How “The Liberty Street League” Got Its Name

Walk outside the marbled lobby of the New York Stock Exchange, and you’ll find yourself right in the heart of Wall Street.

Take a few steps away from the grim reality of “The Street”… past the offices that once housed Merrill Lynch… beyond the New York Sports Club, where finance managers now sit crying in their single-malts.

Stroll through historic Trinity Church, where investors are welcome to pray for mercy, and glance at the cemetery next door, a reminder of the ghosts that haunt this once-proud neighborhood.

Then, when you’ve had enough of Wall Street, walk north a block or two past Citibank and HSBC. And it is there, on the outer edge of New York’s financial district, where you’ll finally come to a brighter place: Liberty Street.

That is exactly where I found myself earlier this year. I was in downtown Manhattan on business, when I looked up and saw that street sign.

“What do you know,” I thought, “I’ve just traveled ‘off Wall Street’… and suddenly I’m on ‘Liberty Street.’”

The symbolism was too powerful to ignore. And that’s how “The Liberty Street League” got its name.

These days, most of us would like nothing more than to distance ourselves from Wall Street and find our way to “Liberty Street”… a place representing the desire for independence and personal freedom that’s deep in our hearts and souls.

Our forefathers envisioned an America where every man and woman could find success… where they could create a life of their own choosing and their own dreams. But now, culminating in this current economic crisis, our great country seems to have strayed off course.

That presents you with a great opportunity… to commit to taking a better route to attaining an abundant life for yourself and your family… personal financial freedom… and the pursuit of your own happiness.

In short, it’s the perfect time to go “off Wall Street”… and, instead, join nearly a thousand of your fellow Early to Risers on “Liberty Street.”


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