Discover cutting edge neuroscience that shows why you don’t have to give up your beloved French fries, your cheesy pizza, or your big bowl of pasta.

In fact, you can also have you cake and eat your cookies too. There’s just one thing you need to do…

And I’ll reveal it below.

Ladies, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

There’s a way for you to eat all the foods you love, and still be skinny.

I’m talking about eating your most loved pizza, pasta, donuts, bread, cheesecake, ice cream and of course chocolate and red wine.

And still be skinny!

Like rock your favorite black dress and striped bikini skinny and sexy.

Hi, I’m Lori Kennedy.

I’m a Registered Board Certified Nutritionist.

And I have studied healthy weight reduction for over 7 years and I believe I have solved the fat loss equation once and for all.

Through scientific research and helping hundreds of female clients, I’ve discovered a simple way that lets you eat whatever you want and STILL lose weight.

But there is a catch… And I’ll reveal it to you in just a moment.

Not only will you lose fat, but it will also be pleasantly surprising how easy it is.

In fact, celebrities have even started using this strategy to stay thin.

You’ll be stunned when I tell you which Hollywood Hard Bodies are using it. And the foods they eat will flat-out shock you. (I’ll even tell you 3 of the shocking junk foods that melt fat)!

My clients always come to me with the same ole story…

They had tried dieting but nothing ever stuck.

This is the kind of story I hear all the time….

We all know this girl. And we’ve all been where she is. I know we can all empathize with her. To protect the innocent, let’s just call her “Jane.”

One time while right in the middle of a popular diet, Jane went out to brunch with her best friend Sharon…

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

It seemed like it had been forever since Jane had seen Sharon. So she was super excited to chat with her friend… And to try out the delicious food Sharon had been raving about.

But as soon as she got past the cute decorations and pretty scenery, fear started knotting up in the pit of her stomach. Then it happened. The menus arrived.

After a quick glance at the menu and the specials, Jane panicked. She saw pasta, sandwiches, and French toast and a whole list of homemade desserts… But only two salads.

There they were buried underneath the appetizers… One sorry house salad. And a Caesar salad.

Jane just closed her menu. After watching Sharon cheerfully order her meal and bottomless mimosa, Jane humbly said:

“I’ll just have the house salad and a water.”

As the waiter thanked her and collected the menus, Sharon just gave her a look.

Now Jane’s fear was gone. Shame had taken over.

Sharon just laughed and then asked,

“Oh my god Jane, are you serious? WHO has a salad at a Sunday brunch?”

Jane shriveled into her seat. But she wished she could crawl under the building… And never come out.

Jane meekly replied,

“I’m really not that hungry.”

Sharon pushed back:

“Are you sure? The food here is wonderful and we haven’t seen each other in forever! You should enjoy yourself.”

Committed to the lie, Jane insisted,

“I promise I’m not that hungry.”

Their back and forth went on for a bit until Sharon finally moved on.

Jane spent the rest of the meal sad and angry.

Sad she had flat out lied to her best friend. Sad she wasn’t eating what she wanted to. And angry at herself for wanting to “pig out” like she was watching Sharon do.

Jane stewed as she watched Sharon unashamedly indulge her every food whim.

First Jane watched as Sharon savored her quiche.

Then she felt the sting as Sharon happily and carefully devoured the special of the day…

The Good Morning Monte Cristo.

And it was all Jane could do to hold back the tears when the waiter brought Sharon’s “dessert” to the table.

An icing dripping cinnamon roll.

What confused Jane the most…

Sharon was the same size she had been for as long as Jane had known her!

How was that possible?

How on earth did she manage to eat like that and stay so skinny?

What is Sharon’s secret?

It’s the same secret that let’s Hollywood starlets devour donuts and still stay dainty.

And I am going to give you that secret right now.

The saddest part of Jane’s story is that she not only could she have been enjoying her meal, she should have been enjoying her meal!

We keep hearing about how there is an obesity epidemic.

The news reports and magazine articles keep telling us how fat everyone is. What they aren’t telling you is that it’s not your fault.

Let me say that again.

Being fat is not your fault.

The idea of “I need to lose weight” is new.

Like REALLY new. As in, only the last 3 or 4 decades new.

For thousands and thousands of years, people only had to worry about three things: water, food, and shelter.

And when they worried about food, it definitely wasn’t about how to eat less of it. It was always “If I don’t get more, I’ll starve to death!”

Now all of the popular diets want you to eat less. Which in turn tells your body you’re starving to death!

It’s time for diets to die so that we can start to live a full life!

The nutrition advice we’re being given isn’t working.

Actually, it’s worse than just not working.

The advice isn’t working AND it’s killing our bodies and minds.

Somehow it seems like every diet out there takes our mental self-sabotage to a new level. And they do it by forcing us into extremes.

These diets set up rules that no one who lives a real life can follow.

I mean seriously, who wants to go through life like that? We deserve to enjoy life. And that means enjoying great food. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life counting every last single calorie.

One of my clients said it best

“I don’t want to feel like I’m eating grilled chicken out of my purse.”

How long can anyone realistically do that?

Besides, the END results are never worth it. You know what I’m talking about. We see it all the time.

One of our best friends (and sometimes it’s even us) will try the latest “Juice Off 20, 50, even 100lbs” fad. Or the “lose 10 lbs in 10 days” diet… Then a few months after her “miracle” transformation – like clockwork – she’s gained back all of the weight she had lost. And THEN some!

These, and SO MANY other popular diets are creating WAY more harm than good.

And they’re destined to fail. The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a study of four popular diets. They carefully selected the subjects for their ability to stay on the prescribed diet.

A year later more than half of the respondents for all four diets had quit. Why?

Because they were too hard.

The reason for this is plain and simple.

Your body is brilliant. And it wants to survive.

To survive it needs glucose, which is another word for sugar. Dieting severely limits how much of this life sustaining fuel you get. Take the glucose away from your body, and the dominos of willpower and decision making start to fall.

The lack of glucose tells your body that you are in a life threatening famine.

As soon as your body thinks it's in a famine, it starts fighting the food shortage all day long. Everyday. Until it finally gets what it needs.

This is where the willpower vs. hunger battle begins.

Your body's ability to fight for what it wants is practically endless. Your willpower is limited and easily exhausted.

Eventually you'll have to give in. Everybody does.

Then, because the diet you were on was as realistic as a reality show wedding, you start eating again. And it’s all of the foods you love so much that you kept from yourself.

Of course, after all of this happens, we aren't blaming the diets that were destined to fail.

No… We’re way to busy in our own heads beating ourselves up because of that fat we put back on. We tell ourselves we failed. It was because we weren’t good enough on our diet. We were weak and gave in to temptation. We’re bad people because we aren’t strong enough to not eat that brownie.

We BLAME ourselves when we should be blaming the bad advice we were given on how to lose weight.

When I talk to my girlfriends and female clients, the response is universal… We all throw a pity party complete with miserable me mixers.

A simple five minutes of enjoying a piece of cake turns into the next five hours being a “you were so bad” belittling session in our heads.

And that’s the biggest problem. Our relationship with food, and how it affects our relationship with ourselves. We want what we can’t have. And when we have what we aren’t supposed to, our world starts to fall in on us.

What follows our self-focused mental assault is a hormonal shift driven by stress.

Mental stress is stress. Not only is stress another factor that depletes willpower, but the body deals with stress by secreting cortisol. ANOTHER willpower draining factor.

Cortisol makes you hungry. Not hungry for broccoli and chicken. But hungry for pies, donuts and pizza. What’s extra fun about cortisol is that it makes your body immediately transport all of those treats to your belly, butt, hips and thighs.

So that leaves us even fatter. And even more sad and disappointed.

But there is a way for you to get the tools to fight back! The tools that let us enjoy our favorite foods every day. And that give us the tight little waistline we all want.

And one of the most important tools is the right mindset.

Dr. Pamela Peeke M.D. says it best, to lose your body fat you "have to cut the mental fat."

That starts with giving more to you… And silencing those little voices that march through your head telling you how bad you’ve been.

As we discussed, famine is bad. And unrealistically restricting your diet (never having pizza and a brownie) IS a famine to your body.

To your body stressing about food, even when it is too much food, is a famine. For thousands of years before we had access to more food than we could eat, we had only one worry about food… Not having enough.

So, when you constantly pass on these delicious foods that you’re genes are wired to want, your body thinks it’s starving to death.

If you wanted more energy, you wouldn’t start cutting back on sleep would you?

If you were always thirsty, would you start drinking LESS water?

Of course you wouldn’t. You would be foolish to do either of these things.

So when we’re trying to lose weight, WHY are we told to restrict our diets even more?

All that does is ramp up your body’s drive to survive.

I’m not saying you should clean out your grocers candy isle. But what I am saying is that you need to listen to your body when it’s screaming “I’M HUNGRY!”

Once you start strategically giving your body what it wants, the fat practically falls off. And it stays off.

And the first step of giving your body what it wants is cutting the “mental fat.”

Of course it would be great if we could sit down and talk to our brains. You could say “Brain. I really want to be a size two in time for my vacation. It would make me feel good. Everyone would notice me. I would be happy. And the stars would shine for me.”

But we can’t.

What you can do is “talk” to your brain and body in a different way. By using the language of food.

You have to use food to send a message to your body.

The message that there is more than enough food.

It doesn’t need to store fat.

It can finally let the fat go.

And you have to use food to do this in a very specific way.

When you strategically eat the things you love: pancakes, mozzarella sticks, cheesecake, ice cream, chocolate and red wine… You release your food worries and wants… Along with all the guilt.

And your body KNOWS that you live in a world of plenty.

And a key to helping your body know that you are living in a world of plenty isn't just WHAT you eat, but HOW you eat.

Think about this next question.

Are you using food? Or is food using you?

Food is a natural and healthy part of our lives. Let's face it, it's also one of the biggest parts of our lives. When used how it should be, food is an excellent source of nourishment for your body and mind.

But when food is using you – when food is your master…

You become a slave to its false "laws":

You get the idea.

When you get to the point that you're like my client who had felt like she had to carry grilled chicken breast with her everywhere she went, just to obey the false food laws... Food has become your master.

Then begins the vicious cycle…

You diet, diet, diet and follow the food laws...

Break the foods laws, eat everything in sight...

Go to food jail...

Start an even more extreme and absurd diet...

Do you know anyone like this? Is it you?

It's time for this to come to an END.

I am going to give you the tools you need to fix your relationship with food and get the body you deserve.

And the first tool to making that happen, is understanding why diets force you into a bad relationship with food.

Dr. Roy Baumeister, who is the leading researcher of self-control and free will, has proven that willpower is limited. It's like a muscle. You only have so much of it.

For over a decade he has studied self-control and willpower. And every experiment has shown the same results – over time willpower fades and eventually you will cave in.

Diets create a set of false food laws that force you to drain your willpower. That's why when you finally crack under the pressure, you eat everything in sight.

A cyclone of cravings hits and destroys everything you've worked so hard to build.

Because you were forced to fight, fight, fight until you couldn't fight anymore. And that is NOT YOUR FAULT.

If you see a cookie first thing in the morning, sure you can ignore it. But if you see food all day long…

Like snacks at work… TV commercials for tacos, burgers, pizza, fries and soda… Vending machine treats… Not to mention when you smell other people’s foods…

It’s like a marathon of temptation and it becomes impossible to resist all of the food all of the time.

That's because willpower is a series of sprints. Not a marathon.

Baumeister expands on this saying “Good decision making is not a trait of the person, in the sense that it is always there… It’s a state that fluctuates.”

And he says the people who are the most successful with their willpower “eliminate the mental effort of making choices.”

There is even a popular term that has emerged for the phenomenon… “Decision Fatigue.”

Dr. Todd Heatherton, former President of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, was once a skeptic of ”Decision Fatigue.” But while studying how our brains process social behavior, he accidentally proved its existence!

He reported that his findings showed giving sugar to test subjects completely reversed the brain changes created by depletion (decision fatigue)…

Translated, this proves that sugar is the fuel your brain needs when you use your willpower.

In no uncertain terms, sugar restores willpower.

Researchers at the School of Medicine and the Department of Psychology of Tel Aviv University have gone so far as to name the effect "The Influence of Food On Cognitive Performance."

What you eat DIRECTLY affects how you think!

In one tightly controlled study scientists found a sneaky way to test just how important glucose is to willpower depletion and brain function.

They had one group of people drink real lemonade. The kind we drank as kids with real sugar in it. The other group of people had lemonade with artificial sweetener.

The real lemonade restored willpower and decision making every time. The fake lemonade failed… Every time.

In fact…

“The restored willpower improved people’s self-control as well as the quality of their decisions: they resisted irrational bias when making choices, and when asked to make financial decisions, they were more likely to choose the better long-term strategy instead of going for a quick payoff.”

This means sugar improved people’s abilities to think, make good decisions and develop better plans for the future.

Like adding to your savings account instead of buying that pair of shoes that looks like 3 other pairs you already have.

Your brain is the most amazing computer every created. And sugar is its physical power supply.

Every decision you make, which includes deciding to exercise your willpower, drains your sugar power supply.

When you are resisting muffins, burgers, pasta and cookies all the time, you are repetitively making a decision. Eventually your power supply is going to run dry.

Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But just as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, your willpower will get exhausted.

Technology was supposed to change our lives by making things easier and giving us more free time. But that isn’t what happened.

Because of our 200 plus channels, the Internet, and all of the other distractions the information age has brought us, we are reaching an overwhelming decision fatigue.

We have more decisions to make day in and day out than ever we’ve ever had before. And it's only getting worse.

In the end, this results in us not having the power to make the decision to not order a pizza, or just go through the drive-thru for dinner.

It has all come together to make today the hardest time in human history to lose fat.

When you deny yourself the food you want (like breads and sweets)… You use the same kind of sugar you would have gotten from that food to fight the temptation of eating it… The more you fight the temptation, the more you use that sugar.

And the irony… Eventually your mental fuel (sugar) runs out.

And since you’re lacking mental fuel, you’re body starts to crave that fuel so strongly that you can’t deny it.

All because your brain is hardwired - genetically designed and built - to crave and find the fuel source it needs to power itself.

And because your brains needs that energy, when you do get to that fuel source, you body’s one instruction is to eat as much of it is as you can.

We are going to stop that vicious cycle right now.

Starting right now, you are taking back control from food, and crazy diet food laws.

No more suffering while watching other people enjoy rich, decadent, delicious foods. While you gnaw on what tastes like a napkin and "just have a water."

From now on you can say "two scoops please... AND the chocolate coated waffle cone!" anytime you want. Even at breakfast (I just wouldn't do it in front of the kids, they might want you to share)!

You are going to break free from the prison of false food laws. And the food that tastes like it came from a prison cafeteria.

Starting right now, you are going to enjoy food… AND be its master.

Food is going to work for YOU.

No longer will you fear the hors d'oeurves tray, the concession stand, and the endless pasta bowls. You will enjoy your nights out filled with puff pastry surprise, popcorn, M&M's and milk duds, and all you can eat fettuccine alfredo.

You are going to get your life back!

A life filled with cake, waffles, and a flat tummy.

Why? Because you are about to learn the secret strategy that allows you to eat all of your favorite foods, and still burn fat.

I told you earlier that celebrities use this strategy… And they LOVE their cheat meals.

Just a few examples include…

Jessica Simpson... After having her daughter Maxwell and son Ace the mother of two went from mom jeans to my god she looks great! And she did it with regular cheat meals.

Mirada Kerr. The Victoria’s Secret stunner loves fried food. She’s even gone so far as publicly saying: “My favorite snack is fried chicken. I make it myself!”

Jessica Biel... When asked about cheating on her diet, she said: "You have to, otherwise your mind goes a little nutso." And if you've seen Jessica lately, it's clear that she's doing something right.

Jennifer Garner sees the cheat meal as a necessity. Pick up any of the magazines at the grocery store counter, and you’ll probably see her out with her daughter Violet grabbing pizza and Starbucks.

Jennifer says: “Time with your girlfriends is the most regenerative thing… After everyone is in bed, I’ll go to a girlfriend’s house and have a glass of wine, and chocolate and just dish.”

This nutritional philosophy works for everyone. And Hollywood’s hunks prove it.

True Blood’s sexiest werewolf Joe Manganiello eats his cheat meal like an animal.

When asked about his favorite cheat meal, Joe said “I wolfed down, literally, these two big waffles with butter and syrup and half a fried chicken, got some collared greens, some macaroni and cheese… I downed it in probably under four minutes and anybody that was watching was probably horrified.”

But the winner of Most Epic Cheat Meal has to be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He ate 12 pancakes, four double-dough pizzas (who knew that was a thing?) and 21 brownies!

And while this definitely isn’t for us ladies, it proves the point. To stay lean and ripped, you body needs to know that is has access to plenty of food!

Which has the added benefit of refueling your willpower!

Now of course I'm NOT suggesting you try to eat like the Rock, but I am telling you that it is necessary for you to indulge if you want to burn fat.

As a human you need love and support. Your body needs food.

And remember that we have to "cut the mental fat." Your mind needs a break. And it gets that break when you eat what you want and drop the guilt.

Not only is it important to eat what you want, you need to eat it WHEN you want it. (Your body is craving it for a reason after all).

This tool will not interrupt your schedule.

In fact, it is going to help it. Everyone from busy moms to overloaded businessmen will be able to start today.

Because this tool fits around YOUR schedule. Not the other way around.

You can enjoy your Saturday night date, and Sunday Funday Girls Brunch in the same weekend.

Enjoy your lasagna, try his chicken parmesan, share the dessert and wine... Then get ready for pancakes and mimosas just a few hours later. And still have the waist you want.

Let's be honest. This is how we all want to eat. For the rest of our lives.

The truth is... It's a part of how we should eat. When done right, you will feel better, have more energy, enjoy the food you love EVERY DAY, and shed the fat you've been fighting so hard to lose.

Like I said, most people quit diets because they are just too hard.

ANYBODY can eat like this for the rest of their life. Lose their unwanted weight. And keep it off.

I've spent years refining this strategy, and the results speak for themselves.

My clients shed their fat and keep it off.

They don't keep it off for weeks. They don't keep it off for months. They keep it off for years.

In fact, in the seven years I've been using the same method you're going to start today, all of my clients have kept off the unwanted weight. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

One man lost over 80 pounds, and he's kept it off for more than TWO YEARS.

This is the end to your fight against fat. And an end to the mental fatigue, pain and suffering that came with all the other ways you've tried to lose weight.

And here is a free taste of how to do it.

I’m going to give you the secret of how to eat all of your favorite foods and still burn fat.

AND I’m going to let you in on 3 incredible fat melting junk foods.


When you eat regular meals made up of whole nutritious foods, you need to pick one meal a day where you cheat. And eat whatever you want.

You don’t worry about it. You don’t think about it.

All you do is eat it. And enjoy it.

That’s it.

Regular meals with whole nutritious foods, and occasional cheat meals…

Now you know the secret that skinny people have been hiding.

It’s a strange secret, I know. And I promised you one weird trick that let’s you eat your favorite foods and still burn fat. So now for the trick.

You have to know what to do for the other meals in the day. When you’re getting the right nutrition at all of your other meals, the cheat meal will let your body know that it can shed the fat.

The “trick” is in what you eat for your “non - cheat” meals.

And in Favorite Foods you’ll discover exactly how to use this trick.

When you start following the Favorite Foods philosophy...

You can enjoy burritos for breakfast and shrimp with stuffed mushrooms for dinner, AND eat WHATEVER you want for lunch…

Then the next day have a quick and delicious smoothie for breakfast, maple ginger salmon with green bean salad for lunch, and cap off the night with all-you-can-eat sushi…

...And still lose weight!

(Yes, it is OKAY to eat carbs at night! You’ll learn why on page 18 of the Favorite Foods Guide).

Eating the food you really want to eat AND burning fat comes down to a handful of basic healthy eating principles.

There’s an ideal balance of what you need to eat to burn fat… And it’s VERY technical.

You really do need a degree to “determine the equitable synergy between food consumption and lipid diminution.” (Or in other words “the right kind and amount of food to eat to burn fat.”)

But YOU aren’t going to have to worry about any of that.

We’ve done all of that work for you.

Just a few factors at play include:

Blood Sugar Hormones
(Insulin & Glucagon)

Sex & Stress Hormones
(Estrogens, Androgens and Cortisol)

Physical Activity



Food Allergies and Intolerances

And so on, and so on, and so on...

With the Favorite Foods Guide, the Shakes Recipes Guide and your 7-Day Fast Start Guide, you’ll have everything you need to get the nutrition your body wants and needs every single day.

You’ll be eating the way you were meant to. Enjoying foods that are fun and full of the nutrients your body needs to be happy.

And your mind will finally relax. Because you’ll know you’re doing the right thing for you.

When you grab your copy of Favorite Foods, you’re going to get everything you need to start right now.

And you’ll learn WHY eating junk food will make you skinny.


You discover how if you want to go all out and get a delicious breakfast that will burn fat, you should go with my first incredible fat-burning junk food…


Grab a pack of their classic bites AND an extra cup of icing.

When enjoying this tasty breakfast, you’ll get the mental and physical fuel to power you through your day. And you’ll feel full longer. Which means you eat less. (Don’t worry, the foods actually get better from here)!

Of course we’re all busy. And getting busier everyday. You’ll get a Shake Recipes guide for fast nutritious boosts that you can enjoy on the go.

But if you don’t even have time for that, you could always grab McDonald’s.


My second fat burning junk food is the world-famous...

McDonald’s Big Mac

with Extra Cheese and Extra Sauce

(Yeah I know, just when you thought Cinnabon wouldn’t be topped).

This popular sandwich is loaded with protein and fat.
Two keys to feeling full and satisfied.

Besides, isn’t a cheeseburger just the best when it comes to mental comfort?


And for my third incredible fat-torching junk food…

Domino’s Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza!

The true all purpose cheat food. You can use this for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast!

It’s a great balance of fat, proteins and carbs. And as a bonus it’s loaded with calcium. Which Web M.D. recently reported can “adjust your body’s fat-burning machinery.”

You can use these 3 delicious examples to kick-start your new Favorite Foods program.

They’re perfect for the first three days of your Favorite Foods 7-Day Fast Start guide.

And if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you have a list of cheat meal foods thought up already! ☺

You’ll be able to eat those cheat meals right away. In fact, with your instantly downloadable edition of Favorite Foods, you can start enjoying the food you love immediately.

And when you grab your copy of Favorite Foods you’ll learn the research secrets that show what you’ve always wanted to know…

The best way to start eating to be slim for life is…


With a cheat meal!

The Favorite Foods Guide

Your New Food Philosophy For Life

Starting this very moment, you are going to be able to eat all of your favorite foods and still lose fat.

With your new copy of Favorite Foods, you’re going to jump right into everything you need to know to start enjoying your food again, all while slimming your waistline.

You’ll be guided step by step through the whole process.

You’ll learn the Big Lie we’ve all been told, and The Big Solution to it.

After that you’ll discover Why You Should “Cheat” on your diet, AND the best way for you to eat through out the day. Every day.

Then we’re going to reinforce how you should be eating by teaching you the things you really need to know about the food you’re putting in your body.

We’re going to dispel silly myths like “carbs are bad for you.”

You’ll also discover how to beat your fears associated with switching to a lifestyle full of the good food you want.

You’re going to get the buffet of science behind what you should be eating and why you should be cheating. And it will be broken down into plain and simple English. Not the scientific mumbo jumbo that so many people use.

Your new path is even going to take you beyond weight loss and tell you about the added benefits of losing fat.

I understand. Right now you’re focused on losing the fat. And that is a great thing. It is an excellent step, and you should be proud of yourself for taking it!

But you’re also going to learn about all of the fringe benefits that come along with your new sexy and lean body. AND you’ll discover how to speed up the process and get the extra benefits sooner!

And because your new food philosophy is all about eating the foods you love, in the last two chapters you’ll learn the best cheat food and how Favorite Foods will set you free from the false food laws!

You’re going to discover everything you need to eat, cheat, beat fat and be guilt free.

No Questions Asked Guarantee


I believe in Favorite Foods so much, I’ve backed it up with a full 60-Day Guarantee. For a full two months… If you don’t like Favorite Foods for any reason, I will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

And to help as many people lose fat as possible, I’m taking it a step further.

Eventually Favorite Foods will be $27…

But right, to help introduce Favorite Foods to the world, I’m offering it to you for the super low investment of only $7!

For the cost of a typical fast food meal, you’ll get The Favorite Foods Guide and these bonuses…

Shake It Up

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Emotionally satisfying and nutritionally filling meals... made in a matter of minutes!

Sometimes it seems like life is so busy, it’s impossible to get the nutrition you need.

There is always another meeting, another practice, another eearnd… Another whatever that gets in the way of you getting good food.

Who has the time to prepare every meal? There’s a reason that fast food is so successful financially. It’s just too bad that it’s not also successful at providing you the nutrition you need.

You live in a world that is go-go-go.

And it is important that you get the nutrition you need to make sure that you can successfully stay on the go.

To get all of these things you have to fuel yourself the right way.

And the quicker the better.

That is exactly what your copy of Favorite Foods Shakes Recipes is going to help you do…

Fuel yourself to live the life you want.

I’m going to give you the tool to turn fast food into a nutritional success for YOU.

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This recipe manual is an easy to follow blend of emotionally satisfying and nutritionally filling shakes and smoothies.

All of these tasty drinks are packed with the things your body needs to be happy and energized.

And the best part… All of them can be easily made in a matter of minutes.

A cup of almond milk, a handful of berries, a couple more ingredients… And 3 minutes in the blender…

Voila! You’ll have a protein filled sweet treat that willpower you through all those things you want to get done.

And that will help you power through all of the unexpected things that life throws at you.

The recipes are so good, you’ll even want to use them for a fast sweet tooth satisfying dessert.

7-Day Super Start

The Favorite Foods Guide To the First Week of Your Delicious Food Filled Life

Since you live in a go-go-go world, it’s only natural for you to want immediate results.

And I want you to have fast results too.

In fact, I want you to get results in your very first week of enjoying your Favorite Foods.

That is why we are including our 7-Day Super Start Guide.

This done for you master-plan-of-meals…

From the moment you wake up to when your head hits the pillow again that night, we have all of your meals covered.

You’ll have a done for you blueprint…

A complete meal road map of what to eat, and when to eat it.

And you’re probably going to enjoy it more than any other week of eating before. Because following this complete food guide will be simple and….


You’ll have the ideal rotation of cheat meals and nutritionally balanced breakfasts, lunches, dinners AND snacks.

You’re going to have a blast picking out whatever you want to eat for your cheat meals… And eating all of it you want to. So you’re not going to be hungry.

And since you’re going to know what you should be eating at all of your non-cheat meals, you won’t be confused.

With this guide you’re going to have clear path to the body you want.

Don’t worry… It’s not all same-time-of-the-day cheat meals.

You’re going to get a great rotation of breakfast, lunch and dinner cheats.

That way, starting IMMEDIATELY, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite meals anytime of the day.

In fact, you can start planning your cheat meals right now! Go ahead. I encourage it! And I’m going to help you do it.

What are two or three of your favorite breakfasts you never let yourself have?

What about lunch? Pick out your perfect lunch. See how fun that is?

Don’t forget dinner!… I know you have a couple delectable dinners in mind.

And be ready to enjoy food like this all of the time. Because from now on… This is how you’re going to be eating! Every… Single… Day.

This is a proven and guaranteed to jump-start your fat loss. And it will keep that unhealthy and unsightly lard off for good.

The Favorite Foods Philosophy Videos

How to Get Your Mind Right to Lose Fat

I’ve said a dozen times already. And it needs to be said again.

To lose fat, you MUST cheat!

I know and I understand. It’s soooo hard to really embrace that idea.

You’ve spent your entire life being told you have to diet, you have to restrict what you eat. Suck it up, be tough. Use your willpower.

It’s almost like you’ve been brainwashed to never enjoy food.

So to help you with the healthy mental shift you need to embrace eating for life, I’m including two Favorite Foods Philosophy videos.

The first video – Cheat and Beat Fat – Is going to let you in on what it is that skinny people have in common with each other.

The second video - Release the Guilt - does exactly what it promises… It helps adjust your mindset so that you can shed the mental fat that comes along with eating the food you love.

Most people are in an unhealthy relationship with food. To make sure that you aren’t one of them, you’re going wash away all of your food shame.

With Release the Guilt you’ll discover how to free yourself from the pesky guilt that has followed you for so long.

Food is not the enemy. And I’m going to see to it that you and food become friends again.

A fair warning...

This is NOT the diet for you.

BUT.... If you want to lose weight, and you want to do it while eating any and every food you want whenever you want...

This is your answer.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin to master food.

You're going to get everything you need to begin RIGHT NOW!

The Favorite Foods Diet Manual

This book will tell you everything you need to know to eat what you want AND lose fat while doing it.

Shakes Recipe book

These super easy, super fast smoothies give you nutrition on the go. (I LOVE the date almond smoothie)

The 7-Day Fast Start Guide

A full week’s menu plainly and simply laid out so that you can start burning fat NOW.

The Favorite Foods Philosophy Videos

These videos are going to go into more depth about WHY you need to cheat. AND they will help erase the guilt you have associated with eating the delicious foods you deserve to eat.

Fat is NOT your fault. But your body is your responsibility.

The decision is yours. Keep doing what you've been doing, and get the same results. OR try something new, breakthrough and that comes with a full money-back guarantee.

You get a full 60 days to try my Favorite Foods program. If you don't lose weight, and if it isn't the best nutrition philosophy you've ever tried (or if you don't like it for any reason) I will refund every single penny. No questions asked.

But if you do want to change your life, you need to act now.

You will have instant access to all of my books. And you can use them to start burning fat and enjoying life RIGHT NOW.

What you won't have access to for long is my low introductory price.

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The only thing I want from you in return for this insanely great deal is a promise.

A small souvenir for me.

After thirty days I would love a note, a picture, or a video letting me know how amazing your progress has been. And how much it has changed your life.

I love, LOVE being reminded of why I’m doing this. And how it is helping people just like you. So this is a little way for you to fuel me mentally! ☺

The Favorite Foods Diet Manual

Shakes Recipe Book

The 7-Day Fast Start Guide

The Favorite Foods Philosophy Videos

Only $7 !

No Questions Asked Guarantee


I believe in Favorite Foods so much, I’ve backed it up with a full 60-Day Guarantee. For a full two months… If you don’t like Favorite Foods for any reason, I will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.