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Learn Money-Making Business Secrets of the World’s Highest Paid SUPER CONSULTANT for 96% Less Than His Private Clients Pay Him

Get A Famous $5,000-Value Business Growth System, filled with Profit Boosting Ideas And Strategies-Galore For Just $149 As Part Of A Daring Test We Are Doing.

Dear Friend,

If you own or run a profit based business… or have a promising money-making idea… you’re about to become a lot wealthier, a lot sooner than you expected.

World famous marketing genius and business growth expert, Jay Abraham, wants to make YOUR business or idea a small (or large) fortune in the next 12 months. And he’s willing to do it for you at his expense and risk… not yours.

Since Jay has helped nearly 12,000 other business owners (in over 450 different fields) increase their bottom-line profits by more than seven billion dollars… and multiply their wealth by nearly 15 times that amount … you should probably take Jay’s offer very seriously. Here’s why:

  • Jay is considered the greatest business builder, marketing genius and money-making ‘wunderkind’ on the planet. For those of you who don’t know it, Jay is the highest paid, most remarkably successful marketing SUPER CONSULTANT in the country, too. At $5,000 an hour … $40,000 a day … Jay Abraham is ordinarily out of the realm of affordability for all but the most successful and wealthy entrepreneurs.
  • People like Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hanson, Brian Tracy, Nightingale Conant, Fran Tarkenton, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily and 12 Inc. Magazine Entrepreneurs of the Year have all turned to Jay for money-making ideas and wealth-building business advice. He’s made them all tens of millions.

He’s Made Them All Tens of Millions. Now It’s YOUR Turn!

Jay grows businesses for a living. Large businesses, small businesses. High tech, low-tech, no tech, retail, wholesale, service. You name it and Jay Abraham has grown the sales and multiplied the profits for at least fifty companies in that field. How does he do it? Jay finds all kinds of hidden opportunities, overlooked assets and vast sources of untapped marketing or income possibilities a business owner like you just doesn’t see or know about.

Jay originally became rich by turning his business client’s untapped opportunities into windfall profits … and then sharing generously in the financial rewards he produced. On that basis Jay made himself millions!

Howard Ruff paid Jay $600,000 AFTER Jay found Howard’s company a $2,000,000 profit bonanza. David Hall paid Jay over a million dollars AFTER Jay made David a nearly $35 million unexpected profit windfall, in an amazing 18 months time.

Jim Cook paid Jay almost two million dollars AFTER Jay catapulted Jim’s little business from a mere $300,000 to over a half billion dollars in sales, in just over two years time. The list of all the other people who’ve paid Jay huge fees AFTER Jay enriched them or their business is too large to even list here.

Why would they all pay Jay six or seven figure fees? And – what in the world does Jay do to earn all that money? Two answers.

FIRST: Jay always takes on all of the risk. He does not ask to be paid or deposit someone’s money … until after he’s first made them a huge profit of many times more than the fee he charges. Frequently they earn 50, 100, even 1000 times more than they pay Jay, like Jim Cook’s company did!

SECOND: Jay knows more ways to make more people like you more money, in more areas of your business (and for business start-ups, too) … than anyone else in the field. His ability to come up with brilliant, fresh, ingenious, and ‘wickedly lucrative’ ways to better sell and market your products, services or idea…on and off line… is absolutely amazing.

That’s not just my opinion. Scott DeGarmo, former 14 year publisher and editor in chief of Success Magazine is the one who first made that statement. Scott went on to say… ‘Jay is the most successful and expensive marketing consultant on the planet. Jay may be the greatest marketing mind alive today,’ too!

But before I tell you how to get Jay’s money-making marketing methods working for your business ‘RISK FREE’ … let me tell you about more of his amazing business feats…

A $7.2 Million Windfall In Nine Months

Jay made Entrepreneur Magazine a $7.2 million windfall in nine months … by merely changing their old marketing model over to a new (more powerful and profitable) one Jay devised for them. Jay made Nightingale Conant a $ 900,000 first-time profit within 45 days of meeting them.

But once they started following Jay’s methods Nightingale made an extra $10 million, 12-month profit ‘jackpot,’ after Jay showed them a simple way to tap a huge profit opportunity that no one else in their business or industry (but Jay) saw.

Jay helped six famous investment newsletters sell an extra $100 million worth of subscriptions in one year … without spending a dime on advertising. He figured out an ingenious way to sell old used newspapers for 50 times what they were going for at retail-and sold $2,000,000 worth … for a profit of $1.8 million, to prove it could be done. He sold $4,000,000 worth of group conference calls for another client (in just18 months) with a simple strategy that cost the client absolutely nothing.

$10 Million Worth Of Seminars With One Letter

Jay helped one of the country’s specialty websites triple their number of memberships online in about six months. He Helped Tony Robbins sell $10 million dollars worth of Mastery University seminars with one 16-page letter Jay created for Tony.

And in case none of those diverse achievements ring YOUR bell or rock YOUR business boat, here are a few more amazing money-making business feats Jay Abraham has produced for other people like you…

An Extra $2 Million Per Year

Jay taught a small realtor how to make an extra $80,000 A MONTH, telling other realtors her secret listing system. He taught a lumber mill owner how to sell his Kiln Drying process as an ‘information system’ for $2 million dollars a year in licensing fees to other non-competitive lumber mills. He showed a small office leasing company how to go from two locations to nearly 200 (and revenues of $650 million a year) … all by profiting greater from all the tenants who left, than the ones who stayed and paid!

Jay quadrupled an attorney’s practice, then taught him how to ‘rent out’ that successful practice-building approach and got him millions more from other attorneys who wanted to learn and use it to grow their own new, competitive practices. Jay and a friend figured out a way to get 65 different newsletters publishers to send hundreds of thousands of people (that Jay targeted) their expensive newsletters FREE. Then Jay and his partners made millions using a shrewd ‘back-end’ profit maneuver no one else ever thought about even trying.

An Idea Generating/Cash-flow Multiplying, Money-Making Machine

The man really IS brilliant when it comes to creating more cash flow and profit increases for almost any type or size business. He also has an uncanny way of coming up with amazing profit breakthroughs. Jay is an idea generating/cash-flow multiplying, money-making ‘machine.’ His methods and concepts can make all the difference between mediocrity and millions to a business LIKE YOURS.

Jay has also personally consulted with over 300 prominent business experts ranging from famous sales trainers, prominent advertising gurus, legendary management, time-management, negotiating, quality control, Internet, systems, process and direct marketing consultants galore. In the process, he’s turned dozens into the leader in their field. He has advised the biggest names in some of the most prominent industries out there … including 12 Inc. magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year winners. They all paid Jay a fortune for his help and ideas. But you won’t have to, as you’ll learn in a minute.

A Lot Of People Pay A Lot Money For These Secrets

10,000 people paid Jay $5,000 to $25,000 EACH to come to past workshops he personally conducted.

His live seminars and events are super-expensive to attend. For example, 905 people paid Jay $15,000 to $20,000 each, to attend a five-day seminar series Jay did only once. He’s raised the price on a new version he’s about to announce – to $50,000 per person … and he’ll probably fill every event he holds.

Jay’s written and recorded material usually sells for a bundle, too.

50,000 People At $377 Each, That’s Over $18.8 Million!

He sold 50,000 people a book for a dizzying $377 a copy. Jay sold a previous book for $1000 per copy and sold-out the entire print run. 1,750 people paid Jay a $5,000each for a tape set Jay recently did. He sold 900 more people his $5,000 seven-volume marketing encyclopedia.

Jay sold over 60,000 other people an expensive tape course on finding your hidden money-making potential. 12,000 other people bought a high priced a course from Jay on finding your hidden business profits. He sold 16,000 more people an expensive business newsletter subscription.

In one week, alone, 120 people bought an Internet marketing program for $5,000 from Jay … all sold through e-mail. That’s a $600,000 one-week paycheck from that one money-making business category alone. . . ALL just for knowing what to do, how to do it . . . AND DOING IT!

Why Does Everyone Willingly Pay Jay Those Astronomical Prices For His Ideas, Instructions And Recommendations?

Any why should YOU be so excited about the chance to learn his methods totally risk free?

You know the old joke about the car mechanic who’s called in after every other mechanic failed? He listens to the engine for a few minutes, then hauls off and gives it a big swift kick in a certain strategic spot. Lo and behold, the engine starts humming like a kitten. The mechanic turns around, gives the car owner his bill for $400. The owner is flabbergasted and demands an itemized breakdown AND EXPLANATION.

The bill says…

‘$1 for my time, and $399 for knowing where to kick.’

Jay Abraham knows where to kick when it comes to increasing sales and multiplying the profit for any and every kind, form, or type of business, product, or service … online and offline … including yours!

Jay Knows How To Sell Anything!

Jay knows how to sell tangible products. Jay knows how to sell intangible products. He knows how to sell consumer services, and professional services. Jay knows how to sell and dominate in highly competitive markets. He knows how to get mature businesses going and growing again. He knows how to make absolute fortunes for business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and start-ups alike. You name it, Jay can sell it better, faster, more profitably and easily than you can. And, quite frankly given the level of massive profit impact Jay usually makes … his high priced fees really is almost irrelevant.

Jay even knows how you can sell other peoples’ products and services to your customers or prospects and make more money than you do selling your own things. He knows how to get hundreds of other businesses, publications, organizations, websites, e-mail lists, owners, TV and radio stations to help sell your products or services for you … without paying them for advertising. Without risking a dime, either.

An Opportunity To Skyrocket Profits In Your Business

Jay knows how to give away free information and turn all your inquiries into millions or tens of millions of dollars in your bank account. He knows how you can buy your other competitor’s business … using no money out of your pockets and never bear any downside risk. He knows nearly 100 different ways (you don’t know) to more successfully sell your products or service … offline or online. He knows over 50 ways to make more money from the same , time and opportunity just by changing the marketing strategy and approach you follow.

Jay is the only person I know who has sold both billions of dollars worth of inexpensive items, as well as billions in high priced products. He’s helped sell billions of intangible services and professional services, too.

The wildly profitable things Jay could teach you are utterly amazing.

That’s why I pulled out ALL the stops when I heard Jay had a strong desire to find an irresistibly appealing way to help smaller, less capitalized business owners and start-up entrepreneurs (like you) make more money and create greater wealth. I found a way you can access Jay for pennies on the dollar…

I’m talking about the opportunity for you to profit massively. I’m also talking about the once-in a lifetime chance to learn Jay’s very best $5,000-an-hour, fortune building business secrets FOR LESS THAN $200 . Then get your money back if they don’t perform money making miracles for your business.

As you know, up until now the only way to access Jay’s wildly profitable brain was either to hire him privately at $5,000 an hour … $40,000 a day … or attend his expensive events like his five day $25,000 per person seminar. But now, you won’t have to. You won’t even have to pay him 2% of that amount, as you’ll see in a moment.

Jay Is “The Real Thing”

Yet people who have paid Jay his expensive fees have said Jay is the best return on investment they’ve ever made. (But imagine the ROI you’ll receive, since it’ll cost you almost nothing to do it.)

That’s not just their and my opinion, either. Why else would USA Today write glowing articles on Jay … twice in their prestigious Money Section? Why else would Success Magazine write not two, three, or four … but five laudatory stories on Jay? Why else would Entrepreneur Magazine pay Jay to help build their publication (Jay grew Entrepreneur 800% more sales in a whirlwind 9 month time), then write two glowing articles about his abilities and achievements? Why else would Forbes call Jay… ‘the real thing’?

Why else would Stephen Covey, Harvey McKay, Ken Blanchard, Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Martin Edelstein — the publisher of Investor’s Business Daily … and nearly 200 more of America’s top business experts ALL lavishly recommend and endorse Jay’s last book.

What specifically, you might wonder, could anyone know or teach someone like you, that’s worth all that money?

Doubling And Redoubling Profits Without Added Time And

Well, how about 93 different ways to get more referrals than your business can probably handle? Or how about learning a proven method to increase your leads and prospects by up to 21 times? Or how about a result-certain sales concept for doubling, redoubling and doubling again your profits, income AND PAYCHECK … without spending any more time, or investment than you do right now.

Jay knows three more profitable ways to sell than the approach you are probably using. He knows 15 more powerfully ways to advertise than the way you do it now. He knows 14 ‘killer’ ways to get customers and clients buying larger units of purchase, paying more for them and coming back to buy things more often.

He knows no less than 38 bigger, better, more profitable ways to grow bottom line profits … not merely top line sales for any business … especially a small to medium sized business, or start up, like yours where capital is limited or tight.

You name the type, kind and size of business you own/run or want to start and Jay can absolutely make it more money, increase its revenues, multiply its profits, grow it more customers, increase the size of each sale and, get all those customers buying up to three times as much and as often.

Jay can eliminate your adverting costs altogether and teach you amazing, NO COST or NO CASH alternatives that produce many time greater bottom-line results. He can tell you how to set up lucrative strategic alliance deals. He can create multiple streams of new income for you. He can identify new markets you’ve never gone after before and Jay can add fabulous new profit centers you would never gain access to on your own. He can help you get dozens of prominent people, companies, publications or organizations endorsing and recommending your business, products or services to their groups and contacts.

Want to know more?

Jay can teach you his 21 Power Principles of Business Owners Who Get Rich. He can teach you the 42 eX-Factors (the easiest ‘no brainer’ ways to grow any business-exponentially). He can show you a unique mindset strategy … guaranteed to catapult your business to preeminence in your market or field-within 9-12 months OR LESS.

BUT your question has to be … can Jay find YOU and YOUR business a million or multi-million dollar profit windfall in less than 15 months as he has done for so many others? Can he double or triple YOUR positive cash flow in as short as 120 days, as he has for hundreds just like you? Can he find YOU 5-50 additional ways for your business to make you more money without spending any more or time-like he did for all the people we talked about earlier?

Can Jay multiply YOUR income and paycheck by 5 or 10 or even 50 times more, like he did for David Hall, Jim Cook, Brian Tracy, Greg Yost, Joel Nadel, Lee Euler, Howard Ruff, Michael Quinn, Audri Lanford and hundreds more like them?

MAYBE … MAYBE NOT! But there’s one thing he will absolutely, positively guarantee.

Jay Guarantees He Will Find Your Business An Absolute, Immediate Profit Windfall Of A Minimum Of $10,000 To A Million Or Even Multimillion Dollars – Within The First Sixty Days You Spend Learning His Methods…

… even though you’ll only be paying him less than one half percent of the price people usually pay him to learn this at his $25,000 seminar.

That’s why Jay has decided to make you a daring, bold and utterly irresistible proposition:

He’s willing to totally take ALL the risk and commitment on you … instead of you being at risk one dime on him.

Instead of you having to pay Jay $5,000 – $40,000 to learn his multi-million dollar marketing and business growth secrets … he’ll invest his money making, fortune building ideas in you … FIRST.

Simply put, Jay is willing to send you an amazing money-making business growth marketing system, The 9 Pillars of Business Growth, representing over $5,000 of value … IF you’ll send Jay a mere $149 to help pay for the production and processing required to get it all out to you.

What’s more, you can get a complete refund anytime within 60 days of having the system in your possession. If Jay’s System fails to put at least $10,000 minimum in your bank account within those first sixty days-Jay doesn’t want to even keep your nominal $149. So he won’t.

Just send Jay back the program if you’re not five to seven figures of profit ahead-within sixty days time… and

Jay will give you back every penny

Jay can’t be any fairer than that!

His thinking here is simple. If you really DO want to see your current business or start up idea make you many times more money. If you are dead serious about creating for yourself a ton more business wealth … Jay has an almost painless way to help do it for you in this no-risk offer. Now you no longer have any reason or excuse for not making yourself the kind of money you always wanted.

Jay will send you a comprehensive business growth system, containing some of his best $5,000-an-hour money-making ideas, methods and concepts to study, apply and prosper from-FIRST… and he will only charge you a modest $149 processing fee to get it produced, packed and shipped off to you.

Jay is giving you a way to personally experience the same profit-boosting ideas you would learn if you paid him big bucks to privately consult with your business. He’ll send you a condensed version of a $10,000 seminar. He’ll send you the same blueprint he uses to engineer monster profit windfalls for those multimillion dollar successes you read about. He’ll teach you the same 25 ways to out-market the competition he reveals at his $25,000 Marketing Super Summits.

He’ll show you the same nine ways to explode more profits that he shows people in his $20,000 advanced programs. He’ll find you more hidden assets, overlooked profits and under-performing areas of money making opportunities than you ever dreamed possible … ALL ON JAY’S DIME, NOT YOURS.

Remember, if you don’t put at least a $10,000 windfall profit – and up to a million dollar windfall – you’ll get your $149 right back.

Why He’s Doing This…

Why is Jay willing to be generous and daring enough to do all this for you? For these very good reasons:

FIRST and candidly, because Jay can probably afford to take a big risk on you, much easier than you can afford to risk a lot of money on Jay. He’s game for that challenge.

SECOND … Jay knows his methods and strategies always perform and work wonders whenever anyone properly applies them. But what he doesn’t know is whether you’ll really implement and work what he teaches you. Consequently, Jay doesn’t want to make money from anyone who doesn’t profit far greater than Jay does.

THIRD: Jay knows how many different ways his ideas and concepts can fatten up your bank account, boost your sales, multiply your profits and help your business thrive and prosper … BUT YOU DON’T. All you know is some very amazing and almost unbelievable claims and success stories we’ve talked about above

You see, Jay believes he can easily help YOU make an extra $10,000, $50,000, $500,000 and even $1,000,000 OR MORE from the basic money-making market system he sends you. If he DOES, you should be more than willing to re-invest a small portion of your newfound profits back with Jay in the not-so-distant future.

Perhaps you will purchase one of Jay’s more expensive products (his books start at close to $400 and go up to $1,000 a piece). Maybe you’ll attend one of his expensive $25,000 seminars. Or, you could even become one of his private advisory clients (and pay Jay six or seven figures after Jay makes you 10-100 times that amount).

Your business could even grow so much you’d qualify to work with Jay on a pure performance basis, where Jay is paid only for results. Finally, some large companies who need convincing may change their tune if they use Jay’s proprietary information to uncover a six or seven figure, six-week profit windfall, right off the bat!

Everything You’re Going To Get For Your Risk-Free $149 Investment…

So, with Jay’s motives now firmly established, here’s the proposition he’s offering just 1,000 people on this e-mail list:

He’ll send you out The Nine Pillars of Business Growth that effectively instructs, teaches and advises you in the same way and methods Jay would do … IF you retained him personally. Here’s what your nine ‘pillar’ system includes:

Number One: Jay did a mammoth day long interview with Anthony Robbins, that focused questions about Jay’s newest breakthrough discoveries … his Optimization Strategy, his Quantum Leap Strategy, the Diving Board and Parthenon Approaches and Jay’s Ex-Factor Method of creating geometric business growth. The session was tightly edited into two fast-paced, no-nonsense hours. It’s the most detailed explanation of Jay’s strategies ever recorded. It’s like getting the core essence of one of Jay’s $5,000 Mastermind Marketing programs. This priceless tape is part one of the system.

Number Two: is a two-hour DVD of Jay presenting his famous ‘Multiplying Results Method,’ for accelerating and rapidly expanding bottom line growth, at the internationally acclaimed ‘$10,000 Financial Mastery’ University where Jay was the featured key presenter to 1500 demanding entrepreneurs.

Number Three: The condensed ‘Stealth Marketing.’ Jay ‘sold-out’ the entire printing of a $1,000 a copy book that contained the answers to the 100 biggest money-making business questions, problems, challenges and issues most business owners like you face. He’s taken the best 30 of those questions and combined them into this condensed version.

Number Four: The 42 secrets of making monster profits-FAST. The Strategy of Pre-Eminence is a philosophical strategy (or strategic philosophy) that Jay modeled from a client who used it to catapult their business from a $1,000 start-up to a $450 million industry giant in a few short years! It’s an amazing way to get people to see your business and products as the only possible choice they can turn to. It’s a powerful basis to overhaul your entire selling, advertising or marketing approach with. It opens up vast, new profit possibilities. It animates your spirit. In short, it alone is certain to totally transform your entire business strategy and redefine the way you compete, sell and prosper. This component is priceless. When used with the other eight components in this system it virtually turbo charges and boosts the speed and impact of any and every revenue generating activity you do.

Number Five: Abraham 101: At a $25,000 seminar called The Performance Enhancement Quotient, Jay laid out a ‘short-course’ overview primer of his entire proprietary approach and system for building great business wealth. We took the recording of that entire three-hour session… transcribed, edited and refined it into a document you can read over and over again to hone your money making marketing abilities to a razor sharp edge.

Number Six: The Power Parthenon of Geometric Business Growth

Jay has three foundational concepts he uses for every client he advises. Probably the biggest profit multiplier of all three is the Power Parthenon. It’s a proven method for setting up multiple streams of income, multiple profit centers, and multiple ‘money generating’ impact points to leverage your results and it makes your business totally dominate, envelop and decimate all those you compete against. This is probably going to turn up your money-making flame and capability so high you won’t know how to stop all the new found profits from flooding in.

Number Seven: The Abraham Method. A few years ago, as the key grounding portion of a $20,000 seminar Jay held, he created a private folio called The Abraham Method. It carefully explained (in an almost cat-scan type manner) the unique and proprietary method Jay used to explode the profits of one business after another. It has examples galore, exercises and clear, carefully explained details. (This is totally different, but completely integrated with The Strategy of Pre-eminence) We’ve gotten Jay’s approval to include a private copy of this folio in with your system.

Number Eight: 502 Actual Case Studies Reports. Over $150,000,000 worth of profit windfalls and business growth. Jay believes you CAN learn best how to model, apply and adjust his methods and strategies if you can actually see the precise way different business owners and entrepreneurs actually used them to rack up real fortunes. So Jay persuaded 502 of his past clients and seminar attendees to openly reveal their real ‘first-hand’ approaches with you in an amazing 816 page private collection of case studies … to die for!

You’ll see how they dealt with 502 specific business challenges, problems, or competitors similar to situations you face right now. You’ll see how people did it with little or no capital. You’ll see how people did it with few, if any, employees. You’ll see how people did it in nearly 100 different industries. This case study collection is bound to inspire you to create your own profitable applications of Jay’s concepts and run with them all the way to the bank.

Number Nine: The Nine Drivers Of Explosive Exponential Profit Growth. Jay keeps refining his money making methods down to easier, faster, more dramatic results. Last year, he introduced the Nine Drivers at his $25,000 Strategy Setting Super Summit. Everyone there was impressed Jay figured out just nine simple, but disarmingly powerful factors, you can use to stimulate rapid, geometric profit growth in any business you ever own or run. We took his presentation and translated it into a document you can use to quickly propel your business profits into the stratosphere.

Put all nine together, and you’re learning the greatest money-making secrets and fortune building lessons of the most famous market genius alive today! (How to outthink, outsell, outmarket, outwit, outmaneuver, outposition and out-earn every competitor in your field.)

Is This System Really Worth $5,000?

Is this system really worth $5,000? Well, it offers more actionable ideas, applications and strategic money-making information than Jay could possibly compact into a one-hour consultation that sells for $5,000! Plus, it presents the key ideas Jay shares at a four-day $10,000 seminar … AND it summarizes the main principles Jay has built his $25,000 five-day SUPER SUMMIT program around. I would argue that this set is worth many times more than $5,000 to you … if you act on what it reveals.

Also, keep in mind that Jay’s payoff will only come AFTER you put the system into action—and it has produced a handsome profit for you. Only then will you want to reciprocate, by purchasing more expensive products and services from Jay. Only that way can Jay even keep your modest $149 initial payment.

Jay wants to invest in you first. So he’ll sell you this impressive and substantial $5,000 business growth system for only $149. He won’t even consider the purchase ‘binding’ on your part UNTIL you’ve used his methods a full sixty days and had the chance to profit wildly! Either his system works its moneymaking magic on your business … or it doesn’t. It’s really THAT simple. If it works … keep it and prosper! If it fails, you send it back within sixty days for a complete and instant refund.

Since this IS a test, Jay wants to strictly limit the number of people who get in on this offer … until he proves his premise out about giving away expensive products for cost and sees if you’ll really come back and buy more expensive things from him with some of the profits he makes you.

SO, if you’re not the kind of business person who gives back when someone makes you a hefty profit … please do not order.

For years, thousands of wealthy and prosperous business owners the world over have turned to Marketing Genius Jay Abraham for ideas, guidance, and brilliant money-making business advice. But

They’ve Kept it Pretty Much a Secret...

The reason is understandable. Jay Abraham has probably made more business people more money and increased more business wealth, than possibly, any other business advisor around. Now Jay’s proven money-making marketing system can have a tremendous impact in your business, too – but without you having to spend a small fortune to get it.

Pray your competitor doesn’t order this system instead of you.

To get one of the nine-part sets being offered for just $149, click on the order button below, before all the systems are spoken for.

FINALLY, in case you’re still undecided (why I can’t possibly imagine), unsure or worried that Jay’s system won’t be able to help your business make a ton more money … read THESE quotes from people or publications you respect:

Anthony Robbins said, ‘One idea Jay gave me in the first hour increased our company’s marketing effectiveness by more than 100%.’ Jay is ‘phenomenal, amazing.’

Mark Victor Hansen said, ‘Jack Canfield and I approached him when we wanted to do the book concept for ‘Chicken Soup For the Soul.’ Jay gave Jack and me two killer concepts. Obviously, they must have worked, because so far, we’ve sold over 88 million copies using his approach.’

Mike Basch, one of the original founders of Federal Express tripled the sales in one of his new business … in less then 60 days … using just five ideas Jay gave to him. He said, ‘Jay is one of only two genuine Marketing geniuses I have met in my life. The other is the man that turned FedEx into the billion dollar giant it has become worldwide. You can learn amazing things from Jay.’

USA Today wrote, ‘He gets businesses going and growing again.’

Investor’s Business Daily said, ‘He knows how to get maximum results from minimal .’

Chase Revel, Founder of Entrepreneur Magazine, said, ‘I made $1.5 million from just one thing Jay taught me.’

Forbes said, ‘His specialty: turning corporate underperformers into Marketing and sales whizzes.’

The New York Times said, ‘Jay Abraham – specializes in helping entrepreneurial companies grow.’

The Los Angeles Business Journal said, ‘Jay is a leading marketing consultant -commanding a $25,000 fee for a 3-day conference.’

Brian Tracy said, ‘Jay Abraham has perhaps the finest marketing mind in America today.’

Bob Allen, famous Real Estate Investment Genius said, ‘He has contributed many millions of dollars to my bottom line. One idea he gave us alone made us a twenty million dollar windfall in just 60 days!’

Nigel Woof, General Manager, Day-Timers Europe, Ltd. said, ‘Jay teaches more ingenious ways to make money, grow your business, boost your profits and increase sales than any other entrepreneurial individual you are likely to meet.’

If you’re satisfied earning a small fraction of the profits and income your business could (and should) be paying you … do nothing different.

If you want to start making a ton more money, doubling and keep redoubling your paycheck … and have a clear, direct path to real prosperity and business wealth … order Jay’s system on his better than risk-free … pay only after your profit, irresistible, bold test proposition.

Get Jay’s Amazing Windfall Profit Secrets Risk-Free Right Now!

Order Jay’s $5,000 business growth system for a mere $149 on Jay’s sixty-day $10,000 windfall profit guarantee – and find out for yourself. Follow the link below and complete the ‘no risk,’ order-form.

Order Jay’s 9 Pillars of Business Growth package. Put it to the ‘acid moneymaking test’ for sixty days. Either it makes you a bundle (a five to eight figure financial windfall Jay promises in the first two months) … or it doesn’t. Jay’s game for you to take him up on his challenge. Are you?


Patrick Coffey

Internet Marketing Director, Early To Rise

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