Diet Recovery: Your 1-Day Quick Fix

The holidays are incredible. They offer plenty of chances to get together with friends and loved ones. But that often means Monday mornings filled with regret over poor food and drink choices and overindulgence. With all of the social gatherings — both work and personal — it’s easy to get off track.

FoodComaYou may have given in to mass quantities of tempting food and drink over the weekend, and now you’re feeling regret.

Hey, it’s okay — it’s over… well, the stuffing your face part is over. Now you’re miserably bloated, slightly angry with yourself, possibly hung over, and desperate to undo the damage.  

I’ve been there. I, too, used to struggle with boundaries during the holidays. Beating yourself up isn’t going to make you feel any better and it certainly isn’t going to help you avoid doing this again in the future.

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If you’re sick of overdoing it every year during the holidays and you’re already dreading the next holiday dinner I have a Quick 2-part Solution for you.

First, you need to clear your system, boost your metabolism, and get “back on track.” My immediate 1-Day Detox is super easy and you can do it TODAY so you feel better by tomorrow. It incorporates a 3-pronged approach:

Hydrate using infused waters and teas

  1. Move Your Body with interval training (try my “Turkey Day Workout,” for a major fat burn in less than 20 minutes), walking, and yoga.
  2. Support Elimination with whole foods and natural supplements.

Second, you need to follow my 3-Step Approach to avoid this kind of debauchery in the future. It’s fun at the time, but later regret sets in and you feel awful physically.. It puts a lot of stress on your body and you create stress in your mind. The cycle can be so damaging.  

On top of it, you may feel shame for overeating and drinking yet again… but shame does not foster growth. Rather, recognize this is simply an opportunity to see yourself more clearly — to uncover hidden fears, habits, and limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in annual patterns surrounding the holidays.

This is the year you can break free! You can go through the rest of this season without fear of “messing up” again and you can look forward to the holidays with confidence that you will enjoy good food, great company, AND keep boundaries that respect your body and mind.

In my 1-Day Detox in it you will find printable directions for how to proceed throughout the day, simple recipes to follow, and an organized grocery list to get you started immediately.

While you’re detoxing, take the opportunity to ponder and employ my 3-Step Approach to a healthier relationship with food:  

Step 1: Develop Awareness of True Hunger & Satiety Cues – One of the reasons we constantly over- or undereat is because we are disconnected from our bodies. We ignore or override the signals our bodies give us. By learning to recognize true physical hunger, satiety, and fullness you can begin to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body. You will be able to view food as nourishment rather than a reward or punishment.

Step 2: Create a Habit of Planning and Being Prepared – You are either planning to succeed or planning to fail, and nutrition is no different. Learn to create a menu plan, schedule time to grocery shop, and prepare food. Even if you choose to dine out more than cook, having a plan in place will keep you on track with your health and fitness goals. Along with planning your meals and snacks, you need to be mindful of your hydration needs. Many times we choose food when all our bodies need is water.

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Step 3: Identify and Remove Foods that Don’t Serve You – You may be doing everything right but still experiencing digestive discomfort, headaches, or other disruptive symptoms including stubborn weight gain. It’s critical to recognize the foods that your body may struggle to digest. Even healthy foods like certain fruits, vegetables, grains, or legumes may trigger indigestion and inflammation in your body. As you pinpoint the foods that seem to cause cyclic issues, choose to eliminate them or reduce their quantity to support your body’s effort to heal and remain healthy.

Holidays will always come around, but overeating and feeling miserable with yourself doesn’t have to be an annual event. Click here to access my 1-Day Detox and implement my 3-step approach to develop a healthier relationship with food right now!

Rather than regret the choices of yesterday use them as information for how you want to show up today and in the future. Choose to be thankful for how amazingly resilient our bodies are. Make the changes in your mindset and perception so you can look forward to enjoying the holidays from now on!

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