Wake-up Call

“Well, you’ve already ruined Thanksgiving for a bunch of families,” I said to one of our Mastermind members, “Are you going to ruin their Christmas as well?”

Harsh, but that’s what Craiggy Grinch had to say to get the message across.

And you see, while t’is the season to send really Christmassy greetings, Craiggy Grinch decided to go the other way today.

Listen, it’s the end of the year and if you didn’t achieve what you wanted then you need a wake-up call.

Because you are probably like my client…

…you have a website, and your product is “almost” done…or maybe it’s your sales letter that is “almost” done.

And like my client’s projects, your work has been “almost” done for months and months and months.

As a result of that, your product – the solution to many OTHER people’s problems – remains hidden from the world.

So they suffer while you procrastinate.

Maybe, because you haven’t released your fat loss program, this person remains overweight, in tears and even in hiding during the holiday season because they are ashamed of how they look and act at holiday parties.

So you ruined their Christmas. Way to go.

You’re a real Eddie Johnson, aren’t you? (Clark Griswald’s brother-in-law, FTWK).

Or maybe you have a really great “improve your finances” program, but thanks to your laundry list of silly reasons for not launching it, hundreds – if not thousands – of people have no room in their budget to get gifts for everyone on their list.

Way to go Ebeneezer. You ruined their Christmas.

Or perhaps you have a brilliant system for helping a husband and wife fix their relationship.

But you’re still editing your book…for the 14th straight month…and so not only will hundreds and thousands of stressful marriages remain on edge over the holidays, but their poor children will be walking on eggshells on Christmas morning so as to not upset their parents and spark off another screaming match…

…and that one REALLY bothers me because I’ve been that kid.

And it sucks.

And all because of YOUR FAILURE TO LAUNCH, there is going to be some poor kid dealing with that on Christmas.

Way to go. You’ve ruined Christmas again.

All because…

– You aren’t happy with the colors on your website.
– You’re not sure if Chapter 9 should go before Chapter 7 or after Chapter 12.
– Your headline just isn’t perfect.
– You’re worried with other people will think <= worst excuse ever

Blah, blah, blah.

You see, those aren’t real obstacles to your success.

Yet those silly little distractions are stopping so many of you.

Just last week on one of my FB QnA sessions at www.SuccessQnA.com, reader Scott M. posted the following:

“I’m a trained copywriter, currently working for big company, but my passion is info-marketing in the romance/relationships niche. I’ve written an e-book & downloaded your Internet Independence report, but for some reason I have a block/fear when it comes to launching my own e-biz.”

“I feel SO much more knowledgeable than the average joe, so I can’t decide whether to hire someone to help me make my dream come true or use all the books and programs I already have and just trust my gut and launch my e-biz on my own.”

Here’s Craiggy Grinch’s reply. It was short and sour (and sassy):

“Scott, stop procrastinating and just go and take massive action and get it done TODAY. Remember – every day you hold back  there is some poor, lonely guy out there desperate and dateless. YOU are ruining HIS life with your procrastination.”

So Scott, the truth is that you and my Mastermind client and so many other potential success stories reading this email have effectively ruined Christmas for thousands of strangers because you didn’t get your solution to their problem out in time.

It is unacceptable.

You can do better.


You can go on ruining Christmas for everyone.

Listen, this was pretty harsh, but it was needed, because nothing else seems to be working to get you to take action.

And it’s frustrating because I know you can help so many people.

You have a great gift. You have the knowledge to help others, and you’re a good person that cares.

So let’s start taking action. Let’s get you helping people and start changing lives for the better.

The world needs YOU more than ever.

The world is hurting – so help it.

Please, don’t let those so-called obstacles stand in your way any longer.

Destroy the obstacles, eliminate the excuses, and help save the world one person at a time – starting with yourself.

Make it your BEST year EVER in 2013 – and do so by taking action.

And more important…

Make it THEIR best year ever in 2013 – and do so by helping others through delivering solutions to their problems.

Share your message, abundantly, and without fear.

“Reject fear, greed, and doubt.” – Bedros Keuilian

You can do it,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Proud of your success so far…and when you can finally reach the mountain top of action taking and deliver your solution to the world, I guarantee your life will change.

PPS – The ETR $100,000 Transformation Contest…

…starts on Wednesday, Dec. 26th. This will give you the incentive, support, and accountability that you need to finally take action.

Stay tuned for all of the details on how you can change YOUR life and win MY money.

  • Great post. I hope you kicked mr buzz killington in the butt to take some action. My mantra is that great words are easy, great actions are few and far between.

  • @ Scott

    I thought I might chime in.

    Next Wednesday (December 26th), the ETR Transformation Contest starts. You NEED to register asap if it’s not done already.

    You might go for the big prize, but the real benefit for you will be accountability and direction. Hundreds of business owners just like you will be there to support you and help you achieve your goals in 90 days.

    I don’t want to discredit the benefits praying every night will have on your life, but chances it won’t make people give you more money or get you customers.

    You need to connect with people in your niche. If you’re still going for the dating/relationship niche, you need to connect with small guys just like you and start promoting each other. That’s the easiest and cheapest way to get started.

    To be honest, I don’t think there a single chance on earth you’ll be able to hire Craig or even Eben Pagan-level guys. They are busy coaching multi-million business owners 1-on-1, and group coaching multiple 6 figures businesses (and charge up to 1k $+ per hour by the way).

    A more realistic investment in extra coaching and guidance would be either the ETR Virtual Mastermind (around 100$/month… I think), or the pro-level Mastermind (1k $/month, plus expenses for 3-4 live meetings per year).

    You’ve probably heard Craig talk about those. For me, the Virtual Mastermind is the reason I’ve connected with dozens of other entrepreneurs and that I plan to increase my business to no less than six figures in 2013.

    That being said, don’t put so much financial stress on yourself that you don’t sleep at night. Do what you can with what you have right now.

    And, if you need to find extra time to get S&%? done faster, identify your magic time, ie. the time you’re the most productive naturally. It could be early morning or late at night.

    Do what needs to be done. And keep pushing.


  • @ Scott

    2 more tips I’m sure Craig will agree with:

    1) Separate this big block of text comment into paragraphs. It’s so cluttered I can barely read it… and I doubt Craig has the time to try to decipher what you mean and spend too much time answering blog comments.

    2) Reaching out to people and asking them to promote you is basically saying: “Give me free cash”. They won’t do it.

    Also, they will think you’re needy, and will block you from their emails. Remember: you only get one chance to connect with the big guys. Don’t screw it up by being too hasty.

    Start with smaller guys, and always give before you ask.

    A couple examples for you:
    – Send your book for free and ask people to give you feedback
    – Write a blog article and send them without asking for anything in return
    – Review their website and check out for any broken links or something that doesn’t work. People are always grateful when you fix things for them.

    I hope that helps Scott.

    Everything you seem to struggle with is what Craig is teaching on the Virtual Mastermind, so my best advice would be to join as soon as spots open.


  • @Scott

    This is the old link for the Denver meeting back in October. You would be better off waiting for spots in the Virtual Mastermind. I’m sure there will be some in January.

    Also, I did not hear about another live event that’s going to occur in the next 6 months.

    If you want to hear about the virtual mastermind spots, make sure you’re on this website’s mailing list (enter your email address at the bottom of this page) and on the newsletter over at Earlytorise.com

    Happy Holidays. Take some time to recharge and plan your next moves.


  • Scott

    I agree. Great post! However, you never really answered my question. I know I need to take massive action. I spent 2 years writing a pretty badass ebook, according to feedback from mostly women, then made it all happen by launching a website in 3 months, writing all the copy myself. However, I sold maybe 10 copies in the last year because I had zero paid traffic, no lead-gen, no idea how to make my e-products look like real book (graphics), $20,000 grad school debt, no money to spend, and no one to help me. I reached out to my “friends” in the biz but no one wanted to pay it forward. I’d taken MASSIVE action but still failed because my strategies were misguided. To quote from the movie Blow, “I had the wrong dream.” My original question was, do I hire a coach like Mike Klingler, or Yanik Silver, Eben Pagan, or maybe you (and how much will that cost?) or do I say “I’ve spent enough already, “I already know what I need to do different, I just need to do it!!!” and go do it (i.e. Ready, Fire, Aim)??? You say in your special report above that without BIG affiliates it’s almost impossible to reach the 100K mark. I have lots of friends, former colleagues, people I look up to straight up KILLING it online, people you probably look up to too “in the biz” but I can’t make them want to help me. So, what should I do next? This dream of mine – to quit my agency gig and write/coach full-time helping men truly understand what women really want – specifically, how to anticipate and do the little things ALL women desperately crave (and reward men for) that most guys take for granted … and win her heart, over and over and over again! This dream WILL happen in 2013 – just not sure the best way to go about it – take massive action SOLO, 360 coaching program, mastermind, pray every night for my contacts to help me simply out of the goodness of their hearts??? I’m an idea guy, but suck sometimes at implementation, technical stuff, accountability, swatting the naysayers, etc. What specific “massive action” should I take? Thanks for using me as an example though, Craig! I really do appreciate it because the “spanking” you gave me is exactly the sort of thing I need the most right now. Merry Christmas.

  • Scott

    Maybe this is a conversation better suited for one-on-one coaching/mentoring (or an expert who would take me under their wing out of the goodness of their heart, for our mutual benefit) – or maybe I’ making everything a WHOLE lot tougher than it really is – but it’s really the backend mapping and planning/technology/production/affiliate relationship building/profit-optimization elements that I need the most help with. Maybe I’m alone here (I’m guessing not), but compared to your average entreprenuerial-minded ETR target customer, I feel like I have a huge advantage already with my copywriting/internet marketing/writing real world experience, yet I continue to struggle. I mean, suppose I could get it all together – a badass site complete with compelling lead-gen value/offer, ebook people rave about, full backend of products and coaching service – then what? I call “David Deangelo” (who’s not a direct competitor because our USP’s and mission statements are very different, but in the same market niche) and say what? “That I’m a huge fan of yours and would love for you to promote my page to your list.” And he’s going to say, “You know what, Scott, I’m feeling extra generous these days, so I’m going to promote you to my list for free, no strings attached.” I doubt it. Or I’m going to call some of my other contacts in the financial/health e-publishing world and they’re going to say, “You know … I never thought about this, but even though my list is entirely focused on financial/health, I’m going to take a chance and promote your dating/romance services to them out of the goodness of my heart.” I’ve tried that. I have yet to meet any serious marketer that would be willing to help a wantrepreneur like me strictly out of the goodness of their heart. Never mind the fact that they’re living their dream and making a high six or seven figure income (while I “get by” every day by eating Chipotle and buying six-packs instead of going to the bar because I can save about $20 that way). Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s not a lot of empathy in this market. Two years ago, when I’d just launched my website, I contacted the editorial director at ETR (pre-Craig, I believe) to offer to write articles for free in exchange for a link back to my site. Or to write sales letters for traffic. But I got turned down. They said, ETR’s mission is to help people get healthier, wealthier and wiser. I thought, “Exactly. Healthier relationships with your wife, girlfriend or future girlfriend; finances; how to spend less on your wife (shopping, credit cards) by giving her what she really want, which doesn’t cost much – only time, listening, thought and creativity; wisdom – to avoid having to pay for couples counseling and instead be having the time of your life with your loved ones; it made sense to me; I saw the value; but they did not. I’ve tried Craig. I’ve tried really hard. I’ve taken massive action in all sorts of directions; granted, some of my strategies were misguided, but yet here I am, still plugging away, hell-bent on making this dream of mine come true. Someday, I know I’ll look back and be thankful for all these struggles because it will have given me a totally unique and extremely valuable perspective on the various ways others just like me are struggling, and how I can reach out and help them – whereas someone who was a natural and everything came easy/easier for them will not be able to help others. Only themselves.

  • Scott

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way. My day will come. 🙂

  • Scott

    Thanks, Nick. I just found this: https://secure.anewamericandream.com/etr1day.php?inf_contact_key=0fe17bbf53977e5e7cc1618ac49c773c329295dee1b3f36a86a60a06d236d8af

    This is exactly what I need most right now and the price point is well within my budget. When’s your next event in 2013?

    Also, where should I check back frequently to learn about spots opening up in Craig’s Virtual Mastermind?

    Sorry for the giant copy blocks. You’re absolutely right.