Bedroom QnA

Yes, you’re hearing me right.

Productivity starts in the bedroom. Once you’ve mastered your bedtime and the necessary habits to get a good night’s sleep, you can then start to focus on the next most important area for increased productivity. I’ll be covering what that area is, how to deal with setbacks and I give you one of my best book recommendations, all in this week’s question and answer.

Q: Craig, I wanted to reach out and thank you for always showing up. You set an excellent example of what to strive for. This week has had some trials with a recent project, but I know that even if this one doesn’t close the next opportunity is right around the corner. – Daniel Kraus

Daniel – Thank you! Stay strong. Let me tell you, we made 3 expensive mistakes at ETR this (2 hiring decisions and our ill-prepared Transformation Contest), but those helped us smarten up and we are now on a roll. 2013 ended up great, but 2014 looks 5-10x’s better financially, and exponentially more exciting. So yes, better times are often always JUST around the corner.

Q: Hi Craig, I recently finished your Time Management Kindle book and started implementing some of the techniques such as getting to bed at the same time every night. I’m only a few days into but I like the difference I’m feeling so far. I’m still figuring out what my ‘Magic Time’ should look / feel like. After I get that figured out what would you say is the next most important thing to focus on in terms of time management & being productive? – Dan Fishman

Dan – Your priorities. People can get a lot done, but if it’s the wrong “done”, then what good is that?

Q: Which of the attraction books would you advice me to buy? I have been reading some stuffs about the law of attraction lately and they out of what I expect. What do you think I should do? – Chuks Lordson

Chuks – Don’t waste your time on those books. Do WORK instead. And read Cal Newport’s book, “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”. This is one of my absolute BEST book recommendations…in fact, I called it my 2013 Book of the Year!

Q: How valuable is it to have a “Life/Success” coach? – Steve Simmons

Steven – A good one can help, but so can a powerful network, mentor, boss, colleague, circle of friends, and even good books. It’s nothing magical nor does it guarantee success. At the end of the day it’s all about Personal Responsibility and the decisions you make.

Q: Hey Craig! Being as you serve a client base in a field where clients can have a high degree of resistance to change and the need to make sacrifices to honor better choices, how do YOU stay motivated and avoid burnout? – Karen Lopes Graves

Karen – My vision & mission drives me (plus I like getting paid!).

Create your vision here =>
Discover my mission here =>
Q: Best method for goal setting and action for 2014? – Paul Hobart

Paul – See my Amazon Kindle Goal Setting Book. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Then light a match and set your pants on fire to get off your butt and take action. #NoExcuses2014

Q: Best way to start a new business entity? Local small biz attorney, legal zoom? Thx – Johnny Gilbert

Johnny- Sell something.

“You don’t need to know how to create products or motivate people or manage anything to successfully start a business. What you need are two fundamental skills:

1) You have to know how to make a sale.

2) You have to be able to put that sales process into action.

“Once your business is making sales and you have achieved a minimum critical mass of customers, your problems, challenges, and opportunities change.” – Mark Ford

And you MUST read Mark’s book, Ready, Fire, Aim, written under his pen-name, Michael Masterson. Another one of my BEST recommendations.

Q: I’m starting a blog, and I’m intimidated. Feels like I’m not qualified to write about my topic. How can you know when you have something valuable to add?

Know more than other people. Be relentless about learning. Then go out and teach. Read “So Good they can’t ignore you”. Take action every day. And believe in yourself.

Q: What’s the top thing you’ve improved on in the past 12 months?

Speaking. And I followed the advice given in the question above.

In the last year I’ve spent more time studying other speakers, reviewing my own performances, choreographing my “set”, and improving my storytelling. Some of my biggest A-ha’s have come from watching stand-up comedy, particularly Louis C.K. Sometimes work can be a LOT of fun.

Q: As a startup entrepreneur (I’m marketing copywriting services.) with no clients and no list, what would be the #1 client-getting activity one should focus on? Cold calls? Email marketing? Direct mail? Blogging? Or should they all be tried to determine their results?
Well then you should be really good at getting clients by copywriting, right? I would identify your best prospects and mail them a letter that sells them. If you’re a good copywriter, you should have a full schedule pretty quickly.

Q: Tip on funding growing business (marketing, promo, gear, supplies $$$) more responsibly other than putting on credit card? People say “you have to pay to play,” how much of that do you agree with?

I believe in it 100%. Fund your business by selling your product/services. don’t depend on credit or money from others.

Question: What are the keys to hiring the right outsource staff? Thanks and happy new years! – Dan Fishman

Dan – A lot of questions, a lot of references, and having them prove to you via practice tests that they can deliver. Also, clear communication – it all starts with you.

Q: What if you have TOO many projects that you are passionate about and hop from one to another to another… and seldom finish one. They are ALL important to help others… hard to set ANY of them aside! – Anita Bryden

Anita – Kill some of them. Prioritize. You know the answer. I’m not going to give you more excuses.

Question: How do I know when to quit my day job? – Daniel Welsch

Daniel – When you are making at least 2x’s as much with your side business, GREAT question.

Question: Any tips how to set goals for 2014 besides making it s.m.a.r.t? – Priya Gopal

Priya – Start with your vision. Watch the video here that I earlier recommended to Karen.

Create your vision here =>
That was an awesome QnA.

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Thank you for asking your questions,

Craig Ballantyne

“The important thing is to concentrate upon what you can do – by yourself, upon your own initiative.” – Harry Browne