Success Stories

Here are some success stories that has been sent in to us from Early to Rise readers. Have your own success story? Send it in!

Here is my gross sales comparison of 8 weeks during the Financial Independence Monthly transformation contest and the 8 weeks before that.

Nov 5, 2011 – Dec 30, 2011 = $18,048.3

Dec 31, 2011 – Feb 24, 2012 = $26,828.5

That is an increase of 48.6%. Also, January was our best month ever and February was our second best month ever. This was the result of four major things implemented over that time. (By the way, my business sells fitness information products to seniors.)

Recently you emailed asking to hear about how Internet marketing has changed people’s lives.

For me it is quite simple. My wife is pregnant with our first child, due in 3 months. My Internet business, catalyzed by this two month period, will allow her to stay home from work to raise our son, something she very much wants to do. Six months ago I wouldn’t have thought that to be possible. What more could I ask for?

Thank you!

Over the course of the eight week challenge, I:
• Distributed 197 copies of my book in all forms and all outlets.
• Wrote and published 23 syndicated articles.
• Wrote and published 3 guest articles (with 2 more pending publication) on blogs and newsletters hosted by others.
• Wrote 14 blog posts and 156 pages of content on my own website.
• Built my mailing list from 0 to a small, but growing, mailing list with 105 names on it.
• Sent 289 emails to my list with a 57% open rate.
• Made 2 affiliate sales valued at a total of $100.
• Made an additional $440 in sales.
• Sent 119 value-based tweets on Twitter to a small but growing group of followers.

In only eight weeks I managed to go from a high of only 11 daily hits to have 1,161 total visitors to my website. (My new biggest day saw 371 hits.)

Although I was just starting out and still making very little, I decided from the start to donate at least 10% of all gross revenues from this venture to charity. So based on my revenues of $540, I donated $60 to Heifer International.

All told, I have spent eight weeks of time and around $100 of my own money in getting this business off the ground. It is my hope and expectation that, with continued effort, I can build this into a true venture that will provide meaningful income for my family.

WOW!! I can't begin to show Michael just how much he and ETR and his books have changed my life. Briefly, I grew up in a very dysfunctional (haven't we all) physically and emotionally abusive family and always believed what I was told my entire life: I wouldn't ever amount to anything... never be a success... be a failure... and the list goes on.

Since reading and studying ETR and Michael, my income has gone fro $30K annually to last yr. over $250K. But that is nothing but the beginning. I just finished my first book (Lenders are Liars: Confessions of a Mortgage Banker; 17 insider Secrets to slash your rates and cut your closing costs in half.) and hope to be self published in the next 30-60 days and hopefully have an opportunity to present it to ETR clients to help them in the mortgage lending financial arena... but aside from that, I now believe that being a child of God and having endless possibilities and capabilities, I am rich beyond belief (no matter what my earthly parents said) and with the various products and projects in various stages of completion, will easily make 7 figures a year and 8 figures within the next 5 to 10 years.

Thank you Michael... for opening my mind and my heart to all the possibilities. I hope someday to meet you and shake your hand!

Ron C.

I have been a subscriber of Early to Rise for a year now, and also in that time have read books written of Michael Masterson. I have been fortunate to enjoy success in my career, but have been drifting lately. The lessons I have learned is helping me sharpen my focus and build my confidence to achieve more. During a recent period of renegotiating my contract, I was able to increase my fees by 30%.



Thanks to Michael Masterson I netted $198,000 last month!

I first met Michael back in 1993, when I was an idealistic and very poor avant garde poet. Realising that my fortune would not be made in rhyming couplets, I decided to get a proper job and was fortunate enough to be personally mentored by Michael.

Today I run my own publishing business that will gross more than $5 million in sales this year and net me close to $1 million. I own a beautiful $2.2 million home in Central London and a property portfolio worth a further $1.3 million.

I owe much of this to Michael's inspiration, encouragement and guidance.

N. L.

As a business owner for many years the regular marketing tips have helped greatly. The continual focus on testing and always looking for more effective marketing pieces has provided an excellent reminder to never get complacent.

Every middle manager in our company now subscribes to ETR. Nothing is better than hearing one of our managers using an article, anecdote or example from ETR in their Daily Jump Start meetings or Weekly Progress Reports.

Thanks for the excellent toolbox.


Dear ETR and Mr. Masterson,

I have been reading your newsletter close to a year now and,if I may be direct, IT F---EN ROCKS. Thank you Michael Masterson and all the writters at ETR for giving me the knowledge, tools, and insperation to do what I have always wanted to do...get rich. Thanks to you guys, I have a killer front-end product on top of two more killer back-ends. I plan to go live within this month and it has all been possibble because of your support and guidance.

Thanks again for everything and I keep looking forward to your newsletters.

Dave C.

As a martial arts teacher I have a committement to my students to provide them the best training available. My daily intake of Early to Rise as made its way into the class both for my younger students and my adults. The wisdom provided by Early to Rise has been planted in the minds of my students and it is a pleasure to see them grow. Thank you Michael, you are a true master, as a true master always shares his knowledge, which you do on a daily basis. Lao Tzu said" A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step" my journey each day begins with "Early to Rise".

M. M.

Montague's Martial Arts
Windsor, ON

I just recently found Early to Rise and read everything. Michael Masterson has opened my eyes and mind to some wonderful ideas that I plan to dive into. My family business is struggling and I have begun to get some back-up plans ready for me so that I am not in a state of panic if the business fails. I’m not in a situation right now to walk away from my current position but I have been worried for quite some time. Thanks to everything I have been reading, I now feel more relaxed and assured that I can start over in a new direction on my own. Thanks Michael for helping me to establish some preliminary goals.

N. K.


I've been reading ETR since December, 2005. I subscribed as a result of purchasing "MIchael Masterson's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting." I can't tell you enough how much you've improved my life. I've read many of the "self-improvement" books, but none compare to your no-nonsense and down-to-earth approach. By reading "Automatic Wealth" (which I use as my "bible" of planning) and ETR, I've implemented many of your suggestions - especially highlighting my top priorities so I know these are the important things to do.

I'm in a job that won't let me make millions in the next 7 years, but following your suggestions and programs, I'm content and happier in my life overall while moving toward my ultimate goal. I'm moving toward that goal as a result of your advice, suggestions and "gentle prodding" though daily messages in ETR. I also look back on my "Roadmap to Life Mastery" plan. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't - but each day I know by looking at these key messages, I'm making more progress now than I ever did before. I have more hope that my plan is taking effect and I'll be there.

My writing skills have improved as a result of the copywriting course. I'm in PR for a public school system. I've written letters that have generated more attendance at school sponsored events, and even have been "hired" by the township for some assignments to help improve their image. I owe it all to the copywriting program - and I've not even completed the course yet.

In fact, as I write this, I know that I have to go home tonight and continue to research for my assignment nutritional letter.

I think the best advice so far, is get up early and go to work. I used to just stay late, but found that I procrastinated to prolong the day and think I was being productive. I'm more productive now than I have been.

Michael, although we've never met (but one of my goals is to attend next year's Bootcamp so I can at least buy you a drink), I sincerely want to thank you for putting me on the right path. You're advice, suggestions and inspirations have made major changes in my life in less than 9 months - more than all of those other self-improvement books have done for 10 years.

Thanks again,

Shawn M.

My name is Paul Hobart and I have been a golf professional for the past 20 years. I love what I do, and will be involved in golf and the instruction of the game for the rest of my life. Thanks to my daily reading of ETR, and everything else that Michael writes, my eyes are beginning to open to a world of tremendous opportunity. I have begun the creation of my new golf instruction website, and have expansive plans that will create a wonderful resource for people, and tremendous income opportunities for me.

I've always been a great "idea guy," and thanks in advance to Michael and his team for helping me turn my ideas into real-world, living breathing, sustaining, business ideas that I now feel confident I can implement. My continued Michael Masterson supplementation has done more than give me information, it has changed the way my mind works...and that is invaluable!

Thank you Michael for connecting me to my abundant future.

Warm regards,


I am a 25 y/o, young entrepreneur and businessman. I turned down medical school, never got accepted to dental school (what I thought I wanted to do with my life), and entered the business world as a result. I just received my LLC papers from the Secretary of State and am about a month away from getting my business up and running. My partner and I save several of the ETR emails (the article on import and export - 8.31.06 - is one of our favorites). I have not quit my current job as the Director of Human Resources (how I got this job I'll never know, but I do give "Automatic Wealth for Grads" a lot of credit) because I want to finish the initial phases of why I was hired to begin with and i want to MAKE SURE my own company will prove to be as profitable as I think it can be.

I read and reread "Automatic Wealth for Grads" back in June '06 and have been putting it to work in full force. I reference it several times a week. I am off to the bookstore to negotiate a better price for "Seven Years to Seven Figures" and can't wait to get that in my hands (I try to negotiate a better price for everything - like the girlfriend's birthday gifts, airfare, etc.).

I'd love the opportunity to meet Mr. Michael Masterson some day as he is someone I try to emulate. Good luck with all your future business endeavors.

Oh yeah! The idea for our new company's slogan and name came from a "word to the wise" i read in ETR. Of course, we changed it up and made it more "french."

Robert G. M.

I really have a lot of respect for Michael Masterson and the daily wisdom I receive from Early to Rise. At first, I would just glean the email for tidbits that perhaps I was looking for to boost my self esteem; but then gradually I started looking at the whole edition and realized that there was a lot of information I could utilize if implemented with faith and sincerity.

Then my whole world got turned upside personal life suffered tremendously as I went from a happily married financial advisor with three beautiful children to a man who was going through a divorce and depression and a whole lot of self doubt as my world as I knew it fell apart. At a time where nothing made sense, Early to Rise was one of those things I began to rely on heavily for a "ray of light", if you will.

Well, now, after the divorce and the complete collapse, I am on the rise once again. But this time, I am following my dreams of becoming the owner of a news publishing and news media company; our first newspaper goes out right before Christmas this year.

Thanks again for your clarity of expression, bluntness and honesty in conveying your advice for business and in life!



I have been following Early to Rise since 1/27/06, and since then I have decided to follow my dreams.

I am married with 2 small children. I have owned an insurance agency since 1995. I am comfortable however I am still not where I want to be and that is where I wake up truly happy every morning and not concerned about finances and the future

Since I started receiving the early to rise a-zone I have launched two more companies, one distributing high quality vitamins and supplements to the general public and the other a real estate acquisition company. I am currently reading " seven years to seven figures " and began re-structuring my daily life and my financial goals.

Early to rise has given me more confidence so I can achieve all that I wish to in business and in life....

You have permission to use this testimonial and please use Bob Loss as my name...

Thanks and have a good day.


Robert N. L.

Dear Early To Rise Team,

I have been receiving Early to Rise for approximately one year and have been blessed by your wonderful and inspiring articles. I really appreciate Michael Materson for sharing his knowledge with us. I also appreciate the other contributors for their great articles.

I love writing and have always dreamt about ministering to Women in my country by way of a NewsLetter. Early to Rise has inspired me and I am happy to report that I have started working on my 1st Newsletter with publication expected early December 2006. Thank you.

Kingston, Jamaica W.I.

About 5 years ago I ran across Early To Rise. The message Michael was promoting had a lot to do with keeping a good mental attitude and to look at things from a different angle. Running a business is always a challenge but it seems every time I have a trying situation Michael and my morning ETR are there to save the day. Also, in 2001 I started investing in real estate, thanks to Michael, and have 4 properties with 3 bringing in passive income. I've now stared to prepare for my first launch locally of a Internet based property tax savings info package, which I developed, and by using my method had my property taxes reduced by 20%. I'm also in the process of developing partnering strategies to develop more commercial real estate and other Internet ventures. Michael has always kept me on the right track with his timely and factual advice. I've had my own business with my wife for over 18 years. It has provided us with a comfortable living and the opportunity to travel the world. We have both been members of the Norman Vincent Peale fellowship for over 10 years and now on the Board. Positive thinking has always been a part of our lives and Michael has assisted in constantly strengthening that position.

Ron P.

If I answer today, it's not to receive the "bonus", but to really say thank you to Michael MASTERSON.

I 'm an ETR reader since Feb 2004. It made me see things differently.

2006 has been my year.

I quited my 10 hours/day 6 days/week day job for a 20 hours/week job with 10% loss of salary. But that freed my time to have a second stream of income. I made 1250 extra dollars this year what represents 25% increase of my income (I live in a country where the average annual salary is 1500 dollars!).

I think that 2007 will be a good year to beat the 15000 USD level ( a huge amount for me but now I know it is possible).

I bought and read "Automatic Wealth". It wasn't as good as I wanted but it introduced to me one thing: develop a highly valued skill. That's what I'm working to now.

Thank you ones more Michael.


These are just a sample of the success stories we've received through the years. Why not share your success story with us?