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I’m traveling today to LA today to speak at a seminar where I’ll be sharing the stage with Frank Kern, so I just have time for a short note this morning…and actually, I’m going to ask you for a quick favor.

As you might imagine, being a young, single guy doesn’t help my chances when it comes to convincing everyone that they can succeed online.

Let’s be honest, it’s not hard for a guy or gal who is a little older, or who has kids, or who didn’t get started online in the 90’s, to be a little skeptical that they too can build a successful website business.

That said, I want to “throw it out there” to you, and to everyone who has had some success online, whether it’s $500 a month or more, and I want to interview you for my blog.

If you are interested in sharing your success story, please do me a favor and post a brief 50-100 summary of your online success and experience in the comments section here on the blog.

I’d like to feature one success story every week, talking to people who live all over the world, and who make money with a website business in all types of unique industries, from
online copywriting to selling golf clubs to being a pro affiliate or even selling ebooks on dog training.

Just post that brief summary and I’ll contact you with follow up questions on how you got started, the mindset you used to achieve success, and what tips, tricks, and tools helped you build your online income.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

I’ll be back tomorrow with QnA on affiliate marketing and more article/SEO tips.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne

“The failure to act is much more often the product of inner, emotional resistance than external resistance.” – Dan Kennedy

  • Craig,

    You know some of my story already, so if you would like to interview me I would be happy. See you tomorrow!


  • hey craig if you want to interview for the affiliate side I am more then happy to share knowledge…


  • James

    you send too many emails.

    • Anonymous

      Hi James, it’s a “Daily Email” as promised on the site. Please unsubscribe if you don’t like it.


  • Hey Craig,

    Have a great trip to LA. I got started online about 4 years ago out of frustration when I came to a realization that I would be trapped working long hours for low pay for the rest of my life if I stayed working at the Physical Therapy clinic I was at. I vowed that day I would figure something out to escape that fate. I fumbled around online for some time until I started getting coaching and then made enough money in 12 weeks to eclipse what I had made the entire previous year from my full time job.

    I now work full time from home making a very nice income, travel the world, hang out with some pretty awesome people, and get to help lots of people.

    I’m down for an interview my man,

    Kyle Battis

  • I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years. For 16 of those years I have been a fitness presenter, travelling the world teaching step, aerobics etc at conventions, inspiring other instructors to teach better classes to their clients. As I got older, and had a family I decided that I did not want to travel as much and delved into the world of the internet.

    After an unpleasant experience with a mentoring program, rather than giving up I did a lot of self learning and development, and created which after a lot of trial and error earns me a living from the front end sales from my site, and also more importantly through the back end of my Fitness Training Academy Membership Site. I am still learning this process, but I am convinced that this is the right path for me and for other fitness professionals looking to earn passive income.

  • Hey Craig,

    I presume a great number of your readers have had more online success than myself, but in recent months I’ve gone from making no money online to averaging $500-$1000 per month through affiliate promotions alone.

    I’m also set to launch my first product in two weeks so I’m thinking things are about to get a whole lot better.

    If you’re interested, I up to share my story.

  • Grrr…

    I’M up to share my story. Damn typos.

  • A few years back I started following both you and Ryan Lee online. After much concern about losing my job I decided to venture online and write my first ebook. The book was targeted towards fitness professionals and personal trainers ( I then continued on and started blogging on my site where I write about how to help small business with sales and marketing. My latest endeavor is my fixed term membership site, where I provide weekly fitness workouts to my members.
    It has taken me awhile to make consistent money but with the help from you and some of the others I follow I am slowly making some steady passive income.
    Thanks for all your help and would love to continue to share my success.
    Dave McGarry

  • Craig — To me, success isn’t only about how much money I’m making. (I’m on old guy with kids and a day job, so) … To me it’s more about how much fun I’m having and how much fulfillment I’m receiving from my online adventure.

    Fact is, I need to make a grand total of four sales a month to break even on my website. So, since I’m pursuing my passion and receiving so much pleasure and meeting and interacting with so many like-minded new people (it’s a member-based site), from my fifth sale on, everything is pure gravy. How liberating is that!

    In addition, my “website in a box” is so powerful, user-friendly (on both the production/ecommerce and consumer sides), and inexpensive that everyone can — and should, IMHO — have one. I consider it revolutionary (at least it’s revolutionized my life), right up there with word processing and email.

    Best of all, I’m already making money through my website-in-a-box’s affiliate program.

    Break a leg with your presentation in L.A. today.

  • Would be more then happy to help you out.

    I am a Chiropractor 1st and online money maker second. Married with at 2 year old. Work on my websites when I have down times in the practice, which lately is not a lot since the practice is really busy. I plug away little bit by little bit. I went from nothing to making so far about $2000 a month through clickbank affiliate sales, adsense and amazon. I know lots about everything and master of none. Learning how to let things go and outsource to I can ramp my earning up.

  • Hey Craig,

    I started my website in 2007 as just a way to blog about my fitness ideas. Then I began to see how guys like Mike Mahler were making money online. I tried a few things, but didn’t get serious about it until I read Tim Ferris’ 4HWW.

    Yet, in 2009, my average income was just $200 per month. In 2010, then was bumped up to about $1400 per month. With your monthly newsletter and tips from this site, I’m hoping to push the barrier and achieve complete financial independence.

    Ur my Guru Craig,

    – Parth

  • Craig,

    I’d be up to share my story as well. Started my blog in June 2007 with no credibility, no contacts in the fitness industry…just a strong passion for a type of unique training I wanted to share with people.

    Worked my blog at nights between 10:00PM-1:00AM, while working 55-60 hour weeks running a men’s suit store (actually it was running me and my life).

    Was able to walk away from job just a little less than 2 years later…March 6th 2009. I missed a lot of sleep and socializing to get there, but it was worth it. I had no idea that it would be so much work when I started, but each month as I got closer to my monthly income target…it gave me energy. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.


  • Debora Porter

    Hi Craig,
    I got started selling ebooks for Kindle on Amazon about 6 months ago. Wow! What a market there is for Kindle ebooks!

    This is something anyone can do easily and they don’t even need a website since you are basically hitching a ride on Amazon’s site.

    I would love to talk more with you about it.
    Have a great trip to Californiia.

  • Hey Craig,

    I developed my first product in the Mixed Martial Arts niche, during which I learned the process works. We had to fine tune our marketing but the result over the past 3 years is the emergence of a solid foundation for online income. We have consistently applied the strategies to create an email list of 20,000 as well as over 50,000 subscribers to our Youtube channel. Our product launches routinely do 4 and 5 figures. I share this because it is a story of perseverance and not knowing how to quit and I am passionate about it. I have experienced the frustrations of starting out first hand and as a 39 year old family man with no special skills I can assure you anyone can make it happen for themselves.

    Take Care

  • I’ve actually had an interesting online journey – “succeeding” a few times and then losing everything or almost everything due to stupid decisions (nothing illegal or anything).

    I started online I think 3 years ago & I’ve hit success in multiple different ways – affiliate marketing and marketing my own stuff.

    If you would like to interview me I’d be happy to share anything I can to help others succeed.

  • Rommel Acda

    I’ve had the awesome opportunity as a mastermind member in Craig’s former Online Super Profits mastermind group in 2008-2009. I launched my product late November 2009 and in short, it has provided me an additional source of income that has created additional freedom from my offline business.

    What I didn’t realize was a huge carry over effect of the tools I learned from Craig’s mastermind that helped boost and invigorate my personal training company from being a pretender to a game changer in our local area.

    The biggest lesson was having the right mindset and systems to make it all happen, and I’d be happy to share those lessons learned.

  • I struggled like most have to make money online. I went from things like surveys and autosurfs into things like affiliate marketing and creating my own products.

    Now, I’m not a millionaire or anything but my income is steady on the rise. I pull most of my money in from writing blogs and then adding in affiliate links and ads. I also will occasionally make sales on my own products. I’m averaging close to $600 a month now but it increases each month as I improve things.

  • Hi Craig.

    I run

    I was an overworked, underpaid newspaper reporter before launching my website in 2008. I worked on it in my spare time, but my May of 2010 I was making enough money from ads, ebook sales, and coaching to quit my job and live frugally.

    I moved to Thailand to escape the winter, enjoy the tropical fruits, but especially to relax into the very low cost of living, and I’m loving my life. I especially love that I get to spend my days writing about a topic I’m passionate about while I help people become healthy.

    Right now I’m hard at work on my new book (for print and ebook publication) and doing a lot of research.

    I’d be happy to talk to you for a profile.


  • I am writing this from my hotel overlooking beautiful Orange County, California as I am here attending the same fitness conference that Craig is speaking at tomorrow. You gotta learn to earn.

    I was in Craig’s Online Super Profits mastermind for 2 years and wouldn’t be where I am today without that experience.

    He help me create an info product while I worked long hours at a regular job and it allowed me to bring in an extra income stream sharing my passion for fitness that runs 24 hours around the clock. I didn’t become an overnight internet millionaire (most people don’t) but paying off my new truck from my online business was fine with me!

    Even bigger than that, Craig’s teachings gave me the confidence and success mindset to make BIG life changes and take control of my life to have more freedom and finances for me and my family.

  • I’ve been involved in online sales & marketing since 1993, when I was still in high school. I’ve been involved in traditional affiliate marketing, online MLM ventures, and selling my own products and services. While I have made decent money online during some time periods, it was never my full-time income until the past 5 months.

    Currently, I provide leads, marketing materials, and professional continuing education to other tax professionals. This is my full time and only income, and came about as a conscious decision in October of last year to leave a good company in which I had a comfortable, secure position that I had molded into a very unstructured job that allowed me significant time and travel freedom (a la “4 Hour Workweek” style). In fact, that company is now a client.

    I choose not to work full time since I am training aggressively to achieve a personal goal in my sport of ice dancing — yeah, yeah, stop snickering, I’ve heard it all. 🙂

    I currently make about double what I need to earn in order to live the lifestyle I want to, and due to strategic joint ventures and intelligent outsourcing of specific tasks to both U.S. and offshore individuals, that income is actually increasing with almost no additional work on my part.

    I love talking to people about lead generation in particular, especially people that are resistant to new ideas (such as the CPAs and tax attorneys that are my clients).


  • Tom

    Hey Craig,

    Since you got me started online and I’m now in your MM group, I’d be more than happy to help.

    Long story short, I created a product on a whim starting with your OSP program hoping to make an extra $200 per month to help out while my wife stayed home with the kids. The product immediately started doing more than that which blew me away. I reinvested my profits to further my education and it paid off big time. Since then, I’ve reinvested again into your MM group and now I’m restructuring a lot of my marketing and I’m ramping up to over $100k per year which should be easy and in a small niche market that most people have never heard of. And that’s not even the end of it.

    Sorry I’m going to miss you guys this weekend.


  • Success?

    Kind of a funny thing.

    Those that are driven, never feel they are successful, they are striving for more.

    Where I have succeed is now I can work when I want, where I want, make what I make when I was doing a job I hated.

    I am driven so I want more.

    I started off as a personal trainer focusing on training people with injuries. In order to make some traveling money, I started teaching courses on what I did. Then I progressed onto products. I started off with physical products and now have moved onto digital.

    Now I study every day and take action steps to move me to my goals.

    Rick Kaselj of


  • I started in the mountain bike strength training niche about 5 years ago. Actually, I created the niche and then filled it. I was advised not to go into the niche becuase of the small amount of people actually searching for that but I know that just because people were not looking for it yet it didn’t mean they didn’t want it – they just didn’t know it existed.

    I have slowly increased my online income to the point that I am making a full time income online ($6000/ mo for the last 7 months) and I have built a PR4 blog through nothing but giving great info and over delivering. I’ve almost quit a few times along the way but something in me told me to just keep on pushing, that this is what I am supposed to do.

    Besides building as good income I have also been able to work out deals with the Yeti Cycles World Cup Team to train their team for bikes (about $15,000 in value each year) and I live the “surf bums” life with mountain biking in Colorado. Craig and his stuff has been a big influence on me for years and I can say without a doubt that if you follow his advice you can succeed too.

  • Hi Craig,

    I found you via Simon Black (listened to your interview with him). Enjoying reading your blog – fresh, to the point writing and advice.

    Here are the highlights of my story:

    – I came to the USA from Russia in summer of 2002 (aged 22)

    – a week later, met my future husband here (in a supermarket)

    – a year later, we started a house painting business (with zero experience but lots of ambition)

    – at the end of 2007, I started a website as a way to promote our (successful!) painting biz and generate free local leads

    – as I kept writing more articles for the site, my traffic started growing and I was getting found from all over the world – not just locally

    – some time in 2009 I decided to monetize the global traffic as well, and added Adsense and affiliate links

    – in 2010 I created my own info product (with an affiliate program)

    – right now, my traffic is 2,500 daily unique visitors, and I have 5 passive income streams bringing me money every month (in addition to the free local leads we still get for our house painting business – we don’t advertise anywhere anymore, our site is keeping our local biz running)

    – the passive income my site is generating is growing every month and I am halfway to reaching my financial freedom number (where all our bills will be paid and our entire lifestyle will be supported by the passive income from the site)

    – my goal is to reach my final passive income goal for this site this year, and then start another website (not tied to any physical biz this time). I am determined to make this happen by the end of this year (I’m working like a maniac on a mission these days).

    That’s about it, I’d be happy to give you more details about my success story.


    • Anonymous

      Yelena, impressive. I will be in touch and look forward to sharing your story with our readers.


  • Sean Schniederjan

    Hi Craig,

    I read almost all of your daily emails on II and I bought your online second paycheck system.

    I promote a joint rehab and kettlebell workshop with a Master KB Instructor. This is a side gig but I’m starting to see big time potential from looking at google keywords which you teach.

    In 2010 we did a workshop and had 15 people sign up in 5 months of promotion. I felt frustrated because I was expecting more and discovered I didn’t know what I was doing. For me, that is the worst feeling.

    This year, using strategies from you we have 18 people in 1.5 months of promotion (using your ad template from OLSPCS, and I’ve started a blog and have almost 1000 subscribers.

    If there is one thing (besides mechanical details) I’ve gotten from you, it is more confidence in what I’m doing.

    For the next step I know I need a personal coach because I want to move toward some e-books on click bank, but for the time being it seems to keep getting better.

    Thank you for caring about our success, I’m a fan for life.



    • Anonymous

      This is awesome, Sean. I’m going to have Chris Lopez contact you to see if he can help you out.


  • I am going to call this my ‘success in progress’ story because since following your advice I have had my eyes opened to progressively expanding opportunities for success.

    I purchased your Online Second Paycheck and found the step-by-step instructions exactly what I needed to create my first online product.

    One day I emailed you to ask about joining your coaching group and without me asking you sent me a group of suggestions to improve my sales page. I implemented those suggestions and had success with it. In that first year I was earning about $4000-5000 per year with one product.

    Around that same time (about two years ago) I created a ‘vision board’ for myself – as I look at it now – I see that I have accomplished many of the goals I set for myself thanks in huge part to the freedom and revenue that your advice has brought. I hope you realize the ripple effect you have on your customer’s lives. For example – having the extra income to achieve the goal of buying a rental property slopeside at a ski resort not only helps us earn more revenue, but also creates an asset in our portfolio and gives us the opportunity to get out and do some great skiing and mountain biking a few times every year.

    I can honestly say, you have never steered me wrong – I know the only thing that limits my success is the rate of implementation. If I continue taking action I will continue to move upward from the mid 5-figure online income that I am currently enjoying after only two years working with you.

    Thanks again Craig.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Maria, that is such a nice thing to say.


  • I first started using Craig’s advice when I put together my first info product, Workout Finishers. Taking action on whatever Craig told me to do, I have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the success snowball. I had zero sales before I got coached. Now I’m approaching 1,000 sales and about to launch my second product. Before I got coached, I had zero affiliates. I just checked my affiliate list and I now have 27. This was in 5 months. I can’t wait to get up every morning and work hard.

    Thanks Craig,

    • Anonymous

      You are a rockstar, Mike.