How To Be Super Productive

On the way back from Japan last month, I discovered a massive productivity secret.

Just fly west every day.

From Toronto to LA I gain 3 hours, making for a 27 hour day.

From Frankfurt to Toronto I gain 6 hours, making for a 30 hour day.

From Tokyo to San Fran, I gained 8 hours.

The only problem is when you fly from Chicago to Tokyo, as I did the week before I ended up losing a full day.

The key is to never go east!

Ha, I guess my plan won’t work.

Oh well, here are some tips that will.

From Eric Barker on his great site, ‎ …

1) Work Somewhere That You Usually Get Things Done

Have a spot where you’re usually productive? Go there. How about a place where you always screw around and waste time? Avoid it.

Wendy Wood, a professor at USC explains how your environment activates habits — without your conscious mind even noticing.

“Habits emerge from the gradual learning of associations between an action and outcome, and the contexts that have been associated with them. Once the habit is formed, various elements from the context can serve as a cue to activate the behavior, independent of intention and absent of a particular goal… Very often, the conscious mind never gets engaged.”

Context matters more than you think.

2) Believe In What You Do

Sounds like a corny cliché, but the research supports it.

What happens when you see your work as a calling, not just a job that pays the bills?

You are more thorough, engaged — and happier.

Book Recommendation:

“Choose the Life You Want: The Mindful Way to Happiness”

Be productive and happier with the Internet Lifestyle,

Craig Ballantyne
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