3 Advanced Tips to Accelerate Fat Loss

3 Advanced Tips to Accelerate Fat LossBy Kate Vidulich

How can you increase your workout awesomeness without spending more time training or any fancy equipment?

Here are my top 3 advanced tips for accelerating your fat loss results:

1. Manipulate the Time

This tip has two parts – so I guess I’m cheating already…

(a) Minimize Your Rest

Incomplete recovery is one of main principles of metabolic resistance training, so you won’t get the full benefits if you wing it (that is, train without a timing device). The GymBoss timer is my #2 best friend, behind coffee.

Listen, you either deserve to rest or you don’t. You know when you’re slacking off and taking a cheeky rest break in your workout. Hey, I can even tell when my clients are playing tricks. There is not enough time to check Facebook, emails or go to the shop and buy a drink between sets in a fat loss workout.

But remember, it’s very important to monitor how you feel. Pushing hard to the limits and completely destroying yourself are two very different categories. Getting dizzy and throwing up is not cool. End of story.

(b) Use Density Sets

With everyone short on time these days, density sets are the solution. Only have 10 minutes to workout? No dramas. Set up your total body circuit and go hard to complete as many rounds as possible with the time you have.

Just ask my high-profile clients in New York. Instead of a whole one hour session, you come 15 minutes late and leave 10 minutes early, and STILL get a fun, killer workout done that leaves you dripping in sweat and uplifted with positive energy. Please note I don’t condone this lateness.

One thing you must pay attention to is your form. If you get fatigued and become sloppy, that is a big warning sign to slow down or stop and take a quick break. Sorry to break it to you, but this is not the Olympics.

Remember we’re aiming for workout quality. The goal is to challenge and push your limits in a safe environment. Poor form does not help you accelerate fat loss results; it will only send you to the ER.

2. One legged moves

Doing more one-legged exercises in your workout will increase the calorie burn, challenge your stability and get you faster results.

What are my favorite killer one-legged moves? I’m so glad you asked.

(a) Favorite bodyweight exercise: Bulgarian split squats (brutal on your quads but efficient – the pain is only short lived). For extra fun, add in a hop. Good times.

(b) Favorite conditioning exercise: I have two so this is a tiebreaker situation.

– One legged burpees. You can also do this with a TRX for serious fun, fat burning times. 8-10 each side will toast you. Add a push up into the equation if you’re feeling extra adventurous. Total body awesomeness!

– One-legged walk outs to push up. Balance on one leg and do a hand walkout to plank position, do a push up and return to starting position while still balancing on one leg. Tricky, but it’s fun and creates a metabolic flush.

3. Progression

As you do with your strength training, programming and progressing your interval training workouts is very important to see continued fat loss results and not get stuck on a nasty plateau.

Now I don’t mean simply running faster or at a greater incline on the dreadmill.

If you’re looking to change it up from traditional interval workouts on the machines, this is for you. Use metabolic resistance training workouts to replace your intervals and take your conditioning to the next level.

Here’s an effective MRT workout you can try in your workout today. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a small space. We’ve tested this in crowded New York gyms and it’s a winner for fast fat loss!

Choose a weight you can press overhead at least 10 times. The goal is to use a moderate load for conditioning purposes, not strength. Often when people start MRT they choose weights that are too heavy and can’t finish the reps. Big mistake.

Perform each of the following in order with no rest between exercises. At the end of the circuit, rest for 90 seconds. Do 3-4 rounds.

A) DB Front Squat to Overhead Press x 8
B) Renegade Row x 8
C) X-Body Mountain Climber x 8
D) Romanian Deadlift x 8

How can you progress this workout? I like your thinking folks.

Two options: you can increase the weight you lift each week OR you reduce your rest period. Do one OR the other, meaning you don’t want to change both variables at once.

Week 1 = 90s rest
Week 2 = 75s rest
Week 3 = 60s rest
Week 4 = 45s rest

Incorporate these simple, yet effective tips in your workouts and see your level of conditioning skyrocket and most importantly, watch your belly fat disappear.

You can get more done-for-you workouts to replace your interval training and accelerate your fat loss at fatlossaccelerators.com

Rock on!