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Fight Stress, Fight Cancer

Have you ever noticed that you tend to get sick or catch a cold during times of stress? Most people underestimate the significance of that. The reason you get sick is because chronic stress lowers the body’s production of natural killer (NK) cells. These are the immune cells that kill viruses – and they are also one of the body’s primary defenses against cancer cells.

Keep Your Kids Healthy With 2 Natural Nutrients

My kids understand that I don’t give out medication easily. The use of any drug -prescription or otherwise – can mean unpleasant side effects, needless expense, and even life-threatening injury. So, to avoid all that, I prefer to protect my kids by giving them two nutritional supplements that have proven to be safe and effective at warding off illness, especially in the winter.

Health Imposters in the Freezer Case

The main benefit of frozen convenience foods is… well, their convenience. But a stroll though the frozen food section of your supermarket is likely to leave you hungry for better options. With good reason. The freezer case is packed with dietary pitfalls that can sabotage your waistline and harm your health.

7 Signs That You Are Doing Too Much Cardio

The other day, while I was completing my Turbulence Training workout, I noticed that the folks sweating it out on the cardio machines were going through some interesting rituals. After watching them for a while, it was clear to me why they were doing it: They were doing too darn much cardio!

A Secret to Success

Yesterday morning, after an early morning walk with Bally, my 3-year-old chocolate lab, I sat down in my office and read a motivational quote. (Something I do every day.)

This one struck me as true for both business and weight-loss success. It says, “Intense desire is the foundation of all achievement.”

New Relief for Migraine Sufferers

Undiagnosed food allergies can cause dark circles around the eyes, fatigue, chronic sinus drainage, joint pain, and general achiness. But they may also cause headaches. I’ve known this for years, and research is finally validating it.

Gatorade, Move Aside… Coconut Water Is Taking Over!

I grew up on the island of Puerto Rico, where it is blazing hot almost all year round. My father used to chop down a young coconut from the palm in front of our house and place it in the freezer so it would get very cold. Then he’d make a hole in the coconut and stick a straw in it so we could drink the thirst-quenching coconut water. Little did I know back then that I would rediscover this refreshing beverage in my search for healthy alternatives to high-sugar sports drinks.

A Powerful Persuasion Strategy

Over the years, I’ve tried to teach lots of folks to write sales copy. Not all of them have gone on to be stellar successes.

One of my most spectacular failures had a PhD in English Lit. Another was a crackerjack newspaper reporter. Still another had penned a best-seller and now wanted to try her hand at copywriting.

Preserve Eyesight, Stop Failing Vision Now

Each of us comes equipped with an amazing pair of optical wonders. Even the Hubble telescope, which looks far out into distant galaxies, pales in comparison to the technology of the eye.

For many, vision fails as they get older. But despite what you may have been led to believe, this is not an inevitable part of aging.

Nix the Nosh

Ever wonder why some trainers still tell their clients to eat six small meals a day, have a high-carb snack after working out (”to refuel the muscles”), and carb-load every time they go for a run? It’s because these trainers were steeped in the bodybuilding-gym culture of the ’60s, and learned from the training manuals of competitive athletes. But unless you’re training for a marathon or an Iron Man competition, that advice is 100 percent wrong – especially if you’re looking to lose weight.

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