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James Altucher

Building a Lasting Legacy

This Is How You Build A Lasting Legacy

By Jeff Steen | 03/15/2018

Legacy-building isn’t a tomorrow exercise. It’s for today. And to build a solid foundation, you need these three things.

Small Business Loan

This 15-Minute Questionnaire will Show You Which Business Loan to Get in 2018

By Brad Richardson | 03/13/2018

Money is not just money. If you’re looking for the RIGHT way to start your business (or keep it going), then you need the right source of capital. We’ll show you how to get it.

Making Family Time Matter

Don’t have enough time for family? Make some.

By Jeff Steen | 03/8/2018

Busy, working parents seldom have the time they want to spend with their family. The good news is, it’s more important that the time they DO spend is quality. Here are a few ideas for making the most of those minutes at home.

Making the Most of Rejection

It’s Time to Relish Rejection

By Samantha Engman | 03/7/2018

Enduring an editor’s “no” can be very painful—but it can also open doors to improving your writing and honing your skills as a listener and analyst. The next time you submit your work to a publisher or media outlet, take these tips to heart.

Stock Market Trends 2018

The Top 5 Investment Secrets in 2018 from a Financial Expert

By Chad Champion | 03/6/2018

Playing the stock market is rough, but with the right inside information you can make good money in long-game investing. Here’s how to get started in 2018.

make your speeches more powerful and persuasive

My New Rules of Living

By Craig Ballantyne | 03/5/2018

Almost a decade ago, I wrote my 12 Rules for Living, but it’s time I revisited them. Let me show you how to write your own rules, and show you why they matter for your success.

Overcome Your Fear of Criticism

It’s Time to Conquer Your Fear of Criticism

By Jeff Steen | 03/1/2018

We all have faced moments of harsh criticism—some of it soul-crushing. But there’s a way to cull from that criticism what is important so that you can move ahead and continue to live out your “why.”

Improving Workplace Communication

4 Steps to Becoming a Master Communicator in Your Business

By Jen Hudye | 02/28/2018

The path to better communication—at work or at home—is all rooted in the A.C.U.E. process. Commit to this approach and you’ll see your productivity (and relationships) dramatically improve.

Swag T-Shirts

10+ Creative Client Gift Ideas That Will Keep Your Company Top-of-Mind

By Tim Brown | 02/27/2018

Don’t just throw garbage at your valued clients. Give them something they really need. How do you figure out what that is? We have a couple of ideas…

How to Tackle Stress with 4 Habits

4 Habits for Managing High-Stress Deadlines

By Craig Ballantyne | 02/26/2018

A Morning Routine is all well and good when demands on your time are moderate. But what about those stretches when life is crazy? Fortunately, there’s a way to make the right productivity habits second-nature so your Morning Routine never suffers.

The Empathy Test

[TEST] How Empathetic Are You?

By Jeff Steen | 02/22/2018

You’re a hard-working employee and you make good money. But how are your relationships doing? This empathy test will show you how readily you understand others—and give you advice on how to become a more considerate, compassionate person.