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Charging your phone 0-100 (real quick). A new smart chip invented by Professor Rachid Yazami of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University could dramatically change the way we charge our devices. The chip is the size of a fingernail and can be embedded in most existing batteries. The new chip will charge your phone in under 10 minutes, reports TechRadar. Yazami is already in talks with Tesla about embedding the new smart chips into electric cars. Full details.

Tools to learn, work, and travel anywhere in the world. Tomas Lauranavicius is a millennial designer, blogger, entrepreneur and adventurer from Lithuania who has experience building and selling digital businesses. Tomas says, “For the last 10 months, I’ve been living a digital nomad lifestyle, traveling and working from all around the world. Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bali, Cebu, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, London, Copenhagen just to name a few places.” A few weeks ago Tomas shared with readers the tools he uses to live the way he does. Here’s that list.

Should CEOs encourage employees to start their own business? “Look, it’s Silicon Valley. Everyone here has some aspirations, some ideas. ‘Maybe one day I can start a company or be a founder.’ You just have to accept that great talent — a lot of times they’ll just graduate into doing their own thing. So rather than trying to fight it, I think you should just cultivate it,” says Jess Lee CEO of the fashion and shopping platform Polyvore. This is an important question to consider whether you work in Silicon Valley or Marfa, Texas. As we shift toward a gig-based economy, do you think managers and CEOs should be encouraging intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship at their companies? Here’s how Jess Lee is doing it. Do you agree or disagree? Leave me a reply.

How retailers manipulate shoppers on Black Friday. “It’s a mistake for shoppers to think they’re somehow winning at the cost of the retailer. Sure, it makes sense to buy a good when the price is discounted. But that feeling of confidence is exactly what the retailer wants as it bombards us with not-so-good deals,” says Business Insider. Don’t get fooled by these “deals.”

+ Seth Godin talks about unconscious consumption and why Black Friday is a con.

How to write your own ticket in your 30s. If you’re in your twenties, then this is for you. Tony Robbins recorded a short video explaining what he recommends a twenty-something do if they want to be able to “write their own ticket” in their thirties. Great advice.


3 scientific ways to prevent awkward convos. “In most cases when you draw a blank while socializing, it’s because you’re anxious. That little voice in your head is going berzerk! It’s telling you you’re going to mess up, telling you you’re being judged and may even be telling you that you’re not ‘good enough.’ Sound familiar? This negative self-talk is usually what trips people up. When you’re focusing on the issue of screwing up, you’re using up precious and limited ‘working memory’ in your prefrontal cortex,” says Katrina Razavi. Luckily there are ways to shut-up this little voice inside your head. Read this before your next office holiday party.

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