Marketing Tricks and Treats

Happy Halloween. I hope you’re having some kind of Holiday-related Sale today. You are, right? It’s be a spoooktacular failure if you weren’t! You should have though ahead to this because I’ve spoken about this marketing TREAT dozens of times in the past.

It goes back to the old Robert Collier principle. Collier was a legendary marketer who once said: “Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.

I suppose that’s a marketing TRICK…but it’s not bad. After all, everyone in North America, and many other places around the world, will be thinking about Halloween today.

Trick or treating is on their mind. You need to figure out how to connect your business with that conversation.

I’ve been doing that all week in my Turbulence Training business with workout and nutrition tips. I’m doing it here with this article. We’re even running Halloween related content at There are NO excuses for missing out on this marketing TREAT.

There’s still time to put something together…and to start planning for your big BLACK FRIDAY sale at the end of November. I know a lot of people, like Ryan Deiss and Rick Kaselj, that make BIG BUCKS that weekend.

Don’t miss your opportunity.

It’s not a TRICK, it’s a TREAT.

And here’s one more sweet treat for you…a new free interview with me.

Click here for the podcast treat with Craig

Enjoy that with candy corn. <= Ewwww!

No but seriously, Enjoy!

See you next week at the big seminar,

Craig Ballantyne

“You should get paid the most for the things that come easiest to you.” – Adam Urbanski