Digital Publishing Intern

Join us at Early to Rise Publishing, where we are focused on delivering proven success formulas to ambitious high-achievers seeking extraordinary results in every aspect of their lives. We are a face paced company and need your help to execute on key objectives and identify opportunities to improve and grow our reach.

The Digital Publishing Intern will: 

* Manage Social Media Initiatives and Reporting
* Maintain Publishing Timeline Duties
* Curate Newsletters and Execute Digital SEO
* Assist in Digital Marketing Campaigns
* Secure Event Locations for Upcoming Training Events
* And More!

Skills Required: 
The ideal candidate is a detail oriented self-starter that has an interest in the digital advertising or publishing space.

* Microsoft Programs
* Solid analytical skills
* Proficient in writing and editing
* Knowledge of how blog sites work
* Knowledge or interest in digital advertising
* Knowledge or interest in digital SEO execution
* Knowledge or interest in graphic design
* Knowledge or interest in using the following tools:

  • Maropost
  • Grum
  • Canva
  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon Seller Tools
  • Facebook Ad Manager

Hourly based compensation starting at $10/hour with option to increase after successful trial period. This position is available for Summer, Fall and Spring terms.

How to Apply: 

Submit your Resume and Cover Letter to with subject line “Early to Rise Internship”. Also include an essay on the following two questions:

  1. Your biggest accomplishment. (Include what it was, how it was measured, and the mort critical thing to your success.)
  2. What was the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome.(Include what it was, how it was measured, and the mort critical thing to your success.)
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