The Blog Post of a Lifetime

I love books.

I try to read one per week, mostly business, but with some fiction thrown in as well. And later this week I’ll be sharing with you the books that have influenced me the most.

But books almost seem out of place today. Books are lasting, but today we are simply bombarded by words.

And while a great book can leave an almost indefinite legacy, today’s blog posts, Facebook updates, and 164 character tweets are almost instantly irrelevant.

There’s so much “noise” that nothing stands out.

Today, it seems that if you don’t update your blog 7 times per week, Facebook 2 times per day, and tweets 24-7, then you’re lazy and have no chance of online success.

As a result, most online entrepreneurs are overwhelmed.

But what if I told you that you only need ONE really great blog post to define your business and create a legacy?

Does that sound better than trying to create a mediocre blog everyday?

I’ll bet it does.

Now I’ll admit…before I was first introduced to this contrarian idea, I was a member of the “post as much content as possible” syndicate…and in a way, I still am.

But that said, my mind was opened to the idea that a SINGLE, powerful blog post can “MAKE” a business.

And that’s what I did last week with my 4-part series on how you can make $100K in just 12 months.

Now let me give you some more background on why I did that…

Late last year I interviewed Tim Ferriss, iconic author of the New
York Times’ best-seller, “The 4-Hour Work Week”.

During our interview (which I managed to NOT record because I’m a total dunderhead), Tim told me that a single blog post kick-started his career.

(It’s a pretty bad feeling when you’re given 30 minutes from NY Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss, and you interview him about his time management strategies, and then you realize your FORGOT to record the interview. Epic FAIL.)

And this past weekend, as I met with dozens of successful online business owners, we came up with a plan for creating what I call, “The Blog Post of a Lifetime”. I’ll explain in a second.

But first, here’s what Tim told me that you need to know:

“Blogging is about QUALITY, not quantity.”

In fact, Tim said that one good blog post can literally make a career. He used his own livelihood as an example.

Before Tim’s book launch, he spent months and months networking with the world’s most popular “tech” bloggers.

One thing lead to another and Tim was given the opportunity to write a guest post for one of the most popular blogs that reached Tim’s target audience.

That ONE guest post was a hit and opened up doors for Tim so that he was invited to post on ALL the top tech blogs.

As a result, Tim built up a massive audience of the RIGHT people and when his book launched, it was an instant success.

Tim’s bottom line: “The best results come from getting in front of the best people.”

And the way to open up the doors to that opportunity is by creating the “Blog Post of a Lifetime”.

Your post of a lifetime should elicit jaw-dropping, eyeball-bulging responses among your readers.

When I put up last week’s 4-part post on Making $100K Online in Just 12 Months, readers were blown away.


Because NO ONE else does this. Everyone else “teaching” internet marketing is like one of those poor people on the show “Hoarders”, keeping everything to themselves.

And your competitors are probably doing the same. They put up mediocre blog posts and tease about the great content you’ll get, but only if you buy the latest and greatest $1995 product.

If that’s your plan, and you’re struggling, then consider doing the exact OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing.

Dare to be different.

Dare to write the “Blog Post of a Lifetime”…one that will bring you more referrals that 100 of your mediocre blog posts combined.

Sit down and think…

– What would my readers pay good money to know?
– What knowledge do I have that no one else has?
– What value can I give away that other people charge big bucks for?

Put together a plan for the most amazing blog post you’ve ever written.

Then do it.

Put it out there.

And I guarantee the feedback you’ll get will be massive.

You’ll turn heads. You’ll draw attention. You’ll attract readers, affiliates, and potential clients.

You’ll stand out.

And you’ll have a legacy.

My goal in life is to create something that lasts forever. That brings people value as long as it exists.

It may be a book. It may be a business.

But I know that whatever it is, it will have to stand out.

It will have to be “the work of a lifetime”.

I recommend you do the same.

Now get to work,

Craig Ballantyne

“Whatever your dreams are, start taking them very, very seriously.” – Barbara Sher

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  • What an insightful post, Craig, and I couldn’t agree more. It seems that in this day and age the focus is all about “more, more, more,” and “faster, faster, faster.” You see very few people encouraging you to do “better, better, better.”

    If you provide real value for your readers, you WILL stand out, you WILL create a legacy, and you WILL have staying power…long beyond all of the auto-blogging copycats of the world.

    I really enjoyed last week’s series, by the way. Keep up the good content!


    • Anonymous

      Thank you Teresa, I appreciate the feedback.


  • Dan

    Hey Craig, I have to say your blog posts are THE best I’ve ever read. No B.S Internet Marketing 😛

    I just wanted to ask you a question…

    You see I’m 17 and my dream is to become a big player in the fitness industry. All I do every single day is read up on internet / offline marketing and every fitness resource I can find. Guys like Jay Abraham, Eben Pagan, Dan Kennedy and other guys like you, Alwyn Cosgrove, and Mike Boyle.

    The problem is I really have not trained anyone personally. I have given programs to friends who’ve asked for it, especially in these last two weeks and everyday I basically have Q & A sessions with others about fat loss, muscle building,max strength…etc.. So what I’m saying is that Ive helped people before but not personally.

    To everyone that knows me though, including adults, I’m known as THE expert on training to them.

    Eventually I want to have my own gym, much like Results Fitness but I don’t want to wait until I’m 21+ years old. I want to start now, and I think I can do internet marketing to start…I have been told I should get a job as a trainer but that means I would have to wait another year or more depending on how long it takes me to get certifications and stuff like that. I wouldn’t be able to get a job anyways since it would take too much time from my school work (which can’t be hampered by anything I do outside).

    But I want to do something now…

    So I just wanted to ask you…should I go through with this and start now helping people online or do I really have to wait until I’m 18+? What should I do?


    P.S Your 100k in 12 months series was eye opening. This blog is new but you have given more valuable information than most of the “gurus” out there. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your feedback on the posts Dan. I’m in no position to tell you what you to do. You can do whatever you want.


  • @Dan

    Just wanna add that I’ve been blogging for a while now, and if you come out with stuff that actually helps people, people will follow you. It’s as simple as that.

    So give it a shot, and if it doesn’t work out, then take it as lesson, and keep moving forward. I’ve been training people for a while, but not professionally.

    Even training your friends, neighbors, family members helps us understand our skill set better. We all have to start somewhere.

  • Amazing post Craig. Thank you.

    I have gotten caught up with the “need for volume” approcach on blogging, feeling I need to get so many up etc.

    You really hit the nail on the head. Time to rethink things.



  • Great post Craig! After reading your 4-part series and then reading this, you’ve really made a great point in the benefits of quality over quantity in terms of the content you put out. I’ve tried both, and have really experienced better results and sales when my quality is much higher in my posts rather than getting 1-2 out a day. Thanks!

    • Anonymous