Discover Craig Ballantyne’s Secrets to Success

Jason Leister, author of The Art of Clients, recently interviewed Craig about the secrets to success which you can listen to below.  A  few of the things you’ll discover in Craig’s interview:

  • One of Craig’s biggest mistakes and what he did to recover from it.
  • The business book Craig purchased that made him a lot of money ($100,000).
  • Craig reveals the FIRST thing you have to do to get started in marketing your skills.
  • How to design your life.
  • How Craig’s laziness helps his productivity.
  • How to create more time.
  • The importance of developing “supreme self confidence.”
  • The single focus you should have to stand out to current and future clients.
  • If you need permission to be a success, you’ll find it here.

Access the full transcript here.

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