The Single Biggest Investment Opportunity of 2003

Dear Investor,

As the head of one of the most powerful investment groups in the world, I have access to intelligence and ideas the average investor never hears about. For example, I recently had a private conversation with one of the world’s most successful hedge-fund managers. (This man’s fund rose 3,365% while the S&P 500 rose just 47%. That’s enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $346,500.) You’ll recognize his name… but what’s important is that he has just given me first-hand knowledge of a special situation that promises to be the most profitable investment opportunity of my lifetime.

Even after more than 45 years in the market, I have never come across a situation like this one… a company that sells an indispensable product, has no competition, is growing at a 79% annual rate, sells for less than nine times earnings, and is totally unfamiliar to the folks on Wall Street. Conservatively, our group expects to make more than twelve times our money on this investment in 2003. Now I recognize that-to most investors-returns like this seem impossible, far too rich to be true. But you have to understand, this kind of deal only comes along as a result of special, private relationships.

For example, last year one of our biggest gains came from our relationship with a gentleman The New York Times calls ‘the world’s leading scientific researcher.’ He explained to us the intricacies involved in a particular biotech stock, Immunex. Just six weeks later, the company was bought out at an enormous premium by Amgen, the world’s largest biotech company. We locked in a huge profit in a matter of days… while the broad market tumbled. The same kind of close personal relationship with a different hedge-fund manager led us to take an emergency trip to South Africa recently. Talk about a most unlikely investment idea.

The outlook for the country was a disaster. There was a crisis in the currency market. But we knew our source was one of the most capable investors in the world. What looked like a disaster from outside the country turned into the ultimate contrarian play. And our investment soared 132% in just 14 months. The results are even more impressive when you realize the stock market fell by 36% over the same period. And that’s the point of this letter. Most folks never even hear about these opportunities, much less profit from them.

Only a select few-mostly ultra-rich investors, hedge-fund managers, and professional speculators-have access to the backroom deals and whispered information that allows them to both protect their capital and lock in big, low-risk gains. Even during the stock market implosion of the past few years. Now, I’m about to show you how you can enjoy the same benefits. And your first experience will allow you to get in on a spectacular opportunity, based on intelligence we recently received from one of the world’s greatest investors. This is big-game hunting at its finest.

In fact, even a modest investment here gives you the chance to quit working, retire in luxury and lead a life of total financial independence. And we discovered it the way we’ve uncovered virtually all the other blockbuster investment opportunities we’ve found over the past 15 years-ones that generated profits of as much as 906% in as little as 14 months-through private, behind-the-scenes connections. But, quite frankly, this one is bigger than the others. With the potential to quickly earn back at least twelve times the value of your original investment.

Perhaps that’s why this famous hedge fund manager calls it ‘the coming superpower for the 21st century.’ Welcome to My World My name is James Boxley Cooke. I’ve retired now, but I’m a former executive with T. Rowe Price, one of the oldest and most respected names in mutual fund management, with over $200 billion in assets under management.

I’m no longer in the mutual fund business, however. Today I’m too busy piloting my plane, spending time with my grandkids and just enjoying life. But I still get a kick out of showing people the shortest and most direct route to achieving great wealth.

In fact, today I’m going to share with you some very privileged information that will allow you to turbo-charge your portfolio immediately. And it will soon have you making plans that most folks only dream about. However, I invite you to be skeptical too.

The grinding bear market of the past two and a half years has exposed a lot of formerly ‘credible’ people… at Arthur Andersen… at Merrill Lynch… and at former blue chips like Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, ImClone, Global Crossing and WorldCom. The sad truth is many investors have been left holding the bag… and are understandably wondering ‘just who can I trust anymore?’

Yet through all the Wall Street scandals, the accounting scandals, the insider trading scandals and the stock market implosion of the past few years, the private financial fellowship I chair has chalked up double and triple-digit profits time and again, with almost monotonous regularity.

Here is just a small sampling of the profits we’ve captured during the bear market of the last three years: 72.1% in a major biotech company in just three weeks. 108% in an Asian market play in four months. 125% in a leader in diversified technology in less than one month. 633% in eight days in one of the world’s largest packaging companies. And in 14 months we locked in a 906% profit in a leading optical equipment manufacturer.

What does my elite group of investors know that you don’t know? Very possibly, a great deal. We are, in fact, a private financial fellowship that is perhaps the best-connected group of investors in the world. And the private relationships we have with the rich and powerful-hedge-fund managers, former economists with the Central Intelligence Agency, world-renowned scientists, professional short-sellers, Washington insiders and others-allow us to profit enormously regardless of what the market averages are doing.

By forming an alliance with well-placed, highly-connected individuals-leaders in business, finance, government and philanthropy-we’re able to choose from a private smorgasbord of investment opportunities that most investors never even hear about. Including, of course, the ‘coming superpower of the 21st century.’ Rest assured, this opportunity-like most of the ones we carefully evaluate-doesn’t require you to take big risks. (You’ll soon learn that wealthy individuals don’t take foolish chances. Quite frankly, we don’t have to.)

Instead, by selectively picking and choosing only investments that offer much-higher-than-average rates of return, we’re building a legacy of great wealth safely, reliably… and consistently. ‘…you’re about to connect with a group of high-powered traders and investors with a combined net worth of several billion dollars’ I hope you’re sitting in an easy chair. Because you’re about to connect with a group of high-powered traders and investors with a combined net worth of several billion dollars.

In effect, I’m going to take you behind the velvet cord… so you can see what people with genuine connections know, how we operate and, most importantly, what our organization agrees is the single biggest investment opportunity of 2003. Why Great Wealth Requires Great Secrecy ‘We don’t disclose to outsiders what we’re buying. And we certainly don’t disclose to them what we’re selling.’ But who are we to make such a statement?

In truth, I can’t tell you completely… just yet. Our private organization-The Oxford Club-is extraordinarily discreet. We don’t disclose the names of our contacts to non-members. We don’t disclose to them the intelligence we’ve gathered from various sources. We don’t disclose to outsiders what we’re buying. And we certainly don’t disclose to them what we’re selling. That hasn’t stopped a lot of powerful people from trying to find out, however.

Two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, Donald L. Bartlett and James B. Steele, editors-at-large for Time, Inc., recently investigated us and tried to expose some of the well-guarded secrets of the Club. And, in short, they were unsuccessful. However, they did publish a book about the little that they did learn. So this much-written by these Pulitzer winning journalists-I can share with you: ‘One little known organization, ‘The Oxford Club’ occupies an elegant brownstone in Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon neighborhood, an architecturally rich area of museums, churches, restaurants, parks and nineteenth-century townhouses.

The Club has its headquarters in a four-story, twenty-three room mansion at 105 West Monument Street. Built by a wealthy merchant on the eve of the Civil War, the townhouse abounds in exquisite architectural details: rich walnut paneling, ornate plaster molding, marble fireplaces, high ceilings… From this imposing base, The Oxford Club reaches out to its 40,000 members, most of them in the United States.’ Given their flattering assessment, they were shocked to find us uncooperative.

Why? Because you don’t make millions by broadcasting what you’re doing in the national media. Frustrated by their inability to penetrate the veil that guards every aspect of our organization, they conceded that we are masters at creating and protecting great wealth. ‘…you don’t make millions by broadcasting what you’re doing in the national media’ They noted, for instance, that we advise members about ‘the steps necessary to create a fortress around their wealth’ and that we provide ‘nuts and bolts legal advice to members on how to keep… money invisible from the IRS.’ I confess. This much is true.

As we’ve often said, it’s not just how much you make, it’s how much you keep. We’ll show you how to maintain complete privacy in your financial dealings. Our ‘Pillar One Partners’-as we call them-are specially vetted financial experts who can show you how to protect your newfound wealth from tort attorneys, snooping neighbors, ex-spouses, potential litigants and, of course, the Internal Revenue Service. ‘our organization makes a specialty of creating millionaires and multi-millionaires’

If keeping your privacy intact and reducing your federal tax liabilities to an absolute minimum are a turn off to you, you might as well stop reading now. You see, our organization makes a specialty of creating millionaires and multi-millionaires. But it takes a special sort of person to appreciate what we do. You can’t learn these proprietary money-making techniques from your friends or family, or Money magazine, or a consultation with a broker at Smith Barney.

Our organization is a private fellowship of well-connected individuals who are willing to share close-to-the-bone intelligence so that other members can also generate great wealth. (As I often say ‘Rich people plan for three generations. Poor people plan for Saturday night.’) Perhaps some day you, too, will have special knowledge that you might share with us. I hope so. That’s one of the reasons I’m writing you.

Of course, any insights from members are completely voluntary. And it is the trust and confidentiality that members have in The Oxford Club-along with assurances of total privacy-that allow them to share their specialized information. ‘Rich people plan for three generations. Poor people plan for Saturday night.’ And right now, I’m going to share some of this privileged information with you. I’m referring, of course, to the intelligence I mentioned earlier, a tip we obtained from George Soros’ former partner about the biggest investment opportunity of 2003.

The Following is Highly Confidential… and Highly Profitable If you want to make an enormous fortune quickly, you have to think outside the box. And you have to think big. In this case, very big. Because this investment happens to emanate from the most populous country in the world-China. I know this is a controversial area for some investors. They insist on only seeing what’s wrong with China. With their political system. With their policies toward Tibet … or Taiwan. Or their record on human rights.

Personally, I don’t know what your views are on this country, economically or politically. And, quite frankly, if your objective is to make a lot of money in short order, it really doesn’t matter. Because China is already the world’s fastest growing major power. And regardless of how you or I feel about this country, they have already begun what will soon be widely recognized as the most stupendous era of economic growth in the history of civilization. ‘I don’t know what your views are on this country, economically or politically.

And, quite frankly, if your objective is to make a lot of money in short order, it doesn’t really matter.’ This past year, for instance, China grew at more than twelve times the rate of the U.S. economy. Even though the country’s population is more than five times as large! China’s capitalistic economy is rapidly making entrepreneurs out of one and a quarter billion people. It’s creating billions of dollars in new wealth. And the investment potential for you and me is absolutely immense.

Most investors I speak with have virtually no money invested in this region. It may sound counterintuitive, but this is actually an excellent sign. Because-as I’m about to demonstrate-they soon will. The Boom That Lies Just Ahead According to Andy Xie, a major economist who’s communicating with us from Hong Kong, ‘China’s rise as a manufacturing base is going to have the same kind of impact on the world that the industrialization of the U.S. had, perhaps even bigger.’ Incidentally, you may be thinking any investment in this part of the world must be fraught with major risks. But not this one.

In fact, what makes the biggest investment opportunity of 2003 so unique is its low-risk nature. You can understand the investment potential-and the urgency-of this investment, I need to give you a bit of background. China is already the world’s fourth largest industrial base, behind only the U.S., Germany and Japan. Last year, for instance, China exported more than $266 billion in goods. As The Wall Street Journal noted, China has already become ‘the world’s factory floor.’

Currently China makes: More than 50% of the cameras sold world-wide More than 35% of the televisions sold world-wide More than 30% of the air conditioners sold world-wide More than 25% of the washing machines sold world-wide More than 22% of the refrigerators sold world-wide. ‘China’s rise as a manufacturing base is going to have the same kind of impact on the work that the industrialization of the U.S. had, perhaps even bigger.’ In fact, a single private Chinese company now accounts for 40% of all the microwave ovens sold in Europe each year. A single company!

The city of Wenzhou, in eastern China, sells 70% of the world’s metal cigarette lighters. However, we’re not interested in investing in companies that make televisions, cameras, microwave ovens or cigarette lighters. Not that there won’t be lots of money made here. But we’re not simply seeking to make big profits. We’re out to make a killing. A low-risk killing. And our ‘#1 investment for 2003’ makes these products look like very small potatoes.

How Enormous Fortunes Will Be Made In the Weeks Ahead

The numbers above allow you to see the phenomenal impact that China is already having on the world economy. Yet we’ve experienced only the first few feet of what will quickly turn into China’s 100-yard dash for worldwide economic domination. You see, China’s recent entry into the World Trade Organization last year is accelerating all these positive economic trends at warp speed. How?

Dozens of our contacts in business and government-who’ve recently returned from China-confirm that World Trade Organization membership is giving this country tremendous advantages. It cuts production costs, forces down tariffs, and removes obstacles to selling overseas. That, in turn, is drawing record direct investment in China. Over $600 billion has been invested over the past two decades. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Foreign technology has powered productivity gains across the economy, and a nationwide entrepreneurial fervor has sprouted from the shambles of central planning. Fortune 500 companies are already falling over themselves to take advantage of what’s happening in the world’s most populous nation. For instance: ‘World Trade Organization membership is giving this country tremendous advantages.’

Microsoft just announced that it will invest $750 million in China over the next three years. GM purchased more than $1 billion in spare parts from China in the last few years and plans to increase that figure dramatically in the near future. Ford announced recently that it plans to boost its purchases of auto parts in China to as much as $1 billion annually starting in mid-2003. General Electric expects purchases from China-both parts and finished goods-to hit $5 billion annually in the next three years. Wal-Mart concedes that more than $10 billion in Chinese-made goods are sold in their stores every year. Motorola says its total investment in China will hit a record $50 billion this year.

‘The Fortune 500 – are already putting money to work in this rapidly growing region at breakneck speed.’ As you can see, the biggest and most savvy investors in the U.S.-the Fortune 500-are already putting money to work in this rapidly growing region at breakneck speed. Unlike the average investor, they are fully aware of the historic opportunity here. But please don’t think I’m suggesting you can throw darts in this part of the world and make money. That’s not the case at all.

Fortunes have been lost investing in emerging markets over the past ten years. And China is no exception. That’s why we wisely stood aside… until now. This can be a treacherous place to invest for those who don’t have special, intimate knowledge of what’s going on. The stock exchange in Shanghai, for instance, is wild and unregulated. Disclosure is limited. China’s exchanges aren’t so much efficient capital markets as giant casinos.

That’s why the Fortune 500 are making direct investments rather than buying a stake in companies listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. And we aren’t risking our hard-earned capital on the Chinese exchange either. That’s much too risky. We want to stack the deck in our favor instead. That means targeting a single high-return, low-risk opportunity in this part of the world. ‘The investment we’ve uncovered is a pure play on China’s growth.

It’s a company whose successful business prospects are a forgone conclusion, in our view.’ And thanks in part to George Soros’ partner, we’ve found it. The investment we’ve uncovered is a pure play on China’s growth. It’s a company whose successful business prospects are a forgone conclusion, in our view. Yet the company’s shares don’t trade in China. They trade on the New York Stock Exchange. The company uses Western accounting standards. Its books are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

And the stock is not just a good value, it’s ridiculously cheap, with both a low single-digit price/earnings ratio and dividends that are currently three times bigger than the S&P 500 is paying. Investing In ‘The Coming Superpower for the 21st Century’ We discovered this special opportunity not long ago when The Oxford Club’s Investment Director, Alexander Green, called up Jim Rogers, George Soros’ former hedge-fund partner, to have a private chat. If you’re not familiar with Jim or his investment track record, you should be. There aren’t any others like it.

In 1970, Jim teamed up with George Soros to run the wildly successful Soros Fund. From December 31, 1969 to December 31, 1980, the fund chalked up a gain of 3,365%. For comparison purposes, the S&P 500 returned 47% over the same period. Even a modest investment in this fund would have allowed you to retire a multi-millionaire. (As it so happens, Jim cashed out with over $14 million.) And has gone on to create a much larger fortune.

Needless to say, we feel Jim’s insights and investment opinions are worth hearing. Especially since he just returned from a three-year, around-the-world trip where he visited over 100 countries. But there was only one country that Jim singled out as having the very best investment prospects. As he put it: ‘The nineteenth century belonged to Britain. The twentieth century belonged to the United States. And the twenty-first century will belong to China.’

Despite everything he already knew, Jim was simply astonished by the economic growth that’s now occurring in this part of the world. China’s free market economy is now creating millionaires by the thousands. Our goal is to make you one of the next ones. The Power to Make Millions Jim Rogers is best known as a global top-down investor. That means rather than looking at the business prospects for foreign companies and then deciding whether the region is ripe for investment, he goes about it the opposite way. He invests only after first determining that the economic prospects for the region are just right.

And you can’t garner this information by simply reading The Economist or talking to Wall Street analysts. He believes in getting out in the field. Sometimes way out in the field… On his recent trip, Jim visited no less than twenty-two Chinese cities and came back more impressed than ever with the investment prospects for China. Two of Jim’s primary tests of a good country to invest in are: It must be doing much better than previously, and It must also be better off than is generally realized. China scores high on both points.

And here is the combination of unique factors we see contributing to China’s investment potential: A massive population, starting from a low wealth base A work ethic second to none Social stability A strong commitment to education A high saving rate of over 30% and A powerful desire to succeed and become wealthy Right now, the official per capita income in China is just over $2000 a year. With the forces of capitalism now unleashed in the world’s largest country, one former economist with the CIA (who is part of our organization) expects to see the average income rise to $10,000 over the next fifteen years. If 1.5 billion people earn $10,000 a year, that would create a $15 trillion national economy.

That’s twice the size of the current U.S. economy! And as the country develops, we know China is developing an insatiable thirst for energy. Without it, the Chinese economy simply cannot grow. You certainly can’t be the world’s factory floor unless all those factories are ‘plugged in.’ This fact is the key to profiting twelve-fold from ‘the superpower for the 21st century.’

A Unique… But Urgent… Opportunity

With the certainty of China’s increasing power demands in mind, now is the time to begin accumulating shares of our newest cutting-edge recommendation, China’s largest independent power producer. ‘If 1.5 billion people earn $10,000 a year, that would create a $15 trillion national economy. That’s twice the size of the current U.S. economy.’ Let me tell you why. The company was established in 1994 to construct and operate large coal-fired power plants throughout China. It’s using advanced operational methods to run eight plants in Shanghai, Gandong Province, Jiangsu Province, Fujian Province Hebei Province and Liaoning Province.

Already the firm has an aggregate capacity of over 15,000 megawatts and is growing rapidly through acquisitions. The company’s primary goal is to enhance its position as China’s leading independent power producer by providing reliable, affordable electricity to local customers. And to achieve its growth targets, the company is focusing its growth in Chinese areas experiencing the highest levels of economic growth, such as the coastal provinces and the Yangtze River basin. And business is booming.

Recently the company announced that it had been granted a $604 million credit facility by the state-owned China Construction Bank. This will provide it with strong financial support for future development. This is especially important since the Chinese government recently announced major power industry reforms, including its intention to sell off the power assets of State Power Corp, a government owned virtual-monopoly.

Our recommended company intends to buy up to 6,000 megawatts a year, while still maintaining a balance sheet strong enough to retain its investment-grade credit rating. And because this company has a proven management team with an outstanding track record, they will be able to squeeze a lot of savings from these inefficient state-run assets. That will result in an earnings bonanza. ‘…our members are now accumulating shares of the biggest independent power producer in the country’ Because the demand for power in this region is so strong and so certain to grow, this is one of the safest investments in China.

At the rate the world’s most populous nation is growing, the future demand for power will be nothing short of ravenous. China has already become the world’s factory floor-and all those factories need power to run. Lots of it. Is it any wonder our members are now accumulating shares of the biggest independent power producer in the country? Most importantly, not only are the company’s fundamentals sound but the stock is exceedingly cheap.

With a market cap of $4 billion, this enormous power producer sells at less than nine times earnings, only one times book value, and yields a generous 5%. Even better, the stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange. So there’s no liquidity problem or big spreads like many foreign shares have. Buying or selling shares is a breeze. You can do it through any broker.

As I mentioned above, the U.S. has granted China ‘most-favored-nation’ trade status and China recently joined the World Trade Organization as well. Capitalists everywhere recognize that there is simply enormous opportunity here. But most of them haven’t a clue where China’s low-risk growth is concentrated. Look at the chart above that graphs this stock’s performance against the S&P 500. This company has returned more over the past three years than the U.S. market has over the past decade.

And it’s still very early in the game. While economists here debate whether the U.S. economy is back in recession or merely stagnant, China’s economy continues to grow at a blistering 8% annual rate. Just imagine what that’s doing for power demand. We’re convinced that a small investment in this company will allow you to safely and profitably capitalize on what is likely to be the single biggest economic development of the years ahead, the earth-shaking development of China’s free-market economy. And earn at least twelve times the amount of your original investment.

Even a small investment has the possibility of creating life-changing results for you and your family. And by accepting our invitation to join The Oxford Club, we’ll rush you all the information you need to capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity. And we’ll rush to you our special report ‘The Biggest Investment Opportunity of 2003’ as part of your welcome package when you join the Club. But you’ll also receive so much more…

A ‘Life-Changing’ Experience

It’s true this investment opportunity is huge. And I can assure you that your friends and neighbors are completely unaware of it. But then our members are privy to all sorts of investment opportunities that most people never even hear about… until they’re gone. Remember, The Oxford Club is not another newsletter or advisory service.

If you are someone who understands that it’s difficult to profit from mainstream advice alone-and that you’d welcome an organization that’s independent… unbound by convention and mainstream ideals… and committed to revealing the deeper secrets of creating and growing wealth under any circumstances, then we believe The Oxford Club is for you. The Oxford Club is an organization like no other.

And I would like to share with you our substantial intellectual resources, our deep and serious financial network and our analysts who are diligent and extremely sophisticated. And unlike Wall Street firms, we are not supported by pushing stocks. Our only obligation is to our members. If such an association appeals to you, then I invite you to take advantage of this special investment opportunity and all the other advantages of becoming a new member.

The Most Important Financial Alliance You Will Ever Make

But before I give you those details, let me briefly tell you about some more additional ‘benefits of membership’ and some of what you’ll receive as soon as you join. The Communiqué… the official ‘letter of record’ for Oxford Club members. Twice each month you’ll learn about new investments the Club is recommending and get updates on our current portfolio. You’ll also be introduced to new investment techniques and strategies-strategies and techniques that will help you become a better, more knowledgeable and wealthier investor.

You’ll also find wealth-building insights from market experts, traders, and company insiders. One of the most important sections of The Communiqué is the ‘What To Do With Your Money Today’ page, which is a frank and concise discussion about which investments will profit most in the days and weeks ahead. You’ll receive The Communiqué the first and fifteenth of every month-plus we’ll alert you by e-mail when it’s available to members ‘on line’.

If The Communiqué were the only benefit you received from the Club you’d be far wealthier because of it. But there’s so much more… OC Chapter News & Members’ Exchange… Each month, you’ll also receive this newsletter to keep you apprised of Club happenings, events, meetings and news from our financial network, as well as personal notices from fellow members. In fact, you can place one FREE listing each year yourself.

This is an excellent vehicle for buying and selling real estate, finding loans or grants, meeting business partners, getting or offering investment and legal advice, and more. The Oxford Club may be the only organization that delivers three specific publications each month dedicated to wealth building and to wealth preservation. Members-Only Clubhouses on 3 Continents… One of the unique privileges of Oxford Club membership is that you always have a ‘place to visit’ when your travels take you near one of our four global headquarters.

There’s the U.S. Clubhouse-a beautifully restored historic brownstone in the heart of Baltimore’s Mount Vernon district. There’s our London headquarters in the bustling Fleet Street district. In Paris you can visit our headquarters on the River Seine, just steps away from Notre Dame Cathedral. Or you can take the train a few hours south to our 17th century chateau in the French countryside where members are welcome to stay a night or two, enjoy authentic French cuisine, walk our miles of tended trails, visit the local towns and take in a wine tour.

For a special treat, you might want to fly down to Central America and spend a few relaxing nights at our brand new members clubhouse retreat located directly on one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find on the Pacific coast. As an Oxford Club member, these clubhouses are yours to use and enjoy.

Wealth Report Library and ‘Profit Now’ Bulletins…

Over the years, The Oxford Club has uncovered many powerful investment techniques and strategies that we feel every member should know about. That’s why the instant you join, we’ll send you a library of information that we believe is vital to your financial success-like the MITTS report I told you about earlier. There’s also a special report on how to trade with the insiders… another on a strategy many top investors use to trade fast-rising ‘momentum’ stocks… another on the wildly successful covered call strategy I mentioned to you earlier… another still on Managed Futures-a little known professional investment that’s been quietly averaging 23% annual returns since 1990.

Be sure to get all the details on the reports you’ll receive on the back of your invitation form enclosed I’ve enclosed for you. But besides your initial library, you can expect ‘profit now’ bulletins to come your way-by mail or by e-mail-any time our research department uncovers a particularly good and timely opportunity.

Members Liaison – Pick Up The Phone and Talk to A Research Assistant… Have questions about an investment mentioned in The Communiqué? Need information on deferring taxes? Want to talk to someone about setting up an offshore account, asset protection plan or privacy strategy? Need information on estate planning? Interested in the safest and most secure way to buy precious metals… the best and cheapest way to buy stocks on line… how to buy and sell a business? Or do you simply want to have a ‘real voice’ explain one of our professional trading strategies to you?

Virtually any financial question you have can be researched on your behalf by one of our member representatives. It’s like having your own team of assistants a phone call away! The Oxford Insight-Real Time Market Information Directly From Investment Director, C. Alexander Green Twice Weekly… This is one of my favorite benefits of membership because it’s a chance for him to talk directly to members about what’s effecting our investments that day.

If there’s a fast-breaking opportunity that’s come up, he’ll pass it on. If the market’s turned wacky on us-he’ll let you know if there’s cause for concern and what you can do immediately to protect yourself. He’ll tell you about any interesting conversations he’s had recently with Wall Street bigwigs, company insiders and other trading experts. He likes to write the Insight as if you and he are sitting down to a private dinner-and he’s passing on all the best stuff he’s come across in the past few days. So don’t forget to include your e-mail address when you fill out the invitation form enclosed. The Oxford Insight is delivered by e-mail only.

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Oxford Club members are busy people-and we understand that you can’t always be home when important financial news is breaking. That’s why every Oxford Club member receives two very important passwords-one to the members only website and another to the telephone hotline. With these passwords you can gain immediate up-to-the-minute access to new recommendations, quick trades and other information vital to your wealth from anywhere in the world.

Global Investment Expeditions, Retreats and Symposiums…

Perhaps no group is as adventurous as The Oxford Club. That’s why we’re forever traveling the world in search of new business and investment opportunities. Our travels have taken us to such places as the Caribbean, the Far East, New Zealand, Central and South America, South Africa, Iceland-and everywhere we go we make invaluable connections with leaders of industry, entrepreneurs, and heads of state. Besides all the fun, camaraderie and adventure, profits have a habit of following us. One story we like to tell is the time one of our members was so impressed with a company she visited in Hong Kong that she telephoned her broker immediately to buy it. By the time she arrived home-the stock had tripled!

Local Chapter Meetings, Where We Come To You…

Last year, The Oxford Club sponsored several chapter meetings in towns and cities across America. It’s one of the ways we bring the many benefits of membership to you. These events give you an opportunity to get the latest news on investments, hear experts speak about important financial matters, learn about new money-making opportunities, get asset protection advice, form strategic alliances and, of course, meet fellow members in your town. You’ll find upcoming meetings listed in your twice-monthly Communiqué -and one phone call reserves your spot.

And that’s just for starters…

There are literally dozens more entitlements Oxford Club members enjoy… like the annual scholarship available exclusively to members’ children… Investment U-a 3-day crash course in professional investment techniques… Pillar One Partnerships, where you enjoy substantial discounts off of a host of financial services… our Members’ Exchange Program, where you can connect with other members looking to partner in business deals, buy or sell real estate, arrange financing deals and more…

What It Takes To Join…

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