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“Retire NOW by


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Here’s how the ‘Mercenaries’ ruthlessly cream off fat lump sums and monthly checks for doing NOTHING but following simple instructions…

8:46 a.m.


You have unfinished business. Wall Street took you for a fool and now it’s payback time…

The New York elite don’t know it yet, but they could be about to give YOU one heck of a send off! As you wave your boss goodbye and head for the golf course under a clear blue sky, spare a thought for those hard working yuppies who made it all possible…

I don’t exaggerate. The biggest pot of cash in history ($300 BILLION!) is waiting for a home. No catches and no silly risks- it’s going to be raining money- and all you have to do is put a bucket out there to catch some…

… You also need an “insider” to tell you where to put the bucket!

I only need a few minutes to explain why you’re now at the point where you could get the better of the system instead of the system getting the better of you…

Gate Crashing the Profit-Party

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to scrape a few bucks from the stock market. If you’re one of the lucky few that did, you should know it was just the paltry scraps from the feasting table…!

Take a look around you; the world is swimming in cash! We live in the times of ‘bling-bling’, Bentleys and Bora Bora vacations. Those people you see living those lives don’t appear to be hurting do they?

So what are ‘they’ doing different? How can YOU join their party? Simple: By having the same information they do. Information I will give you on a plate

How the Game is REALLY Played

Alright, let’s get to it. Here’s something you already know:

When a corporation is taken over by another company, the takeover target soars in value and pays its shareholders a fat dividend. Before that takeover, those shareholders were already being paid a monthly check for nothing (a dividend).

And that’s very nice for the lucky shareholders concerned. But here’s the thing: some of those shareholders weren’t ‘lucky’ at all! It was entirely premeditated…

Digging for Dirt

There’s a dark truth about the ‘system’. You probably know this already but thought it only happened in movies like ‘Wall Street’…

The government will throw a Wall Street insider in jail if he divulges any privileged information about imminent corporation takeovers. If word got out, everyone would buy shares in that company, forcing the price up and ruining the bid. If the insider bought shares in that company, his crime would be obvious.

So that means corporate takeover insiders don’t ever let the cat out of the bag then, right…?

Erm… how about… WRONG!

All the law means is that those insiders can’t make the trades themselves or be SEEN giving information out. It would be incredibly naive to think the odd leak here and there didn’t find its way into eager hands.

So what? Well, I’ve positioned myself so I can ‘see’ what these insiders are doing and when!

My name’s Andy Gordon. Some people call me Andy Gordon “Gecko” (Gordon Gecko was the character Michael Douglas played in ‘Wall Street’). If I tell you why people call me that, I could put myself at risk, so let’s just say I earned that nickname for a reason.

Yes, it’s a dirty little game, but there’s no point in you getting your hands dirty. I do all the hard work for my ‘Merger Mercenaries.’ These lucky few just come along for the ride and enjoy profits like 82.72% in a matter of months.

The life of a ‘Merger-Mercenary’ is simple: they’re given information (by me), then they can make a single phone call and receive monthly checks for doing nothing while they’re waiting for the big fat payout from a corporate takeover.

For a brief time, I’ve opened my doors for you to take a peak into our world…

Okay, yes, we’re corporate raiders. There, I said it. I’m wondering if this is the life for YOU. The reality is we live in a capitalist system and you can either prosper from it or suffer by it. If you can do this and sleep soundly at night, the rewards are waiting…

“If You Knew Which Companies Were About to be Taken Over, How Rich Would YOU Be?”

Don’t just take my word about the opportunity to ride on the back of Wall Street’s imminent cash bonanza; here are a few recent articles:

“There’s about $300 billion of uninvested and unlevered private-equity money that’s available to be invested,”

David Kostin, managing director for U.S. portfolio strategy at Goldman Sachs.



“Enter the billion-dollar private equity fund. Now every corporation is a takeover target, regardless of size. This new game dwarfs anything ever seen before. It’s global finance on steroids.”

– Russell Research.


“The buyout boom has hit plenty of air pockets in the past few years and cruised right through them.”

Wall Street Journal.


” Wall Street is focused on who might be the next target of a lucrative leveraged-buyout offer. That is in part because private-equity funds have raised more than $199 billion since the start of 2005, but have spent only $56 billion of that sum.”

Thomson Financial.


A wise man once said: “Follow the money.” Like I said, it’s raining money. You just need to know where to put your bucket…

… And that’s why I’m here.

I’m also the Investment Director of Investor’s Daily Edge, the fastest growing financial e-zine in the world. Since graduating from the London School of Economics, I’ve enjoyed a 25-year career in business and finance that has taken me around the world. I’ve been in the trenches, making contacts and closing deals. But I have also stepped back to observe from afar, authoring six books on the global markets.

I’m not bragging… I’m just pointing out that I have spent my entire career evaluating companies and appraising investments… and I believe my expertise can help you make a lot of money.

THOUSANDS of readers have profited from my recommendations. But I recently began to hear from an increasing number of people who wanted to derive more income from their investments – and yet still generate a total return that handily beat the broad markets. So I crafted an income investing system that actually did better than my original research  service…

Everyone has a ‘thing’. For some it’s golf or fishing. For me, it’s studying the hidden numbers in a corporation’s accounts and buying up shares in the companies ripe for takeovers. It’s my life. I’ve always done well for myself and my mercenaries using the lowest risk, highest potential game in the world, but now, in the face of this WALL of money about to hit the markets, I’m ready for the biggest payout in my career…

This is it. The BIG one. A tsunami of cash you could ride all the way into a luxury retirement on beautiful beaches, drinking cocktails under a palm tree…

Sure, everyone wants that, but too many people disadvantage themselves by taking unnecessary risks. Look, here’s a golden trading rule I live by: DON’T LOSE MONEY! Don’t you just know it!

Let me explain why this rule is on my side…

To make money from one of my ‘Takeover Recommendations’ you have to buy the stock in question, right? Okay, good. For me to have chosen that stock, I would have considered it ripe for a takeover, of course. And so WHY would that stock be ripe for a takeover?

Because of it’s amazing value! It pays a fat dividend (10% is fairly normal!), it has a strong balance sheet and has excellent potential. Why else would it be a takeover target if it didn’t have these qualities??

And what this means to you is MEGA-LOW RISK.

Listen, the temptation here is to assume that a big gain requires a big risk. NOT SO! The Merger Mercenaries are living proof that this is nonsense!

Pretty much the only way is UP!

And the upside is why we’re here! Park some money in a certain stock, make way more money than you would putting it in the bank AND have a good chance of a massive windfall.

Surely that’s a no-brainer- especially when I’m making all the choices for you…!

HUGE Monthly Checks for doing almost

AND You Could Pay off Your Mortgage TOO!

Now THAT’S what I call a retirement strategy!

Now, perhaps you have some questions that need answering…?

What about tax?
Firstly, tax is a nice problem to have! But it’s good news here- tax on dividends is only 15%!

Do I need a fancy trading account?
No. Just access to an everyday stockbroker and I can help you there.

What happens if there’s a crash?
Now of course, ANY stock can lose value BUT I recommend stocks which pay the best dividends and have the best value, so these stocks are least affected. And here’s the thing: if stocks go down, corporations usually INCREASE the dividend to attract buyers back in. After the great 1929 crash, 80% of companies did exactly that. PLUS, lower prices mean even better values, meaning an even more likely chance a corporation gets taken over. Hard to lose!

What if a company reduces or stops paying a dividend?
That’s a big IF! Don’t forget that the company directors own stock too- you think they want to stop paying themselves dividends? Over 100 corporations have raised dividends for 30 years in a row now.

I have a pension plan for my retirement. Won’t that cover me without this?
The sad fact is that the government (unlike Wall Street!) has a cash crisis and simply won’t be able to make all its commitments. Company pensions? Many are stopping that now. Worse, many corporations are MASSIVELY under-funded. Don’t count on it!

So what’s your secret?
Apart from years of expertise and experience and making thousands for myself and my mercenaries…


Can we leave it at that?

You’ve proven to be a savvy person- this invitation isn’t going to just anyone- and any savvy person should want a piece of this action. So how do YOU become a Merger Mercenary?

It’s really simple. In my monthly newsletter I give you confidential and exclusive access to my research and give my readers (the ‘Merger Mercenaries’) a simple instruction- what stock to buy.

The sort of information I’ll be divulging each month can change hands for thousands of used bills (usually stuffed into a brown envelope by someone in a Wall Street subway station). How much would you expect to pay for such knowledge? Don’t worry- there’s nothing illegal about this. And the price is just $99 for a WHOLE YEAR subscription!

But I understand this is still an unknown to you, so let me PROVE just how powerful this information will be: I’m making the price for the first whole year just $99! AND, you have this unconditional, no-quibble guarantee for extra peace of mind:


For 2 whole months, enjoy the bumper cash payouts from my Merger Mercenary newsletter at ZERO risk! If, after 2 months (2 issues) you are in any way unhappy, for ANY reason, I will refund your subscription cost in full and you may still keep the newsletters!


Rest easy. Investor’s Daily Edge is a subsidiary of Agora- a huge company with many millions of subscribers and we’ve been established for many years. The reason we’re so successful? Because our customers know that our word is our bond!

So what do you have to lose?

I’ll tell you what you have to lose…

The Only Thing You Have to Lose is One of

These Limited Places!

Sorry I didn’t tell you this sooner. Obviously, there can only be a limited number of people privy to information of this level; if too many buyers came in, we may jeopardize the potential takeover itself. THAT’S how powerful this information is!

You know this is true- I’m not just saying this. Only a select few of the population have even been sent this information and only a small percentage of those invited will get in early enough to become one of my mercenaries. But, if you act immediately- NOW- I can’t see a reason why you won’t make it…

Money for Nothing!

STOP PRESS!!! I currently have an amazing takeover prospect on my radar. I’ll know for sure in the next few days. If you act quickly (TODAY) you should be in time to receive this information.

Don’t let this slip by- the time is right now. Let’s ride that wave together!

Andy Gordon
Andy Gordon “Gecko”.

P.S. Banks have bled you dry for long enough and ridden on your hard- working back. It’s payback time…

P.P.S. $300 BILLION is looking for a home. The money-monsoon is coming- let me do all the work for you so you could ride the wealth-wave into a luxury retirement. Monthly checks and fat payouts while you kick back!

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