What You Need to Know Today: May 15

Good evening, Early Risers


For $5 you can have Google run same-day errands for you. Google Express (iOS, Android) is a new service offering same-day delivery of items from Walgreens, Target, Toys R’ Us, Costco, and others for $5. There’s no markup on items you purchase, you pay the same price as you would in store. Currently 7 cities in the US offer Google Express, see if your city made the list.

Dude, where’s my car? Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott can rest easy knowing Find My Car exists (where was this app in 2000?). The app runs quietly in the background on your mobile, knowing exactly where you parked your car, so you never have to walk aimlessly through a parking garage like the cast of Seinfeld.


Best. Roommate. Ever. A recent story leaked about GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman upholding his end to a $229M promise he made back in University with his roommate and GoPro’s first employee, Neil Dana. What you won’t hear is billionaire Nick Woodman’s impressive backstory behind founding GoPro and his family’s influence. Read this exclusive story here.

The surprising truth about college from a college dropout. It’s not hard to find stats and stories about uber successful people who either dropped out of college or never went at all. With the general consensus being University and College are a waste of time and money. But, what these stories never tell you are the things these people actually learned from their short stint (if any) on campus. Which is why it’s surprising to read an article from a college dropout; turned bestselling author; turned director of marketing at American Apparel; and is now editor-at-large of Betabeat talking about what he learned from college.

Personal Development

How to trick your brain out of distraction. First, stop imagining the reward of what’s tempting you. i.e. Don’t think about how many “likes” your new Facebook profile pic received. Instead, use this simple trick to shift your thoughts onto finishing the task at hand.


We lost one of music’s greatest guitarist and a blues legend today. B.B. King passed away this morning at age 89.

What was B.B King’s birth name?

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