Get Into this Routine

Back to reality this week. No more vacation.

It was a hard working, hard charging, major productivity week in all of my businesses.

Promoted my publishing partners, filmed new videos for Virtual Mastermind members, and almost finished up another issue of Financial Independence Monthly.

Plus, the tables were turned on me and I was interviewed for this month’s audio program as well. Great call.

(Although this month’s call might be better…more details below.)

But now it’s time for another Productivity QnA to help YOU.

Q: Craig, I reward myself for getting my 90 minutes of work done. Just need the discipline to get started. Self discipline without going to the office challenging. Any training ideas, to get the right habits in place. – Marci

Answer: The only thing that beats procrastination is to just start.

That’s it.

Eliminate all distractions so that you have nothing to stop you from starting. Maybe reading Steven Pressfield’s “Do the Work” or “War of Art” will help, or maybe it will just allow you to procrastinate more.

I hope it’s the former, not the latter.

Q: How do you pick your number one to do- when they all seem to have the same importance? When I make my list, I get stopped because any would be productive, but then I have too many things to do. – Liz

Answer: I always struggle when people ask me this question, because I ALWAYS have a number one priority.

The number one is the task that gets me closest to my vision.

If you haven’t done the vision exercise yet, start here, and you’ll get clarity. Here’s the

“Create Your Vision” video:

Q: When one starts a new business how long would it take before the biz starts yielding good dividends? A month, 2 months?

Answer: There is no rule about when you will succeed.

You just have to start.

And please read Michael Masterson’s new book, “The Reluctant Entrepreneur” for a guide on getting started.

Besides, what’s the point of obsessing about “when” you are going to get results? What are you going to do? Not change for the better? Just start.

Q: On the topic of to bed at sane time and awake at same time, I complete agree I feel better when I’m in bed by 9. I’m always up at 4. Do you think there are seasons where business or family demands make that near impossible or is that an excuse and you’d be more productive in the end of you just stuck to it? Thanks. – Rebecca

Answer: Certainly the holidays will mess with it. And when I travel to Europe and Asia it can be difficult at first, but I get into the “go-to-bed-at-the-same-time-and-get-up-at-the-same-time” routine as quickly as possible.

At Christmas, you might want to shift things a little bit, but just remember, and you know this from working with clients, the further you get OUT of a habit, the HARDER it is to get back into it.

Just remember the consequences that come anytime you deviate from your best behaviors. Keep up the great work.

Follow-up Q: Thanks it’s more projects and pressure of feeling like I have to get “one more thing done” that get in the way of “going to bed on time” but you’re totally right…

I’ll keep working on transforming the habit into lifestyle . Make it a GREAT day 😉 you are an awesome example of hard work and ingenuity paying off!

Answer: Thank you.

But make sure you don’t let your “to do” list become a monster.

Keep it realistic.

Evaluate all the things on it to make sure they are REAL leverage points. A lot of stuff we think we should do doesn’t really matter that much.

Make sure you know what is important … and what is not.

Remember that the BIGGEST decision in your life – how you use your time. Every second you spend on a useless task or checking another non-essential email robs you of family and personal time.

Be RUTHLESS with your time…how you use your time is the most important decision you’ll make in your life.

Q: I’m trying to cut down on my information sources right now, so I can focus on GSD. How do I go about reinforcing that discipline? I find myself straying (especially into Social Media) a lot. – James

Answer: You could use an Internet blocking service (google Internet Freedom). Also, buy my Time Management book on Amazon Kindle.

Make sure to identify your magic time, protect it and foster it. You will triple your productivity that way.

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Don’t miss the August Success Story interview with Shaun Hadsell here

It’s his powerful story of overcoming obstacles and NEVER, ever, ever, EVER giving up.

Get to work,

Craig Ballantyne

“Clarity about what YOU really, truly want is actually a rare thing – found in just about everybody who gets what they want.” – Dan Kennedy