How to Deal with Stress

With great power comes great… stress. No matter how much organization and efficiency you bring to the table, you can’t avoid the anxiety which accompanies a productive lifestyle. However, you can learn the most effective methods of blowing off steam and put them to use. If you relax by watching TV or surfing the internet, you may be stimulating your burned-out mind instead of allowing it to get some much needed rest.

According to Dr. Anthony Fernando, some of the least effective ways to relax are “watching TV or movies for several hours, gambling, shopping, smoking, drinking, eating, playing video games, and surfing the Internet.” Dr Fernando says, “After a couple of hours of ‘relaxing’ in this way your brain is more wired than ever, and you decide that the only way to relax is to go to sleep. However, often that doesn’t work either because after all that mental stimulation – you just can’t switch off.”

How should you improve your nightly routine? Learn about habits proven to help your brain relax after a stressful day in this article by Dr. Anthony Fernando, How to Deal with Stress.