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You need content creation if you are looking to sell a product online, whether it is your own new product or something you are trying to sell for someone else as part of an affiliate marketing program, you are going to need web traffic. One of the best ways to get this is by using content creation harnessing the power of search engine optimization – or SEO as it is known in the industry.

Search engine optimization. Don’t be put off by that long term, it’s simply setting up your website so that Google looks at it and gives it a favorable ranking in the search engine. When you go to Google and you type in a phrase, the stuff in the middle underneath the ads is natural search rankings and results. For every search a person does, Google picks what they think is the most relevant website to their search term to put at the top there. There are ways to make your website the most relevant in Google’s eyes, or at least improve its rankings, and the techniques for doing this are called SEO. Some people do perform SEO for other search engines, like Bing, but for the most part sites are optimized for Google, which is by far the most popular.

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SEO is very much like a popularity contest. Imagine you’re in high school and there’s two kids having a party on Friday night. Both of them want a lot of people to come, but obviously most kids are just going to go to one party. Whose party are they going to go to? The one that sounds the best that other people keep on talking about, or the one thrown by the person who has the most friends and invites the most people? In website terms, the one which is linked to the most and therefore being talked about, or the one that generally gets the most traffic?

That’s how the Internet generally works with search engine rankings. If one website has great content on it and everybody else is talking about it all over the Internet and linking back to that website, then Google says, “Oh, this website must be the best website for this specific keyword term.” And so that’s how SEO really works. If you have content that uses relevant search terms, when Google receives a search on those terms and compares you to other relevant sites, it will use things like the number of links back to your content there are to determine whether you are the best, or close to the best, site to offer their users.

One of the easiest ways to start with SEO content creation that will bring in readers who you can then try and convert into customers (through all sorts of different methods, like selling directly on your site or offering them a free newsletter to subscribe to if they join your email list, for example), is by creating a blog.

Blogging is something you can do immediately to get started with your content creation. You can set up a WordPress site very quickly and easily with almost no technical knowledge or design skills at all. So what you’d do is you’d go to, or some of the other places where you can buy domain names, and for $7 or $10 you buy a website name. You can arrange hosting very cheaply through a reseller hosting provider, and this will cost you less than $2 per month for a small site. You can then, if you choose to, pay someone a small amount of money to get some artwork done. You then just need strategies for the SEO, getting links back and putting the keywords in the right spot. You could either learn this yourself, if you are a writer, or, for a very reasonable rate, hire freelance copywriters with SEO knowledge through a site like There you can find content creation writers and also people who can do things like commenting on other sites with your link, growing your backlinks and helping your ranking.

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Why would you do that rather than just filling your blog with free content you can get from the internet? Well, for SEO purposes you need original content creation for your blog. So if you’re copying and pasting posts from other people, you’re not going to get a lot of people come to your website because Google is going to take a look at your site and say, “Oh, I’ve seen that article somewhere else.” So they’re not going to rank your website really high in the search engines. Unique content is very important.

The quality of your content creation is also important. Irrelevant or badly written content created purely to boost search engine rankings is viewed badly by internet users, and if your site has this sort of stuff on it it will quickly develop a bad reputation. Remember that the SEO is just to help people find you – once they are on your site you want them to be impressed and interested or they won’t return, share it, or buy anything.

You may prefer to use video content to written content on your blog, if this is how you prefer to communicate or better for showing your product off. Video web content is growing hugely in popularity given how cheap and easy it is to produce and distribute video now, and how YouTube has made it easy to watch, embed and share video content. Again, videos do need to be unique to boost search engine rankings, and you need to carefully consider the keywords used in your videos’ titles and any associated text. For many businesses, a combination of text and video content is becoming the best choice.

Investing in good content creation is one of the cornerstones of most successful internet businesses. It is how customers find you in the first place, and what makes them keep coming back or join your mailing list. Whether you choose to learn SEO and produce content yourself or outsource it, make sure your site has plenty of it and it is all as strong as the products you want to sell.

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