The opportunities that come out of our 4-day meeting-of-the-minds are almost limitless. If nothing else, you’ll go home with dozens of new friends from all over the world. You’ll learn about other cultures and always have a place to crash no matter where your travels take you.

Plus, it’s a heck of a good time. You learn all day from Simon “The International Business Man of Mystery” Black, Cliff “The World Famous Hypnotic Copywriter”, Jay “The New King of California Real Estate” Massey, and myself. And then just when you think your head will explode with ideas, we turn you loose to enjoy an end-of-day workout with me, followed by all-night parties with the other attendees.

Don’t come expecting to sleep. You’ll have the rest of your life to do that.

Apply if you want to change your life, and if you want to know more about the incredible opportunities that are out there in the world and worthy of your energy and intelligence.

Apply, if you realize, as all smart young folks do, that there is great power in traveling, networking, seeing other cultures, and connecting with other smart people that are determined to do great things in life.

Click here and submit your application for the 2015 BlackSmith camp

I’ve made millions with the attitude that I need to learn from and connect with other people that are smarter than me.

Even though I’m an introvert that would rather be sitting at home behind my computer, I wouldn’t miss a BlackSmith Camp for anything. I’ll be there (for the 5th time) this August 6-10th, at a rustic resort in the beautiful Lithuanian countryside, excited to make new friends and be energized by 65 value-adding young people that are out to leave their mark on the world.

If that sounds like you, your child, or some youngster that you know, get to this website and apply ASAP. Each year we receive hundreds of video applications (some of them documentary quality!), and we look forward to receiving one from you, too.

You want to make a difference. Simon and I will show you how. The rest of the attendees will be there to support you for the rest of your life from all around the world.

It doesn’t get better than this.

Click here to submit your video application for Simon’s review

Now if you’re on the mature side of 30, like me, I’ll bet you know someone that would benefit from attending. Forward them this email and give them the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you’ve applied in the past but didn’t make the cut, apply again! Show us how you’ve added more value to the world, and how you are putting yourself on the path to success. Show us you have direction but just need some specific guidance so that you will stand out when Simon reviews your video.

And now for a little bonus…

My 2015 Travel Schedule Plans…

(subject to many changes, of course, with all the amazing opportunities that will come up in my life thanks to taking action, being connected, and always searching for the next hot new deal)…

Craig Ballantyne’s Calendar (I have such a ‘boring’ life, ha!)
Feb 21st – 1-Day Mastermind with Bedros, NYC
March 26-29th – Fitness Business Summit, Costa Mesa, California <= Party! March 30th- April14th – Florida Holiday
May 6th – 1-Day Info Mastermind with Bedros, San Diego
May 7-9th – Info Mastermind with Bedros and Frank Kern, San Diego
May 14-16th – NYC Atlas 400 Meeting with Matt Smith
June 4th – 1-Day Info Mastermind with Bedros, San Diego
June 5-6th – TT Summit 5 …with Todd Durkin as our guest
June 11-13th – Dan Kennedy Empire Event, Cleveland
Aug 6-17th – 5th BlackSmith Camp, Lithuania (and holiday in Istanbul)
Nov 5-8th – 2nd Info-Summit in Costa Mesa, California with Bedros
December 5th – 2015 Toys for Tots Shopping Spree => Our goal: $150,000

It’s going to be a great year.

Make the most of your opportunities,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – “Nobody gets old by surprise.” – Kekich Credo #84

… That means you must schedule ruthlessly, focus on your unique ability, and get stuff done. Ask yourself: What do you really want to accomplish? What do you need to do to get there? What do you need to do right now? Make the right decisions, right now, for your right life.

Click here and submit your application for the 2015 BlackSmith camp

That’s a right decision, right now.

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