My Daily Secrets Exposed

Craig brings you into my world and go through each set of guiding principles, one by one. More info here.

Creating your Vision

How to create a vision for your life and your business.

One Simple Time Management Rule for Increased Productivity

Here’s one simple time management rule for increasing your productivity and eliminating any feelings you may harbor about  lack of accomplishment.

Script Your Day for Maximum Time Management Success

Why scripting your day is a great time management strategy and how to do it, why protecting your magic time is essential, and more time management tips.

Simple Rules for Reducing Stress in Your Life

Why and how to adopt your own rules for your life, for health, finances, and business

Structure & Productivity

Craig challenges today’s preoccupation with freedom and flexibility by underlining the importance of structure.

The New American Dream Is Here

The New American Dream contract is being broken by the greed and selfishness of individuals and organizations that we once trusted. Some people think the thought of the American Dream is dead. Craig challenges that idea here.

Three Daily Success Habits

Craig shares three of his daily habits that keeps him on track in his businesses while also helping him generate wealth, wisdom and a life well lived. In just a few minutes each day you’ll get significant benefits.

The Power of Goal Setting

Craig shares his goal setting strategies, and a story of how goal setting took him to where he is today.

The Power of Networking and Finding a Mentor

Craig talks about the power of networking and mentoring. Mentoring took Craig to where he is today, and in this video he tells his story.






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