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Here’s How to Join Them as They Profit From

this Raging Bear Market!

Dear IDE Reader,

You’re probably well aware of this crashing market…

But what most people don’t realize is that a bear market can give you some of the best opportunities to make money!

In December I sent out a recommendation for subscribers to IDE’s Global Profits Hotline to buy calls (a bet that the stock price will rise) on Silver Wheaton.

Why bet on higher prices in a falling market? Because as the market drops, investors buy safe-haven investments like silver. And it worked.

Just thirty days later, these calls were cashed in at an 88% gain. That’s a $4,400 return on an initial $5,000 stake.

Then on January 3rd I told readers to buy puts (a bet that stock prices will fall) on the Nymex Exchange. With the bear market in full force, this position was closed out at a 98% gain in just six days!

Combined, these recommendations would have turned two $5,000 investments into $19,300 in the span of just five weeks… and in the midst of a crashing market!

And to achieve these gains, subscribers didn’t have to do much except follow directions. If you can handle that, then you have everything you need to use this bear market to your advantage.

And to sweeten the pot, I’m going to let you try it out risk-free for the next 60-days. You could play with funny money if you want. That way you really take on zero risk.

On the other hand, you could decide to use real money on every play I send. If you are not absolutely ecstatic with the gains you make, just let me know.

So, why am I offering you this 60-day trial? Because I know full well that the strategy I use to make these recommendations works wonders.

It’s an easy to understand strategy, using three common indicators that are rarely combined.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to understand everything about this strategy to use it. I’ll share with you everything I know along the way.

But I want you to know why this strategy works so well, so that you have the confidence to trust it as much as my readers do.

Without further ado, let me show you some of the winners this system produced over the past year…

90% Gains on BHP Billiton in Just 2 Hours

It was May 15th at 8:45 in the morning.

We noticed our three predictive indicators showing that BHP Billiton should go down in price.

We know that when these three indicators are combined to show you stock trends, you’ll get results that are on the money about 70% of the time.

If you play options to take advantage of the trend they reveal, you could leverage your gains by up to 20 times. That’s what happened with BHP

When our indicators told us the stock should fall, we looked to the BHP June Put (put options make money when a stock goes down in price).

Within two hours the Puts were up 90.48%.

This play alone could have transformed a $5,000 investment into $9,521 – in just two hours!

This was just one of the many gains we saw while fine tuning our three indicator strategy for the past 18 months.

You can use these signals to predict where the overall market will go… where commodities will be a week from now… and even when individual stocks are poised to rise or fall.


Waking Up to 74% Gains on Motorola

Motorola was the first play we made while testing our three indicator strategy.

It was March 14th, 2006 and our indicators told us a buy was in order.

So we pulled the trigger on the Motorola April Calls (call options make money as the stock price goes up).

By the next day, this option had already gained 74%.

Pile on the Gains with the Best Trading Strategy on the Planet!

As you might have noticed, the real secret to how we pick options lies in three very commonly used indicators, which are rarely combined.

But when you combine them – it doesn’t matter if the market is crashing or soaring – because these indicators could let you open the floodgates to profitable opportunities, over and over again.

It’s these same indicators that have helped us see gains like…

55% on Ford Puts in just 6 days
88% on Silver Wheaton calls in just 30 days
129% on Garmin calls in only 13 days

Out of every indicator we’ve ever used, none has ever matched the results we get by combining the three.

If you apply this strategy to your own portfolio, you’ll find out for yourself that there’s no other strategy which can produce the gains you’ll see.

And all you have to do is become a member of a small circle of privileged readers. Every single time we spot an opportunity in the market, we send it to our readers.

That way, you’re able to use this strategy in your own portfolio, by simply clicking a few mouse buttons.

But if you really want to know how we pick our plays, then we’ve got you covered.

But because we want you to understand how powerful and potentially profitable these indicators can be, we’d rather tell you what they are in our recently completed special report — The Only Three Indicators You’ll Ever Need to Use to Trade Profitablywhich I’ll give to you at no charge.

When you get to the end of the letter, you’ll click a button which has the instructions on how to instantly receive this special report.

Once you get the special report, just open it up and you’ll have a full explanation showing you how these indicators work, and how to use them to produce the types of gains you’ve just learned about.

As you’ll see, this strategy works like clockwork. And when used properly, it has the ability to show you gains like…

133% Gain on Budweiser in 32 Days!

On May 3, 2007, these three indicators alerted us that shares of Budweiser were cheap and poised to move up.

Since there is a huge array of options to buy on the market, we priced out numerous Budweiser options until we uncovered the one with the very best risk/reward relationship. The Budweiser September call options were just what we were looking for.

In just one month, those call options appreciated 133%!

And that’s just one of the many gains you could see by using this technique to play the markets.

But we don’t want you to feel that the only way to use this is to be some kind of technical whiz. That is part of the process – but we’re doing that part of it.

Instead, we want to invite you to join a group of readers who are following the same system.

You’ll receive 1-2 trading recommendations per month. And it’ll take you less than five minutes to place the trades, if you choose to do so.

Here, just take a look at another way this strategy works.

110% Gain on Silver Wheaton

One important aspect to the strategy we use is to only pick stocks that have worked well in the past with our three indicators.

Silver Wheaton fit the bill perfectly.

We’ve been following this company for some time – but this time we wanted to make an option play and leverage the gains.

Back in January we noticed that Silver Wheaton was bottoming out. Our indicators told us a buy was in order, so we priced out the February Call options.

Just 23 days later, our strategy told us to close the play – locking in a tidy 110% gain!

As you can see, what these indicators do isn’t some coincidence. As we mentioned before, they can accurately time the tops and bottoms of the market about 70% of the time.

This is by far, one of the most powerful predictive market strategies out there. And it was years in development. Let me explain…

The Result of Years of Investment Research

My name is Charles Delvalle and I’m a financial analyst for Investor’s Daily Edge.

I’ve mentored under some of the best stock and options experts in the business. I’ve tried nearly every theory on technical analysis you can think of – from candlestick investing to Fibonacci theory.

I studied dozens of techniques and strategies to trade the markets.

It wasn’t easy and it involved a lot of hard work. But I knew that if I could find an edge, it would be worth all the frustration.

Little did I know that I had to eventually leave the most complicated strategies behind and just focus on the simple stuff.

That’s when I came across the strategy I’ve been telling you about today. This strategy uses three rarely combined indicators to produce double and triple digit winners over and over again.

The first time I used it, I thought it was a fluke. I wondered how something so easy could produce gains like this?

So I kept at it. A year and a half later the average winner was 55%. And these gains were captured in an average time of less than 14 days.

Best of all, this strategy could be used across all time frames.Sometimes our plays might last a few days. Other times a few months. And we’ll even have recommendations that last a year or longer.

And the beauty of this system is that it’s meant to take advantage of wild market swings. And that’s exactly what you’re seeing today.

Is it any wonder why our group of readers had a chance at making $9,300 in just the past month?

And that’s if they had made an initial $5,000 investment.

Imagine what you could have made if you had invested $10,000 or even $20,000?

Eight Years of Research Produce a Strategy for Locking In Consistent Winning Plays

When my team and I were coming up with this strategy, we wanted to make sure that it was one that could reliably and consistently produce winners.

What we wanted to do was produce a strategy that…

Wasn’t based on historical gains only…

Could work in any market condition…

Had a consistent record of outperforming the markets.

That’s why it took years for us to come up with this. But in the end, it all paid off.

Now we can present you with a strategy that outperforms the market. For example, from August to December, the Dow Jones was essentially flat. But by using a small portion of our funds,on each play, our portfolio produced overall gains of 24%.

In other words, we outperformed the Dow Jones 24 times over!

Every play was done in real time. And this strategy has shown itself to work in any market.

If the market is going down, we can make money . If the market is rising, we can make money. It doesn’t matter what the market does, we could always make money!

But there’s one thing I still haven’t mentioned.

IDE’s Global Profits Hotline isn’t just an option research service. Stocks are also recommended.

IDEs Global Profits Hotline

Stock Research Service

The point of the stock portion of IDE’s Global Profits Hotline is to give you the chance to spread your risk throughout both stocks and options. That way, if short term noise puts one of our options into the red, the stocks should still be in the green – limiting your losses and your risk.

Remember when I told you that I mentored under some of the best investors? Well, this part of the service is run by one of them – Andrew Gordon.

He was the guest of honor at a Shanghai government dinner party, where he met with the city governor and top officials. He also ate caviar with Boris Yeltzin before he became Russia’s President.

He was also among the first foreigners to be involved in property development, infrastructure, healthcare and communications in the developing world. He’s worked with steel companies, chemical manufacturers, and producers of oil and gas.

He has exactly the type of experience needed to fully dissect the companies he analyzes. And he’s looking to help you supercharge your returns by putting you into companies that are expanding on the back of the expanding global middle class.

And not only will he tell you what stocks to buy – he’ll also tell you what stocks to sell short.

In one of his other research services, Andrew successfully led readers to gains of 90%, 219% and 308% in just one year.

I’m so confident in his ability to pick winning stock recommendations. There is no one else I’d rather work with.

The Best All-In-One Research

Service on the Planet

When you join IDE’s Global Profits Hotline, the first thing we do is show you how to access your special user’s manual. In this manual you’ll find out exactly how this service is run.

You’ll also instantly receive our new special report — The Only Three Indicators You’ll Ever Need to Trade Profitably – which will show you exactly what our three indicator strategy is all about.

You’ll get 1-2 option recommendations delivered directly to your inbox telling you exactly which options to buy and when to sell. The instructions are easy to understand and can be repeated as is to your broker. Or you could place the trade yourself online.

You can also expect to receive 10-12 stock recommendations per year. These will generally be longer term plays that give you high upside opportunities, while limiting your risk.

We won’t just give you plays and leave you out to dry. You can also expect to receive an e-mail from Andy and me every single week, telling you where we feel the market will go and giving you an update on any open positions.

And last, you’ll get our comprehensive monthly market whitepaper. In this report, we tell you which sectors are poised for good returns and those poised to fall.

How Much Would You Pay for Peace of Mind?

IDE’s Global Profits Hotline isn’t cheap and it’s not for everybody.

I’m looking for people who are familiar with the market. So we set this at an appropriate price for a savvy individual – $1,495.

What we want is for you to have the opportunity to make your money back with your first couple of recommendations, depending on your initial stake, of course.

With that in mind, we want to be very upfront with you.

We can’t tell you you’re going to win on every recommendation you see. Nobody can promise that. And that’s why we’ve come up with a no-risk guarantee.

If in the first 60 days, this research service doesn’t work exactly how we say… or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, then give us a call and we’ll give you a full refund of your subscription price.

And if after the 60 days you decide you don’t want to receive the winning option and stock recommendations we provide, then we’ll refund your unused portion of the subscription.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this guarantee is more than fair. We wanted to give you an absolutely no-risk way to try this research service out and determine for yourself whether it was a winner.

We want you to make up your own mind. But with consistent double and triple digit gains – the choice should be clear.

We don’t want to push you too much, but remember that as this bear market moves forward; our readers are poised to keep winning over and over again.

We always have one of two recommendations we’re analyzing at any one time. The play could come as soon as next week. So we hope you’re on board.

To your Success,

PS – If you can follow directions, then you’ll have everything you need to be successful using this strategy. If you can hack that, then read on.

PPS – Bear markets spell opportunity. And in the last month my readers have made $9,300 on a very easy to use strategy. I hope you can join them.

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