Grant Cardone’s 9 Lessons to Build Your Empire and Leave a Lasting Legacy

Unless you’ve been living under an entrepreneurial rock, you’ve probably heard of Grant Cardone. From his best-selling books to his top ranked podcast to his millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, the man is everywhere. And it’s not hard to see...

10 Strategic Habits to Increase Your Income While Working 10 Fewer Hours a Week

How many hours do you need to work each week to become a millionaire? In one corner, you have The 4-Work Week fantasy. But in reality, starting a business on just four hours a week is as likely as riding a Unicorn to the bank to deposit your first million dollar...

How to Come Up With an Idea that Will Make You Millions

When people start a business for the first time, they often do so with an idea for a particular product that they believe to be both brand-new and also acutely needed – some sort of “better mousetrap” that will put their business on the cover...

7 Unconventional Success Tips I Stole From People Way Smarter Than Me

When I was a young(er) man, my grandfather's job as the VP for a major medical device sales company treated our family to a yearly vacation at Kiawah Island, South Carolina. For those of you who've never been, Kiawah is the sort of place Jordan Belfort would have...
This is the Path to Recurring Income in 2018

This is the Path to Recurring Income in 2018

In this day and age, the most important income stream you can have is recurring. But there way to secure recurring income correctly—without sinking the ship or alienating customers. Here are 11 steps to get you started.

Startup Stories: Revolutionizing Driving AI with Netradyne

Startup Stories: Revolutionizing Driving AI with Netradyne

The first showcase in our Startup Stories series, Netradyne is working on revolutionizing artificial intelligence for improved safety in commercial vehicles. CTO David Julian has some tips on how to move this industry forward, and what tech startups should keep in mind in 2018.

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