Planning and Goal-Setting So You Can Work Less and Make More

When you’re busy taking care of business, it can easily take you for a ride. You know you’re on this ride when you become very reactive—constantly putting out fires and responding to whichever customer or product is screaming loudest for your attention. This is how...

How Ed Sheeran Used a 1970’s Military Strategy to Write 2017’s Top Song

Ed Sheeran is arguably the most popular singer alive. His song, “Shape of You,” has been viewed over three billion (yes, billion with a “b”) times on YouTube, and topped almost every year-end chart in 2017. It’s also the most streamed track on Spotify (nearly two...

What We Can Learn from 2017’s Fallen CEOs

Before the roller-coaster ride of 2017 even began, Leadership Guru Suzanne Bates postulated that there would be five primary reasons for top-dog hacks over the course of the year. Some of what Bates suggested has been cause for CEO cuts for decades—poor communication,...

The Quiet Power (and Possibility) of Reward

For many of my hard-working friends, wine is the reward for a day well done. In fact, for one, it's a inviolable ritual. At the end of every excruciating midweek slog, my buddy hauls home around 7pm (if he's lucky), drops his briefcase, slips into a hoodie, and pours...

From Early to Rise Editor Craig Ballantyne ➤

022 – #1 Mental Hack for Success and Overcoming Self-Doubt

Discover Craig’s secrets to building a champion mindset so that you can be successful in every area of your life. Listen, chances are that you’ve been a great athlete, a top student, or you have amazing family relationships. That means you are a champion in one area of life. But it’s also likely that you are crippled with self-doubt and struggle in another area of life. In this show, Craig reveals how you can overcome this mindset, build your confidence, and apply a new champion mindset for success. You’ll see how the best of the best – like Tom Brady, Stephen King, and Lewis Howes use this every day – and you can too!

020 – #1 Pillar of High Performance

#1 pillar of high performance that gives you all day energy levels, laser-like focus, better sleep, faster recovery, and a leaner, sexier body… These amazing benefits are all within your arms reach at a grocery store. You see, the #1 factor in your physical and mental performance – and appearance – is good nutrition. Find out what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat in order for you to lose weight, look great, and get in high-performance shape for both the bedroom and the boardroom. Discover the lessons I learned at the University of Arnold Schwarzenegger at age 16 to be lean and energetic for life.

019 – Sales Skills 101: How to Go From Zero to Hero in the Art of Persuasion

Learning how to sell and persuade is one of the most important communication skills that every human must have. In every conversation you have every single day, you are persuading and selling. But selling doesn’t mean being sleazy. Instead, it means creating win-WIN relationships in every area of your life. Discover the secrets to selling from two leaders who were once really, really terrible at selling… but who have now become sales machines.

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