Top 10 Marketplaces to Buy High Quality WordPress Themes

WordPress itself is powerful enough to make your blog run well, but you still need a well-designed theme to help it stand out the millions. If you have no specific knowledge on HTML and CSS which is required in creating a theme, you will have to find a WordPress theme marketplace to purchase a premium theme.

A good theme marketplace should only sell high quality and professional themes which are able to help beautify the appearance as well as extend the functionality of your blog. Therefore, the top 10 WordPress theme marketplaces listed below are all carefully reviewed and have been proved to provide unique and quality WordPress themes, as well as free support.

No matter you are a beginner who needs a theme to attract visitors' attention, an experienced blogger who would like a new theme to change the style of the blog, or a small business owner who requires a responsive and efficient theme to boost business, the 10 marketplaces will never let you down. But if you need moving industry software, follow the link.

No.1: ThemeForest

ThemeForest is a famous theme marketplace with nearly 3 million members and 4 million total marketplace items. It is also the largest WordPress theme marketplace at present in terms of the number of authors and monthly released themes and designs. ThemeForest now has 10,955 themes available to use for different CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. The themes are all designed with the highest quality and affordable price.

Price: starting at $35 per theme

No.2: ElegantThemes

ElegantThemes is a premium WordPress theme marketplace that provides WordPress themes with the combination of quality, integrity and affordability. Currently, there are 86 themes available at ElegantThemes, all of which feature responsive design and a clean look. Unlike most other marketplaces, ElegantThemes doesn't sell each theme separately. Instead, it offers a package with all the themes included at only $39/mo. The themes there are among the cheapest in the market.

Price: $39 ($.48 per theme)

No.3: WooThemes

Established in 2008, WooThemes began with selling commercial WordPress themes but now offers a variety of rich-featured themes. All the themes at WooThemes are powered by the custom built WooFramework, which enables the customers get a charming site with high flexibility. At this marketplace, you can either purchase a single WordPress theme or choose to get a monthly subscription to get access to all the themes.

Price: starting at $99 per theme or $29/mo

No.4: MojoThemes

MojoThemes is a popular marketplace for anyone to buy and sell themes and templates for the most commonly used CMS and platforms on the web, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Tumblr. It functions similar to ThemeForest, having a large number of talented developers and themes. With a premium WordPress theme from MojoThemes, your WordPress site will gain a fresh, clean and professional appearance.

Price: starting at $25 per theme

No.5: StudioPress

StudioPress offers well designed and affordable WordPress themes which are powering 96,000 websites. Their themes are developed with the Genesis Framework which makes it easy and quick to build a custom website with WordPress. If you are a business owner looking to start your online presence, StudioPress is the right place for you to go. Besides, every theme there comes with responsive design and highly customizable layouts.

Price: starting at $79.95 per theme or $349.95 for the whole package

No.6: Press75

Press75 is another popular WordPress marketplace providing themes for all kinds of WordPress sites. All of the themes come with solid code which is perfected over and over again. Besides that, Press75 offers rock-solid support and advanced customization options for both beginners and web developers. Just like WooThemes, you can purchase themes separately at Press75, or pay for a package to get access to all the themes.

Price: $75/year for all the 20 themes ($3.75 per theme)

No.7: WPZoom

WPZoom has been focusing on offering professional and impressive premium WordPress themes for a verity of WordPress users like business owners, publishers, freelancers, producers, and so on. The top quality WordPress themes are all designed with an easy-to-use admin panel, a solid framework and SEO-friendly features. Besides, they all come with lifetime free support from the WPZoom team.

Price: starting at $75 per theme (a single license) or $19/mo for all the themes

No.8: GraphPaperPress

Having 9 years' history in the theme market, GraphPaperPress focuses on build graphically minimal, content-rich and clean designs which enable you to offer multiple entry points for your readers to access your content. Their themes can transform your blog from a tubular list of posts into a beautiful portfolio or news magazine website. GraphPaperPress is a good place for artists, photographers and small businesses to go.

Price: starting at $75/mo or $125/year for the whole package including 44 themes

No.9: WP Remix

As a WordPress powered master theme, WP Remix is fully customizable, quality coded, coming with a variety of layout options that allow you to create a custom website in minutes. WP Remix is not only a single theme, but also a complete package, as it is bundled with more than 45 well designed static page templates to choose from.

Price: $75 for single use license/$275 for multiple use license

No.10: Organized Themes

Organized Themes offers a large number of premium WordPress themes specially designed for non-profit organizations, businesses, restaurants and churches. New themes are released on a regular basis and the existing themes are updated continuously with new color options and layout designs. All the themes at Organized Themes are clean, able to generate fast load times, and customizable. Even though some of the themes are simple, they can attract your readers and bring them surprises at first sight.

Price: $49 for a single theme/different membership fees starting from $59

Free Theme Marketplace –

All the mentioned marketplaces allow you to by the quality WordPress themes. You can buy a single theme, buy the bundle products or register for the annual fee. However, it is possible that you do not want to spend extra money on this aspect. If so, you can find the free WordPress themes from WordPress Template Directory.

Note that all the listed themes are carefully reviewed. In this case, you can be ensured that they all abide by the WordPress template guidelines. However, the drawback is that you cannot get some special features that are only available from the premium themes. And also, due to the large downloading of these options, you can hardly achieve the truly unique design.