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Are You Losing Your Soul?

By Alexander Green | 06/29/2010

I recently bumped into an old acquaintance I hadn’t seen in years. “Are you still managing money?” he asked.

“No, I write investment advice now,” I said.


The Instant Business in WordPress

By Sandi Krakowski | 06/28/2010

If you can write a letter in Microsoft Word, you can build your very own website.

With the WordPress publishing platform, there’s no need to hire an overpriced Web designer or graphics expert.


Not all Carbs are Created Equal

By Laura Rodini | 06/25/2010

Not all carbs are created equal.

“There are good carbs, and there are bad carbs,” he told me. “And the difference between the good and the bad depends on how much starch they contain and how that starch affects your insulin production.”


How to Effectively Close Any Speech or Presentation

By Peter Fogel | 06/24/2010

Effective public speaking isn’t only about grabbing your audience at the beginning. The way you finish is crucial to the overall success of your speech.

For one thing,your final words are likely to be the ones your audience will remember for the longest time.


The Language Perfectionist: Ultimately, Don’t Misuse This Word

By Don Hauptman | 06/24/2010

What’s wrong with the following sentence (found in a pop music review)?

“If you affiliate in any way with the underground scene, you’d be remiss in not going to Lipgloss. It’s the penultimate hipster haven in Denver….”


Over-the-Hill “Dabbler” Discovers the M-P-N Formula for Success

By Buck Rizvi | 06/23/2010

For 22 years, I tried to crack the code for running my own successful business. One that would actually support my family and allow me to “thumb my nose” at The Man.

Ad sales, life insurance, soy candles, and software consulting are a few of my attempts at a home business during those years. None of them generated enough revenue for me to quit my corporate job.


The Glorious Schizophrenic Website Tool — WordPress

By Early to Rise | 06/21/2010

By reading ETR, you’ve already learned that designing a website doesn’t require hiring a Web designer and spending big bucks on software. Plenty of free or inexpensive tools and easy-to-use programs (yes, just about anyone can build a site with them) are available.


Getting Wealthy From Inflation: Part II: Gold

By Mark Morgan Ford | 06/19/2010

The most convenient way to own physical gold is in the form of bullion coins. Be sure to buy top quality — coins that aren’t damaged in any way. Nicked or scratched coins won’t get you full value when you go to sell them. And make sure that you are not paying a big premium for them. Five or six percent is the absolute limit, in my opinion.


The New Paradigm That Built a $290 Million Online Business

By David Cross | 06/17/2010

More than a decade ago, Agora Inc., ETR’s parent company, decided to test a theory — to see whether the direct-marketing methods they used to run a profitable publishing business offline could be adapted to run one online.

Did the test work?


The Language Perfectionist: Still More Confusables

By Don Hauptman | 06/17/2010

It’s time once again for a look at commonly confused words. I found the following examples in print and online.

  • “Are you inferring that I have plagiarized your post…?”

An Up-and-Running Online Business in 30 Days or Less

By Brian Edmondson | 06/15/2010

About two years ago, I had the good luck to meet a group of people who work for one of the largest online marketers in the world. I’m talking about a company that sends out billions of sales messages a year and brings in hundreds of millions of dollars the old-fashioned way — by selling products and services that really benefit their customers.


Get Rich Starting With Just $50!

By Mark Morgan Ford | 06/12/2010

With less than one hundred dollars, you can get rich by joining an investment club like Liberty Street League and get a successful portfolio.