7 Lessons to Double Your Revenue in 12-months or Less

In 2018, I set the goal to double my company’s revenue and generate more than $200,000/month from my coaching business while working (on average) fewer than 50 hours a week. Although it was not an easy goal to accomplish, with the help of my team and after putting the...

[Ultimate Guide] How to Make Your First 7-Figures

Building a seven-figure business is a lot like becoming a world champion race car driver. You need to have a highly skilled driver (that’s you), behind the wheel of the right vehicle (your business), who runs races with a well trained pit crew (your team). And in this...

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Setting and Achieving Massive Goals

I was untouchable. At least, that's what I thought. At age 25, I was a young man on top of the world. In addition to my job as a personal trainer, I was also leading several (heavily funded) research studies for a major sports nutrition company. Unfortunately, my...

4 Lessons to Dominate at Business in 2019…Even if the Market Collapses

“I’m never drinking again.” This was my Sunday morning motto for far too many years in my late 20's and early 30's. But no matter how painful the headaches were.... No matter how many times I huddled over a toilet, fighting waves of nausea for the entirety of my...

Twitter Diet Tips & My Meal Plan to Help You Lose Fat

Losing fat is simple. All you have to do is stuff your face with fruits and vegetables and you'll end up eating fewer calories overall and the fat will just melt off your body. Of course, you're an 8-year old child living in a grown-up's body aren't you? And you're...

Let a Little Sunshine Into Your Life

When our eyes don’t take in enough sunlight, we can “experience a serious mood change… sleep too much… have little energy… crave sweets and starchy foods… [and] feel depressed,” according to the National Library of Medicine. Studies link those symptoms to low levels of brain chemicals like serotonin and melatonin. Not only do we need sunlight in our eyes to produce those neurotransmitters, we need sunlight on our skin to produce vitamin D.

How to Lose Belly Fat Over Easter

Chocolate. Ham. Marshmallow bunny rabbits. Plenty of ways to eat yourself into a new pair of pants this weekend. So here are 5 ways to just say "NO" to gaining weight. Discover how to lose belly fat over Easter with these tips... 1) Workout first thing in the morning...

9 Steps to Defeating Depression

Of all the many prescriptions for happiness that populate the media these days, the most popular one is also the stupidest. I’m talking about the idea that you can defeat depression by “paying attention to yourself.” The truth is that paying attention to yourself...

They Don’t Call It a “Killer Recession” for Nothing

It’s not surprising that the economy is wreaking havoc on Americans’ health. Nearly 30 percent of Americans are losing sleep because of it. And – according to the findings of a landmark Gallup poll – Americans’ stress levels soared in 2008 and continue to rise in 2009.

Organics: More Than Meets the Eye

The next time you’re at the grocery, pick up a conventionally grown apple and an organically grown apple. Smell them. While the organic apple will be more fragrant, there won’t be much difference in the way they look.

Don’t Let the Recession Make You Overweight

Japanese scientists studied 122 workers between the ages of 21 and 60. They found that work stress (in the form of tension, anxiety, and depression) was associated with an increase in what they called “eating to satiety” (meaning eating until they were completely full). Unfortunately, eating to satiety was also associated with weight gain.

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