Breakthrough Advertising

What Could a Marketing Legend Who Generated Over $2 Billion in Sales Working 4 Hours a Day From His Home Office Possibly Teach You?

How to Explode Your Sales and Profits by More Than 10,000%

Dear Fellow Marketer,

The year was 1976. Martin Edelston was operating his business from the basement of his home, with his desk squeezed beside the furnace.

Martin had already burned through most of his meager start-up capital, and he was down to his last $3,500. He had a great idea … he had a dream he believed in … and he had the ambition to see it through.

What he did not have were sales.

His business was going broke, because he didn’t know how to communicate the tremendous value and benefits of his product to his market. He had to make something happen … and fast.

So he called Eugene M. Schwartz. If there was anyone with the proven ability to create EXPLOSIVE sales growth, it was Gene Schwartz.

Martin wanted Schwartz to write an advertisement for his company, so they agreed to meet the next day. Gene told him he would write the ad, but it would cost Martin $2,500. That’s nearly $9,000 in today’s dollars.

Even then, it represented more than 70% of his entire company budget … but Edelston didn’t even flinch. They went right to work, and for the next four hours, Martin talked about his idea while Schwartz took notes.

That night, in the time it took his wife to put on her makeup, Schwartz wrote the ad that launched Martin Edelston’s company.

The headline of the ad read: “How to Get the Heart of 370 Business Magazines in Just 30 Minutes a Month”.

When that ad hit, the profits of Martin’s company exploded, and a publishing empire was born.

But what had changed? The product didn’t change. Martin’s enthusiasm for his business didn’t change. There was no change in the market.

The difference-maker was Gene Schwartz’s ability to clearly communicate the value and the benefits of Martin’s product to the market.

How would you like to turn $3,500 into $50 million?

Martin Edelston’s company, Boardroom Inc., is now a multi-national publishing company that does more than $50 million in annual sales. It has become one of the most successful direct-response businesses of all time.

But Gene Schwartz was no one hit wonder. According to the clients who paid him, Gene was so successful at writing direct advertising copy that his hit ratio was 80%. For every 100 promotions he wrote, 80 were winners. Big winners!

His success was not limited to a particular product or industry either. Gene simply knew how to sell. He understood people … what makes them tick … and what makes them buy.

For Martin Edelston, Gene sold newsletters and books millions of them! But he also ignited the sales growth of other companies that sold cosmetics, health products, fertilizer, cassette tapes, toys, even coffee.

If you’ve ever wanted to tap into explosive profits and get hundreds even thousands of customers for your products, there is a lot you can learn from Eugene Schwartz. But first, consider just a few of these homeruns attributed to Gene.

  • One ad he wrote sold 1.98 million copies of a single $25 book.
  • He wrote an ad for flowers that exhausted the supply in nurseries.
  • He generated an avalanche of over 2 million orders for a single fishing lure!
  • For another company, he opened the financial floodgates, pulling in $150,000 in three days for a book on car repair!
  • He created $25,000 in sales from an ad in one newspaper for a children’s toy.
  • Another company received a windfall of nearly $50 million as a result of Gene’s work to sell its natural health book
  • Gene sold 600,000 copies of a book about how to improve your child’s grades.
  • One campaign he created for television resulted in 1 out of 14 television owners purchasing the product!

This is just a small sample of Gene’s breakthrough sales successes. He was not only able to revive flagging markets, on many occasions he took products that nobody else could move and turned them into bestsellers.

He was even successful selling poetry through the mail … Poetry!

In the early 1970’s, model Oleda Baker had written a book called The Model’s Way to Beauty, Slenderness & Glowing Health. The problem was, it didn’t sell … at all. But before Baker and her publisher gave up on the project, they contacted Eugene Schwartz.

With Gene’s help, sales of the book exploded to over 60,000 units!

Oleda Baker went on to become a pioneer in marketing anti-aging products. To this day, she operates a multimillion-dollar cosmetics and health products company.

How would you like to have Eugene Schwartz in YOUR corner?

What was it that Gene Schwartz had?

How did he hit a grand slam eight times for every 10 times he stepped up to the plate?

More importantly is it something that YOU can learn?

The answer is a resounding YES!!

And the good news is you don’t have to be an expert at advertising or a great writer. You can learn exactly what it takes from the man himself.

  • Imagine creating advertisements that result in an immediate rush of sales orders.
  • What if you owned a website that generated consistent sales and profits … even while you sleep?
  • Imagine sending e-mails that command attention and motivate serious buyers to take action.
  • What if you could harness the hopes and fears of the masses and channel their burning desires to your business … your product?
  • What if you could create advertisements that generate $10,000 in profits in a month … or even a week?

Eugene Schwartz possessed the world’s most financially valuable skill he knew how to sell. But he didn’t do it door to door. He didn’t do it over the telephone. He didn’t even do it face to face.

What Gene did was even easier … and more profitable. And he never had to leave the desk in his home office to do it. You can learn how to do the very same thing.

Master the art of advertising and promotion, and the world will beat a path to your door. You will not only have success convincing people to buy your products, but also your ideas, concepts, and beliefs. Power and money decisively travel toward those who are persuasive.

“I Raised My Net Worth From $100,000 to $10 Million Within 1 Year!”

Gene was always willing to share the secrets of his success. But during most of his career, he was just too busy. He was so occupied with his work that he rarely wrote about the methods he developed his clients kept him booked solid.

But in 1966, Gene Schwartz produced a book called Breakthrough Advertising, and the world found out that Gene was not only a one-of-a-kind marketing genius he was also a brilliant teacher. When people learned they could duplicate Gene’s success his book became a marketing classic.

Make that a rare classic. Long out of print, the book was recently selling for as much as $900 for a single used copy. And it’s no wonder his ideas are worth millions.

One reader of Breakthrough Advertising who is in the financial industry is said to have told Gene that within a year of obtaining the book he had raised his net worth from $100,000 to $10 million!

Christian H. Godefroy, a highly successful speaker, says, “Gene Schwartz made me a millionaire from a would-be millionaire with just a few breakthrough ideas. Breakthrough Advertising was out of print and I paid a lot of money to buy a copy. I have never regretted my investment.”

Make no mistake … this is not some out-of-date novelty that has value as a collector’s item. Gene Schwartz’s lessons are as priceless and unique today as they ever were. His methods are timeless. They’ll work in any era, for any product.

If you have ANYTHING to market including your ideas, or even yourself – this information will raise your level of success and immediately ignite your profits.

Joe Vitale is one of the most successful Internet marketers in the world. He makes no bones about it when he says, “No one in business should be without this information.”

However, you should know that while the breakthrough principles this book teaches are worth hundreds of times the price, some of Gene’s ideas are not the easiest to master.

Not to worry, though … that’s why we created …

The Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing

Through a joint of Boardroom and Agora two direct-marketing giants that were started on a shoestring and owe their success to the principles of Gene Schwartz -we’ve put together the most complete course on his methods ever created.

Gene’s closest contemporaries his colleagues, clients, students, and friends share with you the very best of his “lost” marketing secrets. These innovative ideas have made them hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars.

Many of the marketing masters who contribute to the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing are legends in their own right, and more than a few of them sell their independent consulting services and seminars for thousands of dollars, where they share the same secrets you will learn as a student of this course.

You’ll learn specifically how they applied Gene’s methods to supercharge their sales and profits and you’ll quickly understand how to put the very same strategies to work for you.

The roundtable discussions with Gene Schwartz’s proteges are recorded on a series of four compact discs. Hearing these real-world examples broken down into simple steps will help you quickly absorb the principles in the course.

You’ll be able to put the ideas to work immediately, vastly increasing your return on investment.

No matter what business you’re in, you will know how to position your business so that your prospect believes that ONLY YOUR PRODUCT and no other will meet his needs.

In addition to the team of modern marketing gurus and masters of persuasion, you will also learn from Schwartz’s own writing. The textbook for the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing is Gene’s classic rare book, Breakthrough Advertising.

Imagine the results at your command when you learn to lessly employ foolproof strategies to:

  • Channel mass desire to your product and create out-of-control profits, even in a down economy.
  • Prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your product does everything you claim.
  • Lead people from agreement … to desire … to the conviction that they must own your product.
  • Revive a “dead” product or even a sagging market and create runaway sales success.
  • Earn a fortune on emerging trends by learning how to “slightly redirect tomorrow”.
  • Identify what your customers desire more than anything else in life and then get them to buy by fulfilling that desire.

This information has never been presented in such a compressed, highly intensive format. You will receive the priceless benefit of Schwartz’s classic text, combined with step-by-step instructions from his proteges.

But it doesn’t stop there …

Gene Schwarz Live … learn from the legend himself!

In addition to all of this, the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing also includes a VHS video presentation of the in-house lecture Gene presented to a major direct-marketing company. Gene passed away several years ago, so this kind of opportunity will never come along again.

Like a maestro, Gene Schwartz will show you how to scientifically identify your prospect’s desire and then direct it … channel it … and focus it like a laser on your business.

Frankly, we are shocked that this company allowed us to include the video with your course materials. (They would NOT allow us to mention their name.) Gene was paid a small fortune to deliver this tell-all seminar … and tell all he did.

This video is an absolute goldmine of ideas, as Gene goes into great detail about his success and how he achieved breakthrough results time after time. He provides examples, and lays bare the process he used to achieve his stunning results.

He even reveals the details of his workday, and how he managed to produce so much in so little time. Gene worked seven days a week, but he never worked more than four hours a day.

How would you like to generate over $2 billion in revenue working only four hours a day?

You’ll learn exactly how Gene achieved peak efficiency combined with maximum creativity. You will be able to quickly model his techniques to achieve your own breakthrough sales success.

“Completing this course is like getting a Ph.D. in persuasion …”

On the first recorded session, you’ll be introduced to the core concepts of Breakthrough Advertising with Bob Bly, author of over 50 books and a direct-marketing veteran, leading the discussion. He’s joined by Jay Abraham, Sandy Franks, and Ken McCarthy.

Jay Abraham is the highest-paid and perhaps the best-known marketing consultant on the planet, and he normally charges $5,000 an hour for his time! When Tony Robbins needs marketing advice, he calls Jay.

Sandy Franks is the Marketing Director of Agora Publishing, a $150 million direct-response publishing company built largely on the strength of its direct-marketing excellence.

Ken McCarthy rounds out the panel. Ken is known for his pioneering role in the development of the commercial Internet. But before that, he was an active marketer and student of direct-response advertising.

Ken had the opportunity to correspond with Eugene Schwartz … and he attributes much of his success to Eugene’s encouragement and his own well-thumbed copy of Breakthrough Advertising.

The key concepts covered by the panel include:

  • How to capitalize on the five states of customer awareness with Gene’s easy three-step headline-writing process
  • How to join two emotional images in the same sentence … and create ten times persuasive power of every claim
  • How to make sure your prospect knows everything he gets with your product … and what he’s missing if he doesn’t
  • How to position your product so vividly and intensely so it becomes virtually irresistible. Hint: it’s not the performance of your product that sells it.
  • How to use metaphor and imagination to present benefits and claims more powerfully than with a realistic approach

Pull up a chair and listen in on this roundtable discussion, as four of today’s top marketing masterminds show YOU how to master Gene Schwartz’s best ideas to achieve breakthrough sales success.

How did Schwartz beat his competitors … over and over and over again?

Direct-marketing companies constantly test different ads and sales letters against one another. The ad that consistently outperforms the rest is called the “control.” Time after time, the letters Gene wrote became controls. As a matter of fact, 85 times out of a 100, Schwartz’s work created greater sales volume.

In the second recorded session, Bob Bly interviews those people who hired Gene Schwartz to produce so many of those winning advertisements. He is joined Martin Edelston, the founder of Boardroom Publishing, as well as Brian Kurtz of Boardroom Publishing and Michael Fishman of Specialists Marketing Services, Inc., two marketing executives who worked closely with Gene. They are also joined by Pat Corpora who worked with Gene at Rodale Publishing and David Deutsch a top freelance copywriter and marketing consultant who has worked for clients like Phillips and Boardroom Inc.

Each one of these panelists are “A-level” marketers in their own right. They share with you why Gene’s work was so successful for their companies, and the exact strategies and secrets he used to produce winning results time after time.

The lessons they share can help you turn a marginal direct-marketing campaign into an outrageously profitable winner!

You will learn:

  • A specific way to capture greater market share by appealing to a “common resentment”. Schwartz used this technique to sell tens of thousands of a television repair manual.
  • How to create “fascinations” in your advertisements … small nuggets that give just enough information to pique the reader’s interest … and hold just enough back to build suspense
  • How to interweave emotion and logic in the same sentence to impart meaning and importance to the facts you present. Learn to say so much more in a very small space.
  • The 3 levels of creativity and how to tap into the one level that yields breakthrough results.
  • How to draw your prospect deeper and deeper into your copy, using key “momentum phrases”, teasers, and incomplete statements.

It’s tempting to think that Gene was successful because he was a better writer than anyone else. This is simply not true.

Good writers are common. Besides, Gene Schwartz wrote advertising, so he was communicating at an 8th grade level. When you read a Gene Schwartz ad, you are not impressed with the words he used or the quality of his writing you don’t even notice the writing.

What you notice is how you feel … what emotions are stirred … the memories that are triggered. You are left with a conviction that you must own what he is selling.

As a student of the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing , you will learn step-by-step how to accomplish the very same results no matter what you are selling.

“Did You Ever See a Robin Step Up Behind Another Robin and Kick Its Legs From Under It?”

That’s the headline of an ad that Gene wrote for Audubon Bird Books. The ad sold tens upon thousands of copies of the book. This is also something that really happens, and Gene discovered that fact while he was doing research for the ad.

In the third session of the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing, moderator Bob Bly talks with the superstar writers who knew Gene the best. They discuss Gene’s legendary research methods, and specifically how he came up with winning headlines like the one you just read.

Gene teaches that the creativity does not have to come from you. It’s already in your product … you just have to dig it out. In this course, you’ll learn exactly how to do that.

It’s a simple technique that you can use to achieve amazing results.

In this session, Milt Pierce also talks about how Gene taught him to use numbers in his writing to create curiosity and add specificity to his promises. With this lesson in mind, Pierce went on to create a 20-year control for Good Housekeeping.

You might have even seen his headline: “32 Ways to Save Time and Money From the Pages of Good Housekeeping.”

Denny Hatch, the author of several books and founder of Who’s Mailing What!, is also interviewed in this session of the course.

“Gene Schwartz developed these ideas 30 years ago …

but they work even better today!”

The effectiveness of Gene’s methods has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. But, you might ask, how do these principles work in today’s world?

To find out, we gathered together some of the most successful online marketers.

In the final and perhaps most important session of the course, Bob Bly moderates a discussion between Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, and Harlan Kilstein three very successful Internet marketers.

These guys are earning a fortune on the strength of their advertising, and each one of them credits much of his success to what he learned from Gene Schwartz.

When you listen to this interview, you will not only learn how Gene’s methods apply to the Internet … you will learn specific strategies to create outrageously successful online marketing campaigns.

Gene articulated the mechanisms of the human mind. You’ll learn how to understand and appeal to human nature. Human nature doesn’t change.

When you understand human nature, you’ve mastered the power of persuasion. And when you’ve mastered the power of persuasion, you have at your disposal the most financially valuable skill in the world!

That is what the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing promises to teach you.

“I’m not in advertising … how will this work for me?”

It would be a mistake to believe that this graduate course only applies to advertising, or that professional writers are the only ones who could benefit from these methods.

If you are involved in any form of sales or marketing, the benefits you’ll receive as a student of this course could be worth hundreds of thousands to you in future earnings.

In addition to the marketing wisdom and profit-building insights you’ll gain, you will also receive immediate benefits if you would like to know how to:

  • Transform your resume into a lapel-grabbing masterpiece that commands attention
  • Write cover letters to prospective employers that position you as the only obvious choice without exaggerating your abilities
  • Compose a business plan that causes investors to salivate as they reach for their checkbooks
  • Convince your boss and colleagues that your ideas are brilliant, million-dollar winners
  • Jazz up your daily e-mails and memos so that your correspondence gets opened and acted upon right away

This masterpiece home-education program will show you how to capture anyone’s attention … stir his emotions … hold his interest … present a solution dripping with benefits … provide instant credibility … and then move him to immediate, decisive action.

And you can learn to do all of this quicker and easier than you ever thought possible!

“Yes … I want to acquire the world’s most financially valuable skill!”

The Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing will walk you step-by-step through Gene’s methods and ideas.

In addition to Gene’s video presentation and his classic book, there are 17 modern marketing masters who contributed to this course. Each one of them shares the most important lessons they learned from Gene, and explain how YOU can directly apply them … starting today.

In addition to the recorded CDs, you will also receive transcripts of the interviews, so you can follow right along.

And don’t forget the extended video of Gene Schwartz’s presentation of his methods. You will learn directly from the master himself. And he leaves no stone unturned. Listen as he shares idea after idea, supported with countless examples and the actions you should take to duplicate his success.

It’s impossible to put a true value on this course. It’s no exaggeration to say that the ideas in this course are responsible for BILLIONS of dollars in revenue. Several multi-national corporations even owe their existence to what they learned from Gene Schwartz.

Many of the marketers who had the fortune to work with Schwartz have built multimillion-dollar empires using his ideas. And that’s not to mention the time and money they saved by avoiding fruitless s and focusing on strategies that work.

What would it be worth to create one winning advertisement for a product you represent?

What if you could do it over and over again for different products and services?

If this course helps you do this even once, it will pay for itself a hundred times over.

Any one of the tips and secrets revealed in the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course could be worth thousands of dollars to you. But you’ll come away with a lot more than one great idea. This course is filled with literally hundreds of proven ideas, tips and simple tricks to supercharge your sales and profits.

The entire Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing is only $149!

Never before have these ideas been so readily available … so clearly presented … and so reasonably priced as they are in this offer.

Gary Bencivenga is one of the worlds highest paid direct mail copywriters, and he credits much of his success to what he learned from Schwartz. Here is what he has to say:

“Gene was a genius, a marketing alchemist who routinely turned the lead of his typewriter keys into rivers of gold. If I had to pay $10,000 for this information, I’d do so in a heartbeat though I confess I’m relieved I don’t have to …”

The mastery of these methods can be worth millions in increased sales for your business.

It can also mean the difference between wasting time and money on marketing ideas that are doomed to failure … versus moving forward with money-making strategies that have been proven to work. You’ll have some of the most sophisticated and powerful sales techniques ever developed.

This course will save you endless grief … it will speed your progress … and it will make you a ton of money!

The people who have completed this course universally comment that their marketing skills started to improve the very first day. That is testament to how jam-packed this course is with usable information.

Many of the course contributors charge thousands of dollars a day for their time. One of them, Jay Abraham, charges $5,000 per HOUR! As a student of the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing, you’ll learn firsthand from these high-priced consultants … and you’ll learn from the legend himself, Eugene Schwartz.

The entire Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing is only $149.

Every day that you delay is a day that you could be using these ideas to explode your sales … skyrocket your response rates … and start banking breakthrough profits!

Best of all, you can master Gene Schwartz’s methods 100% risk-free!

If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return the course materials at any time for a full and prompt refund of your tuition fee without question or quibble.

That way, all the risk is on our shoulders. You can’t lose! We look forward to hearing from you today.


Patrick Coffey

Early To Rise

P.S. Register today and get two FREE Bonus Gifts

Special Bonus #1 – The Gene Schwartz Lecture. A transcript of the classic talk Gene gave at a major publishing company on October 8, 1993, including Gene’s never-before-published “8 rules of great copywriting.” They must have paid Gene a small fortune to deliver this talk. Frankly, I can’t believe they’re allowing us to offer it free when you take the Gene Schwartz Graduate Course in Marketing. But they are!

Special Bonus #2 – The Most Prolific Copywriter I’ve Ever Met. A special section in the transcript booklet (Bonus #1) includes this biography of Gene Schwartz, written by Cecil Hoge Sr., a mail-order marketer who knew Gene well. In it, he gives a rare account of the beginnings of Gene’s career.


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