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Early To Rise

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Early To Rise

No Newsletter?

By Bob Bly | 07/22/2010

There are a number of business models for making money on the Internet. Of these, my favorite — and the one I recommend to those who want to sell information products, dietary supplements, or just about any other product online — is the “Agora Model.”


The Language Perfectionist: An Abundance of Misuses

By Don Hauptman | 07/22/2010

Here’s a roundup of interesting mistakes, culled from my recent reading of daily newspapers: “Mr. Bush erred in not clamping down on a rapacious, wreckless Congress and putting the brakes on its spending.” The word for “careless, heedless, out of control” is spelled reckless. If wreckless existed, it might almost…


Leverage Your Newsletter Content

By Wendy Montes de Oca | 07/21/2010

Company achieved a milestone? Launching a new product? Uncovered interesting statistics from a survey?

These are great reasons to put out an online press release. It will not only increase your online presence and drive traffic to your website, you can use it to leverage your newsletter content.


Building Your List

By Brian Edmondson | 07/20/2010

“How do I get more traffic to my website?” “How do I build a list?” “How can I make more money online?” These are three of the most common questions I get from aspiring Internet entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned online professionals.



By Rich Schefren | 07/19/2010

It’s a proven fact that a referred prospect is more likely to engage… more likely to buy… and spends more than prospects from any other channel. It should be obvious why.

Empty Restaurant

The Empty Restaurant

By Mark Ford | 07/17/2010

Entering the piazza, we saw that we had the choice of four restaurants: one that was very busy, two that were moderately busy, and one that had just one couple sitting at a table in the back.

Which do you think we picked?


Greetings from our 5 Days in July Business Building Conference

By Laura Rodini | 07/16/2010

Greetings from our 5 Days in July Business Building Conference!

It’s a full house – and we’ve covered a lot of ground. We created our domains, got them hosted, and set up our own WordPress websites.

We’ve made these websites live online – in less than 2 days.


Underneath the Mango Tree

By Charlie Byrne | 07/15/2010

My hometown “Paradise by the Sea” of Delray Beach, Florida is not only blessed with miles of gorgeous sandy beaches… lined with dozens of casual, eclectic, and gourmet restaurants… and overflowing with hip clubs and art galleries… It’s also home to a huge number of… drum roll, please. Mango trees.…


The Language Perfectionist: Let Me Emphasize This One

By Don Hauptman | 07/15/2010

Is anything amiss in the following three sentences? “I must stress that I was neither consulted on the matter of changing the grades, nor was I asked to sign the alterations in the grading sheet.” “At the outset, I would like to stress that it has been a pleasure working…


Confessions of a Brush Jockey

By John Forde | 07/14/2010

This past weekend, I painted our bathroom.

And it reminded me of the good old days.

See, way back when, yours truly used to be a painter.


#1 Lesson From Your Fat Loss Journey

By Craig Ballantyne | 07/13/2010

Thank you to everyone who shared “the most important lesson you have learned on your fat loss journey” at Powerful stuff! I appreciate everyone and your entries. Thank you again. We have 2 Grand Prize winners of 1-Year Platinum TT Memberships, and 5 runner-up winners of TT 3-month basic…


To Link or Not to Link?

By David Cross | 07/13/2010

“Do you think this is a good idea?” he asked me.

My father-in-law, GS, had received a request from a website that wished to link to his. And he wanted my advice.

The website looked good. It was similar to his business. And it had a reasonably good Google ranking already. So linking would be contextually relevant. And it could be beneficial to both sites’ search engine rankings.