Internet Moneyball 2015

What a way to start the year. From the Mastermind weekend to this Internet Success Checklist, we are giving YOU all that we’ve got. And if you’ve even done a half-decent job with the checklist instructions, than you must be moving faster than ever.

This is fantastic. But you still have ONE more BIG step to go before you go to affiliates for a bigger launch. Time to take a tip from Brad Pitt and create your Moneyball System.

Step #8 – Create Your Internet Moneyball System

When you start working with affiliates (paid salespeople for your product), you will need to prove that your product offer will make them money. You will need to know your numbers and create what I call, an “Affiliate Media Kit” (AMK).

Here’s what you need to have in your AMK:

1) A PROVEN pre-written email that gets OPENS and CLICKS. (Such as the one I created for a fitness product in the example below.)

2) The email headline must result in an above average email rate and have a 50% or higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

3) The next step is to make sure your sales page converts the clicks to sales.

4) You must know your average transaction value – or at least explain how much commission is made per sale, per upsell, etc.

5) List total commissions that an affiliate made from a recent promo. For example, Affiliate X sending to his 10,000 person exercise email list received 2000 clicks, resulting in 111 sales and $4,153 in commission.

6) BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY…you take total commissions and divide by UNIQUE clicks and you get Earnings Per Click – EPC.

EPC is THE number that most professional affiliates care about. Period.

In our above example, the total commission divided by the number of clicks resulted in an EPC above $2 ($4153 in commission divided by 2000 clicks = > $2 EPC).

That’s a winning offer and you should take that to everyone that has a similar niche market email list. You’ll have no problem getting affiliates that way.

7) What’s a good EPC? It will vary between industries.

For example, if you have an EPC above $0.50 in the fitness industry, you are in business, but you’ll need it to be above $2 in the Internet Marketing world to get attention. More importantly, break it down among niche and find the best performing affiliate niche and focus on doing your deals there.

Next up is a specific example of an affiliate media kit I created for one of the fitness partner products I publish. This is the informal email I send to potential affiliates who are the right fit for promoting this product.

Dear Affiliate,

My friend Shawna Kaminski has a HOT new fitness product. I’ve sold over 100 copies of it with just a single email AND it would be a personal favor to me if you’d consider promoting this or letting her write an article for your blog. Top fitness experts like (Name Withheld) and (Name Withheld) have made dozens of sales from one email to their list.

Shawna’s product will show your readers how to do more pushups and pullups. Her website is and she’ll be dominating the “challenge workout” niche market with tons of programs for fat loss and performance.

Your affiliate link:

(Please replace XXXXX with your affiliate ID.)

READER NOTE: That is her affiliate link if you’d like to promote it to your list.

Here are the stats when I ran it to my list: 3% conversion rate $0.67 EPC

And I have a proven email for you to use (below). It’s straight to the point and has an above average open rate and 51% click-through rate.

Subject: How to do more pushups and pullups (embarrassing story)

There’s a woman – in her 40″s – who can KICK my butt in a push-up and pull-up challenge. Her name’s Shawna Kaminski and she can help anyone – even you and me – improve the number of pushups and pullups that they can do. She has training tips and SIMPLE little technique changes that will give you almost immediate improvements.

Click here to do more pushups and pullups <= INSERT AFFILIATE LINK

You’ll also discover an embarrassing story from a world- famous fitness expert who THOUGHT he was fit until he trained with Shawna. Shawna’s a master at pushups and pullups – and a fitness champion, to boot. So no matter if you still struggle to do your 1st pullup or pushup, or if you want to do 25 pullups straight, she can help. After all, she can do more than 25 pullups and 100 pushups – straight, with no rest – herself. She’s a machine and she’ll help you become a pushup and pullup machine too.

Click here to do more pushups and pullups <= INSERT AFFILIATE LINK

I know you can do more pushups and pullups,


That’s the template. Now create your own. Then make the moniez!

One of our hard-charging Mastermind Members, Andrew Raposo did this in 2014 and went from ZERO to HERO with over 3,000 sales of his e-book.

What a RUSH. What a year it was for him. And now he’s turning those 3000 sales into a BIG launch this year because he has Internet Moneyball Stats on his side PROVING that his offer works for affiliates.

If you want to know exactly what he did to achieve thousands of sales, then do what Andrew has done and join me and Bedros for a Mastermind. Your next chance is Saturday, February 21st in New York.

Email to reserve your spot.

Get money,

Craig Ballantyne

Greatness requires you to think differently and throw out the average approach to life, especially in the face of intense peer pressure. Be prepared to be strong and have 2 solutions to overcome all obstacles. Plan in advance for what your ‘enemies of greatness’ will throw at you. People that are best prepared perform most powerfully.

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