Surprising Website Business Survey Results

Tuesday night I went through yesterday’s survey and I was shocked to discover that over 85% of readers are male.

I would never have guessed that. (Or at least of the readers who answer surveys, over 85% are male.)

That’s a big surprise and an even bigger lesson for us. The lesson?

Never, ever assume anything about your market.

Because if I operated on my assumption (that readership was split evenly 50-50 between men and women), I’d be doing you a disservice AND I’d be writing in the wrong voice.

Unless of course, women just hate answering surveys?

But if the results are correct, I now know that most readers are male, and that changes a lot in how I’ll communicate in the future.

As for some of the other answers, I wasn’t too surprised to discover that…

1) 68.1% of readers rank themselves as Beginners or even Novices

And that’s fine. It’s important for me to know so that I can tailor the content to the majority – while throwing in the advanced tip for our geniuses as well (of which 2.5% of you
claimed to be).

2) 91.1% of readers are making less than $1000 per month

Again, no problem. On the bright side, you’re only going to be making more each month, and very soon, as I keep getting killer content out to you.

Plus, I was stoked to see that…

3) 67.5% of you want to make over $10K per month

Now that’s what I’m talking about. It’s great to see your positive attitudes and lofty goals. Always a pleasure to work with folks who are shooting for the stars.

That’s what I’m here for, to help you reach those goals by giving you the system and tools you need, which brings me to…

4) 41.1% of readers need the most help getting traffic

And so the guest experts I interview will be traffic experts. I started with Rick Porter, SEO Rockstar. If you haven’t listened to his interview, check it out here:

=> Rick Porter’s Search Engine Optimization Interview

I’ll be adding more website traffic experts to my interview list and I’ll create a lot of content to help you there.

Of course, you need to have a converting website in order to make that traffic pay off, which is why we’ll cover some sales copy secrets tomorrow. After all…

5) 16.6% of readers need the most help with selling their product

So we’ll cover a little sales copy tomorrow.

Thanks for your replies,

Craig Ballantyne

“Most people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” – Napolean Hill….so never, ever, EVER give up.