If you’ve been reading ETR for any length of time, you know that I have been battling depression (mostly successfully) for more than 20 years.

I’ve documented my battles in past issues of ETR. I have had good results with some physical and mental tricks and techniques. And I noticed a big improvement when I boosted my testosterone levels. (Low testosterone contributes to depression in men my age.)

Then, about a year ago, I started taking Lexipro. I took it because I had heard good things about it from friends. Dr. Sears, my personal physician, told me not to. But I did it anyway.

What happened was…well, nothing. I didn’t feel any better but I still kept taking it. Then, just recently, I read some research that Ian Robinson was preparing for Natural Health Dossier. The studies suggested that chemical antidepressants have very poor performance records. Contrary to what I had been led to believe by the mainstream press, they are only marginally better than placebos in controlled tests!

My experience corroborated that. But there’s more. They often provoke all sorts of undesirable consequences. One of them is a drop in libido.

That stopped me in my tracks. Because I had noticed that, in the past year, my libido had virtually disappeared. I attributed this to a natural “side effect” of aging and was making friends with it. But now I knew it wasn’t natural at all. I was putting chemicals in my body that were screwing me up.

I stopped taking Lexipro immediately. And I started taking several natural supplements that Ian’s studies recommended.

The improvement has been noticeable.

If you suffer from depression — and not just acute depression but any kind of recurring bouts of sadness or lethargy that reduce your enjoyment of life — I recommend you read the report that Natural Health Dossier has just published.

You can get more information about Natural Health Dossier and get access to that report (which was in the August issue of NHD) by signing up here.