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In as little as 6 minutes per day, you can activate the ULTIMATE Fat Loss Key. Unfortunately, 99% of the short workout programs created by so-called experts fail to incorporate the Ultimate Fat Loss Key. That’s the #1 reason you weren’t able to lose fat with short workouts in the past. Short workouts MUST have the Ultimate Fat Loss Key for you to succeed. But when you DO use the Ultimate Fat Loss Key in your short workouts – then you’ll unlock your fat-burning potential, doubling (if not tripling) the impact of those precious few minutes. The KEY is what’s missing from other programs. With this FREE DVD program, you’re going to finally burn fat fast and get back in shape even faster than ever before, and you don’t need ANY expensive gym equipment, cardio machines or even a single set of dumbbells. You’ll use metabolic workouts that keep your metabolism elevated for over 36 hours, allowing you to burn fat while you’re at the office, in your car driving to work, at home relaxing, or even while you’re in bed sleeping. Plus, your fat burning will be enhanced all day long by the incredible natural boost in energy that you’ll get from these short workouts. These short workouts won’t leave you drained or exhausted like the other 60 minute, 6-days per week programs that you see on TV… Instead, you’ll find yourself with more energy for getting more done and able to keep up with your kids – and even the demands of your spouse (!) all day – and all night – long. With these new increases in energy, you’ll literally boost your body’s fat burning with a 24/7 extreme metabolism increase. The 6-Minutes to Skinny is just $5, and includes FREE SHIPPING*. Supplies are very limited, so please act today! Simply tell us where to send your DVD and I'll send you a copy of this fantastic DVD (hurry before the offer expires).

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  • No equipment needed
  • Short workouts fit any schedule
  • Boost Metabolism for 36 hours!
  • Burn fat 300% FASTER than normal

“Thank You for your workout started with 6 minutes to skinny and have to say, never in my life have I kept up with any exercise because I didn't see much for results and it took too much of my time...At 52, I cannot believe the results I'm getting and I tell everyone about the program! You gave me my life back and a confidence I haven't had in such a long time...All I can say is...Watch out men, if your woman starts this program and your relationship isn't that great, C'est la Vie baby! It's a game changer!!!”

Kendra Johnson

"IThe success of these programs is that I don't need to go to the gym or use equipment to do your workouts. And also they are very detailed to gain the maximum benefit from the workouts. This means I can do my workouts in my flat, without going to the gym and feeling very self-conscious, and also without cardio jogging outside."

John Wilton

“I'm giving this 5 stars based on anticipation, and experience with Craig Ballantyne's 6 minutes to skinny program, which I think is brilliant. I've done all kinds of exercise: in the gym, at home, with weights, machines, and using body weights. Short-burst, high-intensity, body-weight exercises are, well, intense, effective, and...short. No difficulty fitting a session into one's day, so one can actually do them, and one isn't set us to fail by being asked to do a program that just takes too much time. I like the variety of the sessions in the program I've used, and like having an online coach/cheerleader to keep me going at a more intense rate than I would do on my own, plus with good tips about proper form.”


“Wow, Craig! Got an amazing, heart racing workout, & ONLY in 6 minutes. Just great. Has really motivated me to move quicker & get on with the rest of my jobs. Can't wait for tomorrow’s workout. Thanks.”

Nagina, Birmingham, UK.

“My husband is currently doing the 6 minutes to skinny morning routine. He is trying to learn to apply the very things you mentioned above to his life, in the area of healthier eating. Your daily posts are a very good help!!!! He pays much more attention to you saying the same things that I say, lol, go figure !!!!! So THANKS Craig !!!!”

Gaye Lynn Walters Plesscher
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