A Neurohacker’s Guide to Time Management (How to Use Science to Structure Your Days)

Picture This You wake up on a Monday morning at 5:15 a.m., fifteen minutes before your alarm goes off. Feeling energized and refreshed after a relaxing weekend you think to yourself, “Today is going to be a great day. I’m going to get a head start and smash my goals.”...

7 Lessons to Double Your Revenue in 12-months or Less

In 2018, I set the goal to double my company’s revenue and generate more than $200,000/month from my coaching business while working (on average) fewer than 50 hours a week. Although it was not an easy goal to accomplish, with the help of my team and after putting the...

[Ultimate Guide] How to Make Your First 7-Figures

Building a seven-figure business is a lot like becoming a world champion race car driver. You need to have a highly skilled driver (that’s you), behind the wheel of the right vehicle (your business), who runs races with a well trained pit crew (your team). And in this...

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Setting and Achieving Massive Goals

I was untouchable. At least, that's what I thought. At age 25, I was a young man on top of the world. In addition to my job as a personal trainer, I was also leading several (heavily funded) research studies for a major sports nutrition company. Unfortunately, my...

Diet Tips for Fat Loss

Time for some diet tips for fat loss, and these killer ideas come mostly from the TTMembers forum. Very cool group of people on that site. One day, I read an article about binge eating, and knowing that portion control is a HUGE component of fat loss success, I went...

Edible Cancer Sticks

Polish researchers studied the effect of potato chip consumption on otherwise healthy volunteers. Potato chips and French fries are close cousins. Both contain relatively high concentrations of acrylamide, a potentially carcinogenic compound found in starchy foods that have been cooked at a high temperature.

Burn Fat With Spices

Not only can spices save an otherwise boring (but healthy) meal… turns out they can help you burn body fat through the process of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is simply heat. And since a calorie is a unit of heat, guess what? More thermogenesis = more calories burned.

Diet vs. Exercise Royal Rumble

What happens when you put 3 fitness experts in a room with a pizza, two cheeseburgers, two servings of edible cancer sticks (aka "french fries"), 2 sodas, 2 donuts, 2 giant chocolate chip muffins, 1 huge frappacino, 2 espresso brownies, 1 protein bar, a treadmill, a...

Mercury for Breakfast

One drop of mercury is supposed to be enough to contaminate an entire lake. And exposure to mercury has been connected with serious neurological disorders, including autism and Alzheimer’s. But I guess it’s okay for the fillings in your teeth – as well as our food supply. NOT!

Stressed? Try Vagus

Stress increases dangerous inflammatory factors called cytokines… damages the hippocampus, causing memory loss and mood disorders… reduces the brain’s ability to repair itself… increases abdominal fat… interferes with thyroid function… and even increases the stickiness of the blood (which can lead to dangerous clots).

Fasting for Fat Loss

I stepped off the plane on Saturday feeling amazing, even though it had been almost 20 hours since I last ate. But I didn't care, because I was fasting for fat loss. In fact, this was the best fast I'd ever done. But first, let's go back in time to Friday afternoon. I...

The Double-Whammy

If you believe “a calorie is a calorie”… I have news for you. All calories are not created equal.
For example, it requires more body energy to process calories from protein. You burn about 25 percent of the protein calories you consume just on digestion and biochemical processing. That’s one of the many reasons a high-protein diet burns more body fat.

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