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Recession… the Subprime Crisis… $1,000 Gold… the Agriculture Boom… the China Bubble… $100 Oil… Alternative Energy… the Falling Dollar…

These Events Could Make You a

Fortune in the Months and Years Ahead…

But this is NO TIME to be Investing

without a Trusted Guide!

URGENT ALERT: In the following pages I’ll show you how to access $77,020 worth of proprietary investment research – absolutely FREE – from a team of analysts who racked up total winning positions of 6,122% in 2007!

Dear Reader,

For well over a decade, the world markets have sailed on the smooth seas of a benevolent economy.

Until recently, we have enjoyed cheap oil… easy credit… expanding trade… the unprecedented boom in Asia… and housing prices that seemed to move in only one direction… up, up, up!

But take a look around and it becomes clear that these tranquil conditions have come to an end. Oil is ticking off all-time highs… the credit markets are contracting… bank after bank is announcing billions of dollars in losses… materials costs are soaring… corporate growth is slowing in the U.S… and volatility has returned in a big way.

And to prop the whole system up, the Federal Reserve and Central Banks of the world are printing money at an unprecedented rate.

On top of all this, a rapidly expanding asset bubble is forming in China. You can bet there is still money to be made there. But one day that bubble will burst. And when it does it will pull every stock and bond market in the world down with it.

I’m not trying to paint a negative picture. The truth is that no matter what happens in the markets, there will always be extraordinary opportunities for investment.

But if there was ever a time to be prepared, that time is now!

Are You Prepared to Profit in 2008 and Beyond?

Gone are the days when you could throw darts and pick winning stocks. Gone are the days of “buy and hold”. And gone are the days of holding a “long only” portfolio at all times.

However, if you prepare wisely in the months and years ahead, you can not only protect your wealth, no matter what comes… you could multiply it many times over!

It is a jungle out there, that’s for sure. But with an on-the-ground team of experienced guides you can cut through the undergrowth and come out on the other side far wealthier.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

The Invitation of a Lifetime to Build Lasting Wealth

For a very limited time, I would like to invite you to receive $77,020 worth of top-level, proprietary financial research ABSOLUTELY FREE. And you’ll get this research year after year… for the rest of your life! I’ll tell you how in just a moment…

I’m talking about investment publications, options research services, international stock recommendations and special situation reports that have resulted in total winning positions of 6,122% in 2007.

Gains like…

  • 214% in a silicon manufacturer
  • 210% in a steel manufacturer
  • 219% in an established uranium mining company
  • 308% and 121% in two solar energy companies
  • 129% in the leading GPS system maker
  • 111% in a leading semiconductor company
  • 101% in one of the world’s leading mining companies
  • 176% in calls on a pharmaceutical company
  • 122% profits in a silver exploration company
  • 88% in calls on a silver mining company
  • 102% in a little-known heavy equipment manufacturer
  • 97% in an outsourcing and IT provider
  • 86% in a discount retailer
  • 70% in a construction and infrastructure materials company
  • 66% in a high-tech equipment manufacturer
  • 52% in a stock exchange holding company
  • 54% in international telecom
  • 40% in a leading regional airline

This is just a small sample of the dozens of double and triple digit winners that were closed in 2007… recommendations that allowed readers to see gains on markets going up and down… in various industries and sectors… and in countries around the world.

And these gains were realized in a year where the S&P gained less than 4%.

Quite simply, this is some of the most accurate and potentially profitable investment research in the world today – recommendations that can help you protect your wealth and outperform the market for years to come.

And it’s yours FREE for responding to this offer…

But let me be clear about something right away: If you’re interested, you’ll want to read this letter carefully and act within the next 48 hours.

Due to the unique nature of this invitation, only a very small percentage of those who receive this letter will be able to participate.

I’ll give you all the details in just a moment, but first allow me to introduce myself…

A Financial Career Dedicated

to Individual Investors

My name is MaryEllen Tribby and I’m the publisher of Investor’s Daily Edge. I began my career in financial publishing just a few blocks from Wall Street, where I managed a division of Forbes.

It didn’t take long to discover just how one-sided (and often corrupt!) the Wall Street investment business can be. What do I mean by “one-sided”? Well, let’s just say that the operators on Wall Street don’t exactly have your interests at heart.

Look no further than the fact that Wall Street securities firms lost well over $75 billion in shareholder equity last year. And yet these same firms issued another round of record-setting bonuses… totaling more than $38 billion dollars!

Not to mention that the ousted CEOs who are largely responsible walked away from the mess with an average severance of $66 million!

Or consider the fact that Goldman Sachs was heavily pushing mortgage backed securities to their clients the last few years… while, at the same time, the firm was betting that those securities would go down.

The result? While Goldman’s hedge fund clients lost billions, the firm itself received billions in profit.

This is nothing new on Wall Street. I saw it all the time while I was working there. That’s why I made a commitment nearly 20 years ago to help level the playing field for the individual investor.

And over the years, I have made good on that promise.

After Forbes, I worked at several other Wall Street publications, before serving nearly ten years at Weiss Research, where I held the office of President.

  • During that time, our team of analysts showed readers how to avoid the dot com crash and make a fortune as those high-flying stocks fell back to earth .
  • We warned about companies like Enron and WorldCom before their fraudulent accounting methods were exposed in the media.
  • We urged our readers to invest in precious metals, energy and natural resources… before the meteoric rise in those markets.
  • And again, we helped our subscribers avoid losses when we issued urgent sell recommendations in the housing and mortgage sectors, well before they crashed.

But I knew that I could take my mission farther and reach even more people. That’s why, in early 2006, I joined Agora Publishing, the world’s largest financial newsletter publishing firm.

There I combined my experience and some of the best contacts in the investment business to found Investor’s Daily Edge.

The World’s Fastest Growing Financial Newsletter

Over the last two years I have put together a team of analysts and researchers who are experts in almost every sector of the investment world… including value investing, commodities and natural resources, emerging technology, China and emerging markets, ETFs, small-cap stocks, income investments, and options trading.

And in this very short time, Investor’s Daily Edge(IDE) has become a leading financial publication, with more than 175,000 daily readers, more than a dozen research advisories and a team of over 30 analysts and support staff.

I’m very proud of our success. But I also know that it is due to one reason only – the patronage of loyal readers, like you.

We don’t take a penny from the companies we write about. And our research is not tainted by ties to investment banks or brokerage firms. The only way we get paid is when you subscribe to our services.

And the only way to earn and keep your business is to show you how to make money consistently, no matter what is happening in the markets.

Which is why I am writing to you today…

How to Receive Our Best

Top Rate Research FREE for Life

The Investor’s Daily Edge team has created an elite organization to reward you for your loyalty and offer you the best possible deal on our profitable research. It is the best way we know to thank you.

This organization is called the IDE Wealth Society, and it is composed of just a small fraction of our subscribers who want the opportunity for a lifetime of profits and financial security.

It is not something we publicize often. In fact, the only way to become a member is to respond to an invitation to join.

This is your invitation…

As a member of the IDE Wealth Society you will receive the best that Investor’s Daily Edge has to offer…

That means you will get every research service… every options service… every new report… every conference call on breaking events… every investment recommendation. And you will get all of this for as long as we publish it.

And that’s not nearly all, because…

You will also receive everything we publish in the future, whether it is a month from now, five years from now, or well beyond. And based on our current track record… we expect to be doing this for a very long time.

You will also get numerous benefits and privileges that are not available to subscribers who are not members of the Wealth Society.

You will get all of this for just a small one-time fee, plus a small annual maintenance fee. In fact, when you add up everything you will receive, it’s like getting most of the profitable research we produce for FREE!

And even if the cost of membership goes up in the future (and you can count on that) you are locked in at today’s rate – for life.

But wait until you hear this…

Join the Wealth Society Today

And I’ll Pay YOU!

I understand that you might have already subscribed to one or more research services published by Investor’s Daily Edge. If so, we are proud to count you as a subscriber.

But we don’t want that to stop you from joining the Wealth Society…

That’s why, as soon as you join, I will write you a check for the unused amount of any existing subscriptions you have! Imagine signing up for one of the most comprehensive packages of investment research in the world… and getting a check in the mail!

I’ll tell you more about this in a moment. For now, I want you to know why you must act quickly if you are interested.

Only 1% of Our Readers Can Join…

Membership in the IDE Wealth Society is strictly limited. It is first come, first served. We will only 1% of our total subscribers and readers to join us at this time.

The reason is very simple…

IDE Wealth Society members will have complete access to EVERYTHING we publish.

And when you consider what it costs to produce this kind of research… the salaries and incentives we pay our analysts and support staff, travel costs to visit companies and conduct due diligence, publishing costs and overhead – and the fact that we will continue to offer new services every year – it would not make financial sense to offer such a deep discount year round.

After all, this is a business. And it is far more profitable to sell our services individually.

That’s why we request your prompt reply as soon as possible.

So, let’s take a look at your benefits in detail, so you can decide if this is right for you…

The Details of this Limited-Time Opportunity

As an IDE Wealth Society member you will receive all our best services, products, benefits and privileges for as long as they exist.

Let me begin by telling you about the services we currently offer:

Research Alert Service #1: THE WEALTH ADVANTAGE

Make triple-digit gains in some of the world’s safest stocks

Many investors believe you have to take big risks to make big gains. In fact, just the opposite is true, as Warren Buffett has clearly shown. In most cases, the biggest gains over time come from the safest stocks.

And with an eagle-eye for deep value, Andrew Gordon, will lead you right to them.

At the beginning of 2007, Andrew suggested that solar energy companies would be some of the best performing assets in the year ahead. He recommended that his readers buy SunPower and Suntech to capitalize on the trend.

Less than a year later, subscribers to The Wealth Advantage had the chance to capture gains of 308% and 146% on those two companies.

Andrew also identified the rise of nuclear energy as a mega-trend that would bring substantial profits in 2007. In that case, Wealth Advantage subscribers were rewarded with 220% gains in a company called Energy Metals.

Another safe rocket stock was a company called Bucyrus, which is catching a ride on THREE of the world’s largest bull markets:

  • The China bull market
  • The commodities bull market
  • The oil sands bull market

Wealth Advantage subscribers are up more than 90% on that particular recommendation, with room to run.

With a vast knowledge of business and geopolitics and a trader’s sense of timing, Andrew Gordon is in a class by himself when it comes to picking stocks. And his conservative approach focuses on some of the safest companies in the market.

The Wealth Advantage normally sells for $995 per year. As a Wealth Society member it is yours FREE for life!


Protect your wealth from the dollar’s collapse… and make 1,000% gains in the commodities bull market mega-trend

Very few investors ever experience the thrill of a 500% or 1,000% winner. Dr. Russell McDougal has achieved these kinds of results in his own accounts dozens of times.

And he doesn’t use any complex investment strategy. He simply buys stocks and holds them… stocks that you too can easily own.

In the past five years, he has already achieved gains of 3,851%… 2,912%… 2,445%… 1,671%. Not to mention unrealized gains of 3,460% and a whopping 5,131%…!

How does he do it? He invests in the commodities bull market. Specifically, the companies that locate and produce the natural resources that the world desperately demands… resources like oil, natural gas, uranium, copper and, of course… gold and silver.

With the dollar hitting new lows and developing countries demanding greater amounts of raw materials each day, the commodities super-cycle is firing on all cylinders. And this mega-trend should continue for another 15 years, if not more.

Don’t get left behind. Dr. McDougall is translating his expertise into ace recommendations for his readers. Join the IDE Wealth Society and read up on his latest recommendations in Resource Windfall Speculator.

Resource Windfall Speculator normally sells for $1,795 per year. As a Wealth Society member it is yours FREE for life!

Research Alert Service #3: INCOME

Low risk, high income and capital gains… it doesn’t get any better than this!

100 years of stock market history tells us that the best long-term strategy (by far) is to buy solid, dividend paying companies, hold them for the long term and reinvest the dividends.

In fact, dividends have accounted for nearly two out of every three dollars returned by the S&P 500 over the past 3 decades. Just consider the success you could have had in just the last decade. Had you invested in dividend paying stocks from 1995 to 2005, you could have raked in returns of:

  • 404% in ACE Limited …
  • 553% in American International Group …
  • 1,018% in Doral Financial …
  • 930% in First National Lincoln …
  • 1,011% in Harley-Davidson…
  • 256% in Johnson & Johnson…
  • 967% in Linear Technology…
  • 319% in McDonald’s…
  • 1,365% in Paychex…

The list goes on and on…

And with the prospects for a U.S. recession on the horizon… and millions of baby boomers seeking income… there has never been a better time than NOW to put a sizable portion of your portfolio in solid, income producing investments.

INCOME is a research service led by Andrew Gordon whose sole purpose is to uncover the safest and most profitable income generating investments in the market. I’m not talking about 5% from a bond fund, with no hope of capital gains. I’m talking about a safe way to make 7%… 8%… 10% yields… with the expectation of capital gains to boot.

In fact, right now, the INCOME portfolio is holding open gains of 48%57%88%40%34%49%… just to name a few. Not to mention the 10 winners that were closed in 2007 with gains as high as 101%!

Not too bad for a safe bunch of dividend stocks…

INCOME normally sells for $99 per year. As a Wealth Society member it is yours FREE for life!

Research Alert Service #4: THE WEALTH AFICIONADO

A simple strategy to “own the casino”… and reap a jackpot!

Most “investors” buy options for the lure of fast money. They’re looking for a way to turn $1,000 into $5,000 overnight. But just like gamblers in a casino, they almost always end up disappointed and broke.

In a casino, the odds favor the house. When it comes to options, the odds favor the seller. Here’s why. To make money in an option, the BUYER must correctly predict:

  • The direction the stock will move
  • How far the price will move in that direction
  • And the time frame in which that move is expected to happen

Wrong on any one of those counts, and the option expires worthless. But the only objective for the seller is to determine where the stock or index WILL NOT trade. This gives the seller an almost unfair advantage.

And with The Wealth Aficionado, it will be YOUR unfair advantage!

Led by Chris Johnson, The Wealth Aficionado recommends “credit spreads” to achieve gains as selected options expire worthless. Of course, Chris selects the positions with that in mind.

This system has a track record of more than 8 wins for 10 forays into the market, going back five years. Over that time, the average monthly gain has been 6%.

If you’re looking for conservative, limited-risk returns that can compound over time, you’re going to love The Wealth Aficionado.

The Wealth Aficionado normally sells for $1,495 per year. As a Wealth Society member it is yours FREE for life!

Research Alert Service #5: TRIPLE WAVE INVESTOR

An unfair advantage that could make your richer every few months

If you invest in a stock based on fundamental and technical analysis alone, you’re only getting part of the story.

No matter how much you know about the fundamentals and what the chart shows, if you don’t know how other investors are positioned and what their expectations are, you’re flying blind.

But when you combine diligent fundamental research with technical analysis and a complete review of the “sentiment” toward a stock, you have the COMPLETE picture.

Triple Wave Investor, edited by Rick Pendergraft, is the only investment research advisory to combine in-depth technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis to uncover stocks with the potential to give double-digit returns in only a few months.

And Triple Wave Investor subscribers have been successful on both sides of the market, racking up 22% in Netease22% in Daktronics… and 23% in Marvel Entertainment on the long side… while Continental Airlines and Ann Taylor produced better than 20% gains on the short side, just to name a few.

Triple Wave Investor normally sells for $249 per year. As a Wealth Society member it is yours FREE for life!

Research Alert Service #6: ETF EDGE

Grow rich the “lazy” investor’s way

Most investors are too busy chasing the market to make any real money. They spend all their time looking for the “next hot stock”… which they usually end up selling at a loss.

But what if there was an easier, safer and more reliable way to see double digit gains over and over again? Well, there is. And all it takes is one simple play per month.

ETF Edge is a research service edited by market insider, Chris Johnson. Every month he recommends just one Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) poised to dramatically outperform the market in the months ahead.

ETFs are the perfect way to beat the market with very modest risk. They have lower fees than mutual funds, less risk than individual stocks and they are easy to buy, manage and sell.

And with more than 500 to choose from there is an ETF for practically every sector and asset class. You can even buy ETFs that rise when the market falls.

And that’s just what Chris suggested his subscribers do in October of last year when he recommended buying the UltraShort Financials Proshares. And while the markets have fallen sharply since then, ETF Edge subscribers are up 56% on the position in just three months!

The month before that, Chris recommended buying agricultural commodities via the powerShares DB Agriculture fund. DBA has been another winner in a down market, up 29% in just four months.

Then in December, Chris recommended shares of the ETF which holds gold bullion… another good call, with subscribers enjoying safe gains of 10% in less than a month.

ETF Edge normally sells for $149 per year. As a Wealth Society member it is yours FREE for life!

Research Alert Service #7: IDE’S GLOBAL PROFITS HOTLINE

Global profit potential… whether the markets are rising or falling

To grow your wealth in the year ahead, you should be prepared to profit when the markets rise… and when they fall. And you should hold a portfolio that is diversified worldwide.

IDE’s Global Profits Hotline will help you accomplish these objectives. Edited by Andrew Gordon and Charles Delvalle, Global Profits Hotline combines longer term recommendations with short-term (30 to 60 days) options plays.

And the opportunities span the globe, so even if the U.S. encounters a recession, the portfolio should have recommendations in countries that are still growing. You’ll receive 2-3 option plays each month along with 10 specific stock recommendations per year.

And the gains can come in a hurry… just consider a few of these recent winners:

  • MEMC Electronics calls up 117% in about 3 weeks
  • Garmin calls up 91% in two weeks
  • Silver Wheaton calls up 40% in a month
  • Nymex puts up 100% in a week

IDE’s Global Profits Hotline normally sells for $1,495 per year. As a Wealth Society member it is yours FREE for life!

Research Alert Service #8: IDE EARNINGS ALERT

Turn corporate earnings announcements into fast 100% winners

It usually takes months – sometimes years – for a stock to move just 5% or 10%.

But what if you could know beforehand when a stock is going to rise or fall sharply… and precisely when it would happen? IDE Earnings Alert can help you do that.

When companies present their earnings to the public these stocks often move 10%… even 20% in a matter of days – sometimes even hours.

The key is to understand what investor’s expectations are prior to an earnings release. And that’s where Chris Johnson comes in. For more than a decade Chris has worked to perfect a system that allows him to quantify investor sentiment.

And considering the dozens of double- and triple-digit winners he has uncovered for IDE Earnings Alert subscribers, it’s safe to say that his system works. Just consider some of these recent gains… and how quickly they were achieved:

  • Chaparral Steel calls increased 217% in three weeks
  • Onyx Pharmaceuticals calls increased 177% in two days
  • Qualcomm puts went up 160% in 22 days
  • Marriott puts gained 97% in three weeks
  • Cognizant Technology puts went up 97% in one day

Most people would be thrilled with results like these in a year or two… much less in only weeks. IDE Earnings Alert subscribers have seen gains like this dozens of times.

IDE Earnings Alert normally sells for $1,495 per year. As a Wealth Society member it is yours FREE for life!

Consider the Total Value of the

Services You will Receive

That’s quite a lineup. And as an IDE Wealth Society member, you’ll get every recommendation and update issued by each one of these services. Take a look at the total value of what you’ll receive…

The Wealth Advantage


Resource Windfall Speculator




The Wealth Aficionado


Triple Wave Investor


ETF Edge


Global Profits Hotline


IDE Earnings Alert




As a Wealth Society member every one of these services are yours… for life!

But that’s not all. We are always on the lookout for what will be working in the market in the months and years ahead. And we will continue to add to our services showing you gains no matter what comes.

And you can also expect to receive…

Every New Service We Publish in the Future

Of course, you will also receive every research service published exclusively by Investor’s Daily Edge in the future, too.

In fact, we have several new products in the works right now that will available to subscribers in just the next few weeks.


Learn to turn 3% to 5% swings into fast 50% to 100% gains

IDE analyst Rick Pendergraft is one of the best analysts I know. It is a skill that he has developed over many years of hard work and study. He is also an excellent teacher.

That’s why I asked Rick to produce a video home study course to share his trading secrets with our readers, starting with the very basics and leaving nothing out along the way.

We call it the Keep it Simple System(KISS). And while the strategies are simple to learn, the gains are as real as it gets…

Over a period of nine months last year while Rick was producing the course and testing the system, he made 60 verified trades in his personal account. And while only 50% of his trades were winners, he still produced an overall profit of 152% in his account!

So sit back at your computer and relax as he reveals how to recognize the patterns in the market that lead to fast gains… and then to make surgical, precision strikes to capture those returns.

And in addition to the KISS video training course on CD Rom, Rick will also share his absolute best weekly trading recommendations with you.

Just consider what you’re getting… easy-to-follow, step-by-step teaching that you could use to create a consistent, automated income. And you’ll also get the very best plays that Rick uncovers for you.

It’s like teaching you to fish… and handing you fish at the same time.

When it is released in February, the Keep it Simple System and weekly recommendations from Rick will sell for $1,995. As a Wealth Society member it is yours FREE for life!

And that’s not all…

We will also be releasing three additional services in the next two months:

  • Lynn Carpenter’s Rising Tide Letter (Value: $99 per year)
  • Lynn Carpenter’s The Optionist (Value: $995)
  • Andrew C. Carpenter’s Asian Business & Investing (Value: $995)

Lynn and Andy are a husband and wife team who have a substantial track record of investment success. Lynn is the former editor of The Fleet Street Letter, the oldest financial newsletter in the English language. Her specialty is finding value stocks that behave like growth stocks.

Andy will be your man on the ground in China and Asia, showing you how to capture your share of the massive profits that will be produced by companies operating there. In a feature on him, USA Today wrote that he has “p redicted one stock winner after another.”

Thousands of readers have profited from the Carpenter’s research over the years. I am confident that you will too.

Diversity… Protection… and Profit Potential!

Each research service employs a different market strategy, targeting opportunities in a rapidly changing investment landscape.

The Investor’s Daily Edge analysts diversify their portfolios across different sectors and industries and in markets around the world. They recommend long and short positions, long-term investments and short-term trades. And they recommend options to lock in spectacular gains and hedge against risk.

By having all of these services at hand, you will always have the right tool at the right time, helping you to achieve consistent gains in ANY market.

And you will never be left hanging. We follow every recommendation daily. So you’ll get immediate alerts when it’s time to sell and lock in profits.

As you have seen, the total value of all of these services is $7,772 for just one year. But that’s not nearly all of what you will receive…

Dozens of Up-to-the-Minute Investment

Reports – Yours FREE

You’ve seen all of the research services you will receive as an IDE Wealth Society member.

But this is still just a fraction of your benefits. In addition to all of this, you can also count on a continual stream of up-to-the-minute, special situation reports with detailed investment recommendations.

Here is just a sample of what you’ll receive…

Report #1: The 1,000% Report: Brighter Prospects than Any High-Tech Company on the Planet

The stock featured in this report represents what I believe to be your very best opportunity to make better than a 1,000% return without taking huge risks!

Andrew Gordon, who wrote the report, believes that this is a multi-billion dollar tech company in the making… and yet its market cap is just over $200 million. You could think of this company as an up-and-coming Intel – because their products can be incorporated into a multitude of electronic devices.

In fact, the company has more than 100 patents that cover several billion dollar applications, including:

  • Tiny laser projectors that can be built right into a cell phone to project DVD quality images and video on any surface… say goodbye to small screens
  • Surgical endoscope cameras at a price that they could be made disposable
  • Lightweight 3-D glasses for the ultimate video gaming experience… Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are already licking their chops.
  • Heads up displays (HUD) and instrument cluster displays in automobiles…just to name a few

Today, you can buy shares for less than $4. But don’t delay because this stock could be heading up in a hurry!

The 1,000% Report is valued at $199. It is yours FREE as a member of the IDEWealth Society.

Report #2: The Top Two for Total Return

In this report, Andrew Gordon spotlights two safe, conservative companies that can generate a steady stream cash payments while handily outperforming the market indices. You’ll learn about…

A 184 year old U.S. company that owns some of the leading smokeless tobacco and premium wine brands. With greater numbers of investors moving into stable consumer products stocks, the outlook for this company is as bright as ever.

A REIT that owns 393 commercial properties in top markets throughout the United States. Worried about the real estate bust? Well, no worries here. This company operates shopping plazas anchored by the most dominant U.S. grocery stores, including Publix, Kroger, Albertsons and Safeway. I just can’t imagine that people will stop shopping for food in the near future.

Both of these companies pay a strong dividend, carry a high potential for capital gains, and have proven to be very safe long term income generators.

The Top Two for Total Return is valued at $99. It is yours free as a member of the IDE Wealth Society.

Report #3: Learning from a Legend: How the World’s Best Investor Made His Billions

The world’s best — and most famous — investor has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that deep value investing produces the biggest and safest long-term gains.

This report will show you how he does it. In it, you will learn:

  • The three secrets to his $34 billion investing philosophy
  • Why his method of buying stocks has nothing to do with algorithmic models, sophisticated software or secret formulas
  • How he made billions – and how you can emulate his success
  • What kinds of companies are least likely to tank and are most insulated when the economy heads south

You will also learn what the best three stocks are in his company’s portfolio!

Learning from a Legend is valued at $99. It is yours FREE as a member of the IDEWealth Society.

Report #4: Brazil’s Hidden Gem: An Exploration “Mutual Fund” in a Single Stock

Dr. Russell McDougal knows a thing or two about making money in natural resource exploration stocks. Over the past several years he has pocketed profits in his own accounts of:

  • 5,000% in Silvercorp Metals
  • 3,400% in Altius Minerals
  • 2,445% in AfriOre Limited
  • 1,330% in Excellon Resources

Not to mention the dozens and dozens of stocks he has purchased that went up “only” a few hundred percent. Quite simply, Dr. McDougal is one of the world’s most successful private speculators.

And that’s why I paid particular attention when he told me he found a company that could be his best investment recommendation so far. It is a stock that is poised to deliver more than $10 for every $1 you invest today.

This company was designed from the ground up by one of the masters of resource exploration and controls DOZENS of properties in the mineral rich and under explored country of Brazil. Owning this stock is like holding a veritable mutual fund of resource exploration… a mutual fund with a multiple thousand percent upside potential.

Brazil’s Hidden Gem: An Exploration “Mutual Fund” in a Single Stock is valued at $199. It is ours FREE as a member of the IDE Wealth Society.

Report #5: White Hot Profits: How to Make a Ton of Money from the Silver Supply Crunch

When it comes to precious metals, gold gets all the attention. But it just might be silver that takes the spotlight when all is said and done. IDE analyst Charles Delvalle certainly thinks so, and he has invested years of research in the white metal.

In August of 2007, Charles released a research report called, White Hot Profits, in which he highlights what he believes will be one of the best performing silver stocks of the coming decade.

The stock is already up 117%. But that’s just the beginning. Every share of this company is backed by nearly an ounce of silver… and with shares trading for less than $2, there is a LOT of value still to be tapped.

In this report, you’ll also learn Charles’ top recommended silver coin to protect your wealth in the coming years.

White Hot Profits would normally sell for $99. It is yours free as a member of the IDE Wealth Society.

Report #6: The Miracle Material: Ridiculous Gains from Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is one of the marvels of modern engineering. These tiny threads have been called a “miracle material”. When they are bundled together they can be stronger than steel and used virtually anywhere.

And while the growth of carbon fiber has been astounding, it pales in comparison to what’s going to happen next. The demand for this material is skyrocketing, in part to fuel the ‘green’ energy revolution.

In The Miracle Material, Andrew Gordon and Charles Delvalle give you the details on the situation and show you a company that is capitalizing on this explosive trend.

The Miracle Material would normally sell for $199. It is yours free as a member of the IDE Wealth Society.

Report #7: The 5,000% Secret: Uncovering the Perfect Exploration Stocks

In this report, Dr. Russell McDougal will give you a complete reference guide to the principles of investing in natural resource exploration companies. Quite simply, this information simply doesn’t all in one place anywhere else but this report.

This is a summary of everything he has learned in more than a decade in this sector. You’ll learn when to take your money to safety… the best way to scale in and out of your positions… where to place your buy and sell orders… and much more. And you’ll also learn which brokers Dr. McDougal recommends most highly.

The Speculator’s Guide is valued at $99. It is yours free as a member of the IDE Wealth Society.

These reports offer a significant value already. But this is by no means all you will receive. You will also get each one of our system driven reports, so you’ll know exactly how each service works. Here is a partial list of those reports:

  • The Speculator’s Guide: How to Trade the Juniors like a Pro
  • Profiting from Behavioral Valuation
  • The Best ETF to Own this Year
  • The ETF Advantage
  • Strengthening the Core: 3 ETFs for a Solid Foundation
  • The Options Success Guide
  • How to Ride Sector Waves to Big Profits

When you add up the total value of the reports you will receive with your membership in the IDE Wealth Society, it comes to at least $1,500.

But quite honestly, that is just a number. The real value is in the ideas and recommendations that you will receive. In that sense, it is impossible to put a price tag on this information.

And don’t forget that Investor’s Daily Edge will produce a dozen reports in the year ahead… and the year after… and the year after.

Without membership in the Wealth Society, it would cost you thousands of dollars to access these reports. As an IDE Wealth Society member it’s all yours.

Special Situation Teleconferences – Yours FREE

Sometimes, opportunities arise that are so urgent there is no time to write a special report to present it to our readers. In fact, sometimes it is just better to give you the details first hand.

In situations like this we convey the recommendations via conference call. These calls normally sell for $100, and we frequently max out all the ports we have available.

But as an IDE Wealth Society member, that won’t matter because you will have…

VIP Access to All Special Situation Teleconferences

You are guaranteed a spot on every teleconference call we host this year, next year and every year in the future. And, because of your privileged status, you’ll never pay a penny to attend.

And these calls can be VERY profitable. Let me give you an example…

At the end of 2006, I asked four of our investment analysts, Rick Pendergraft, Andrew Gordon, Jon Herring and Chris Johnson to host a teleconference and provide a report on their #1 stock recommendation for 2007.

The call immediately sold out, and was worth every penny for those who attended. The four stocks recommended on the call were Southern Copper, Suntech Power Holdings, Microvision and AT&T.

Take a look at the maximum return for each of these stocks in 2007:

  • Southern Copper – 202%
  • Suntech – 150%
  • Microvision – 98%
  • AT&T – 28%

Of course these stocks pulled back from their highs, considering all the turmoil in the markets toward the end of last year. But Southern Copper and Suntech both ended the year up more than 100%… while AT&T and Microvision are 23% and 50% higher today than when the stocks were recommended.

Quite a nice return in a year where the S&P 500 returned less than 4%.

In the year ahead we intend to host at least half a dozen special situation teleconference calls, each one valued at $100… but as a Wealth Society member, every call is yours free!

($600 One Year Value – Yours Free!)

Exclusive Wealth Society Members Only Benefits

As a member of the IDE Wealth Society you will also benefit from privileges that are not available to regular subscribers.

Members Only Stock Recommendations

We recommend the very best opportunities we uncover with our subscribers. But there are times when we discover extraordinary opportunities that are too illiquid to share with thousands of subscribers. Mention these shares to a large group and the price could soar overnight.

Other times we come across highly attractive companies that only trade on a foreign exchange. Often these situations are not appropriate for most of our subscribers to invest in.

But when these opportunities are too good to pass up we will share them with members of the Wealth Society. It is just one more benefit that is all yours.

($500 One Year Value – Yours FREE!)

The IDE Spotlight

Each year the Investor’s Daily Edge team of analysts recommend well over 100 stocks, ETFs and options. And each one of these undergoes rigorous due diligence before we recommend it.

But we also understand that there no way most of our readers could buy each recommendation. And you shouldn’t. Not every opportunity will fit your investment objectives or tolerance for risk.

That is why, I have asked each editor of Investor’s Daily Edge to choose their absolute best two investment recommendations. These are the safest opportunities with highest growth potential. All of these recommendations will be featured in one portfolio called The IDE Spotlight.

The IDE Spotlight is not for sale. It is only available to members of the Wealth Society.

($500 One Year Value – Yours FREE!)

Members Only Dinners and Receptions

The IDE team frequently participates in various investment conferences around the country. And when we do, we host dinners and receptions for members of the Wealth Society.

This is your chance to meet the team face to face and really get to know the analysts who are poring over the markets on your behalf. As a member of the Wealth Society, you will never pay a penny for these events… they are on us!

($250 One Year Value – Yours FREE!)

A Review of Your Six-Figure Benefits Package

So now you know everything that comes with your membership in the IDE Wealth Society, and it’s quite a lot. So just to recap, here’s a quick overview.

Lifetime subscription to 8 stock investment research services

  • Andrew Gordon’s Wealth Advantage (Value: $995 per year)
  • Dr. Rusty McDougal’s Resource Windfall Speculator (Value: $1,795 per year)
  • Andrew Gordon’s INCOME (Value: $99 per year)
  • Rick Pendergraft’s Triple Wave Investor (Value: $249)
  • Chris Johnson’s Wealth Aficionado (Value: $1,495 per year)
  • Chris Johnson’s ETF Edge (Value: $149 per year)
  • Charles Delvalle’s IDE’s Global Profits Hotline (Value: $1,495 per year)
  • Chris Johnson’s IDE Earnings Alert (Value: $1,495 per year)
Lifetime subscription to annual investment reports (Value: $1,500 per year)
Lifetime subscription to 6 annual teleconference calls (Value: $600 per year)

PLUS you will also get our four newest, soon to be released research services, including:

  • Rick Pendergraft’s K.I.S.S. Investing (Value: $1,995 per year)
  • Lynn Carpenter’s Rising Tide Letter (Value: $99 per year)
  • Lynn Carpenter’s The Optionist (Value: $995)
  • Andrew C. Carpenter’s Asian Business & Investing (Value: $995)

And you’ll also get everything we have planned for the year ahead including:

  • The Natural Resources Inside Report (Value: $99 per year)
  • The Penny Stock Report (Value: $99 per year)

And as a special bonus, you will also receive…

  • Members Only Stock Picks (Value: $500 per year)
  • The IDE Spotlight (Value: $500 per year)
  • Members Only Dinners and Receptions (Value: $250 per year)

If you could take advantage of each one of these profitable services and reports separately, they would be worth $15,404.

But that’s just for one year… then you would have to renew your subscriptions all over again the next year.

After five years, your membership in all of these services would be worth $77,020.

And even that would be a very good deal.

But don’t forget that the yearly value of this offer will increase each and every year as we launch new services, publish updated reports, and add additional options trading research services.

But I’m certainly not going to ask you to pay $77,020 to join the IDE Wealth Society. I won’t ask you to pay the $15,704 annual value of all of these benefits either.

In fact, you won’t even pay half of that amount.

So what will it cost you to join the Investor’s Daily Edge Wealth Society?

The full price for membership is just $7,500. That is a 52% discount from what all of these services would be worth individually, for just one year.

But I’m not even going to charge you $7,500 to join. As part of this special offer, I am slashing the price another 25%.

Respond to this offer today and you can join the IDE Wealth Society for a one time initiation fee of just $5,500.

That’s a one-time payment for a lifetime of research. In your first year alone, that’s like saving $10,204.

And your subscription NEVER EXPIRES.

Your only ongoing commitment is a $149 maintenance fee to cover the rising costs of printing and postage and customer service (waived the first year). Otherwise, this offer simply would not be possible.

The value of this offer is unparalleled. And given the track records these services have produced, the odds are good that you could have the opportunity to earn the entire cost of your lifetime membership in just the first few months.

But there is one more important thing I haven’t told you yet…

Sign Up Today… And I’ll Pay YOU!

I understand that you might have already subscribed to one or more research services published by Investor’s Daily Edge.

If so, we are proud to count you as a subscriber. But we don’t want that to stop you from joining the Wealth Society. That’s why I will credit the unused amount of any existing subscription you have back to your account when you join.

For example, if you currently have one year left on a subscription to The Wealth Advantage and Resource Windfall Speculator we will send you a refund for one year of both services when you join the Wealth Society.

If you already subscribe to one or several services we publish, it makes good sense to become a member of the Wealth Society. You’ll get more services, more recommendations, greater diversification… and you get all of this for life!

And in case you want to know how you will manage all of this information, the answer is very simply.

You’ll have all of Your IDE Wealth Society

Research Services in One Location

With your Membership, you will also get UNLIMITED FREE ACCESS to the Wealth Society Website. There, you will find every publication… every current recommendation… every research report… every recorded conference call… every track record…

All of this will be archived for your convenience, with just one log-in and password to access the site. Of course you will still receive an email alert each time we issue a recommendation or a close out.

It couldn’t get any easier or more convenient than this…

Why You Have to Act NOW

If you’re ready to begin receiving all of these benefits, there’s only one thing you need to do… act today.

I have already told you why we can only offer this for a very limited time. And since we are adding so many new products in 2008, hired several great new editors and have even more planned for this year, we might not be able to offer it at this low price ever again.

I can’t stress strongly enough the time limit on this. You must act by February 15 th at midnight, no exceptions.

And before I conclude, just one final detail…

Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed

I understand how situations can sometimes change. That’s why I want to assure you that if something changes and it no longer makes sense to you to remain a member, just let us know. It’s that simple.


If you decide to cancel within the first 60 days of your IDE Wealth Society membership, you will receive a full refund for every penny you paid.

After that, if you decide to cancel anytime within the first year, we’ll prorate your entire lifetime membership fee and give you a refund for the unused portion.

Your Only Risk Is That This Offer Won’t Last

Just click the subscribe button below to join. Or if you prefer, you can call our customer service desk at 1-877-465-1416. They’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Membership in the IDE Wealth Society means having the world’s best investment research and recommendations diligently researched and clearly presented. You simply cannot get investment intelligence of this caliber anywhere else.

I look forward to welcoming you as a member.


MaryEllen Tribby
Investor’s Daily Edge

P.S. Make an investment in your future wealth, and click the button below or call 1-877-465-1416 to join the Investor’s Daily Edge Wealth Society today!

P.P.S. I don’t know whether you inherited or earned your wealth. But I do know that you wish to multiply your fortune and pass it on. And I also know that you want those to whom you pass your wealth to be good stewards of it.

That’s why your membership in the IDE Wealth Society is an asset that you can pass along to the next generation. But it’s even better than that, because what you are really passing along are the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and grow the legacy of wealth you have worked so hard to build!

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