How I Make My Money

It’s been over 13 years since I made my first sale online and it’s still hard to believe that every morning I get to wake up to more money in my bank account. But that’s still easier than trying to explain to other people what I do for a living.

I send email and make money,” just doesn’t do it justice.

Email has built my fortune. It continues to build it everyday. I am a lucky, LUCKY man.

I have email and many mentors to thank for where I am in life today.

In March of 2006 I hired Tom Venuto to be my business coach. It was one of the smartest choices I ever made. Until that point, I had foolishly been too cheap to hire a mentor. But I also believe the old adage, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” My timing was perfect. When I was finally ready, Tom appeared.
He and I spent the next 12 weeks working towards turning my ugly website into a single sales page suitable for affiliate promotion. We did all of this while I was silently fighting my crippling anxiety issues.

Last month I recorded a phone call where I reveal EVERYTHING about my embarrassing anxiety issues and how I got started online. You can listen to Part 1 here (and we’re recording part 2 later this month):

Here is the call recording (I don’t hold anything back)
On July 17th, 2006, as I sat in my overpriced studio apartment in the trendy King West neighborhood of downtown Toronto, we were ready to launch the new and improved Turbulence Training offer to the world. The sales page was crafted (mostly by Tom) and affiliates had been contacted.

Not a creature was stirring, save for a few clicks of my mouse, and the Clickbank links were posted on the website with care, in hopes that thousands of website visitors would soon be there.

The night before the launch Tom sent one last email of encouragement, signing off with these four words I will never forget:

“I’ll be standing by.”
Anxious for many reasons, I needed to hear Tom’s reassuring commitment.

He went on to promote Turbulence Training harder than any affiliate product he had ever recommended. I remember making $17,000 in one day and it taking 10 days for my eyes to return to normal size after looking at that number in my Clickbank account. But 8 years later, I put more value on Tom’s words of commitment than I do on the sales stats.

Tom showed me the power of having a mentor and the opportunity that email marketing could give me. I am forever grateful to him for his coaching.

I want to pass on the same lessons to you.

Email is powerful. If you can become a great email marketer, you can make a lot of money and live the life of your dreams. (Email marketing of course, is PERMISSION-based marketing, not spamming.)

When you learn to write great subject lines, to share emotional stories, to write hooks that get your readers to devour every word that you say, that’s when you’ll make a BIG breakthrough and be able to live the amazing Internet Lifestyle just like Bedros, Jay Ferruggia, myself, and so many others that I know and have coached.

Do this and the world is yours.


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You’ll leave that weekend with your 30-day blueprint for success, and soon you’ll be able to “hit send and make sales”.

What a life!